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2014 Oklahoma RINO Index House of Representatives
Few people take the time out of their lives to track the voting record of their public officials yet they react in anger and surprise when the politicians do something stupid. Politicians are like children, they need boundaries and supervision.
Remember the higher the score the more the politician follows the Republican Party Platform and Oklahoma values.
Here is a link to the 2014 House RINO index.  You can download it or view it online.  Feel free to distrbute.
Here are some insights on each bill used in the Index.
HB 2537 Gov funded lobbyists was a tough one for some of the most conservative legislators because they had legitimate issues but in the end getting government paid lobbyists out of the Capitol should have over ridden those concerns.
HB 3198 OETA Sunset was understood well by the true Repulicans. Time for OETA to stand on its own feet as there are plenty of sources for news and entertainment.
HB 2580/Extend Film Subsidy was another no brainer. Government simply cannot produce jobs by giving tax credits away.
HJR 1033 Capitol Bonds another no brainer. Pay for the maintenance of the Capitol out of the annual budget instead of lining the pockets of the bond sellers and investors. We have the money and have given away millions more while the Capitol rots.
HB 2509/Tax Credits Again, if you want to encourage job growth and business work on reducing regulation and taxes. Don’t choose winners and losers by jacking with the tax code.
More of the same with the corporate welfare legislation below
SB 2128/Housing Tax Credits
HB 2711/Tax incentives
HB 2956/Corporate Welfare
HB 2480/New Government agency
SB 1639/Corporate Welfare
Yes, it was a tough list of legislation but five legislators got it right and three were off by only one vote and three got it right except for two votes if you disregard any missed votes
Here are the bills again with some information from a previous article. The Senate version will be coming soon, probably this month after staff finishes double checking the votes and tallying the results.
SB 906 National Popular Vote was an attempt to follow a nationwide attempt to dilute states rights by removing the electoral college from the presidential election and replace it with one man-one vote. The problem is that would be pure democracy which is a dangerous thing and that the United States is set up as a republic which also protects the small states from being overruled by a few large states. This is part of the great flywheel of the American political system.
HB 3198 OETA Sunset is a bill to remove taxpayer support from the public tv channel here in Oklahoma. Perhaps at one point a public TV station made sense but with the enormous variety of free television available it makes zero sense to be subsidizing programming. If the programs receive public support through advertising or subscription then they will continue. Tax funding is a very small part of the OETA budget and it is time for them to stand on their own two feet.
HB 2580/Extend Film Subsidy is pure corporate welfare, the attempt to pick winners and losers in private industry. Bidding for jobs by lowering taxes across the board for all industries is a good thing but cherry picking which industries receive tax rebates or special deals is a horrible idea. Oklahoma has a thriving film support industry with a lot of people working on major film projects throughout the country.
Oklahoma has a low cost of living, enabling independent contractors to charge attractive rates for their work, making it more likely that they will win the bid for the sound work or camera work. Nothing wrong with that but shoveling out saleable tax credits for those companies that choose Oklahoma as a film location is giving an advantage to one industry over the others.
HJR 1033 Capitol Bonds will put to the vote of the people a plan to sell $120 million in bonds to pay for the repair of the state Capitol. As we have from the beginning, we oppose the use of bonds to pay for government expenses that should be paid for out of existing tax revenue. This is charging us twice. Maintenance is an ordinary business expense that should be budgeted each year, instead the money is given away to special interests and we are charged again for the cost of repairs plus the enormous profits of selling the bonds and the interest on the bonds. Paying out of our Rainy Day Fund or out of existing budget would cut the cost by two thirds compared to a thirty year bond program.
HB 2509/Tax Credits is an extension of aerospace subsidies authored by RINO legislators Senator Clark Jolley and Rep.Todd Thompsen. These tax credits were pushed into existence by the State Chamber of Commerce to entice a handful of companies to relocate to Oklahoma. Yes, the jobs pay well but what good does that do the state or the citizens if the jobs produce no tax income to help spread the cost of government over more citizens? Why should one industry pay more tax than another? Why should one citizen pay less tax because of the industry they work in doesn’t employ lobbyists? Again, Oklahoma is a low cost of living state, that alone will attract good jobs if we strive to continue to lower the cost of state government and thus lower the cost of taxes of all kinds.
SB 2128/Housing Tax Credits was rammed through in the last week. Houses are going to be built without tax credits and there is no shortage of new homes. There is no reason to grant tax credits. Better to just lower the tax rates for everyone instead of giving the tax credits for industries that support the State Chamber. All those folks have to sell is cronyism. Stop that and you stop the meddling in social issues, judicial issues, and return the Senate and Governor’s office to the people.
2533/States' Rights forced private landowners to get pipelines marked prior to digging on their own land. Why not require pipelines to keep their pipelines marked as they place them? Worse, this bill forces Oklahoma to enforce federal regulation that goes far beyond marking pipelines on private property, making it an unpaid mandate that forces Oklahoma to enforce federal regulations. This is not something new, storm water runoff regulations, wetlands regulation, almost all of the overreaching federal legislation is being enforced by the states but the citizens don’t have the right to petition their state government to change the regulations.
SB 1173/Lowering Ethical Safeguards raises the amount of public contracts done without competitive bidding by 50% in one year. Corruption at all levels of government thrives when elected officials can bypass competitive bidding and hand lucrative work to their cronies. Small projects under a few thousand dollars should have limited oversight to prevent spending more on oversight than on the project itself. $15,000 is still a lot of money and there is no need to bypass ethical standards to award contracts of this size.
HB 2974/Phone Bill Fees expands the list of nonprofit organizations that get free telephone and internet service to include mental health and substance abuse facilities. This is the same program that pays for the Obama phone program. Most of these organizations were set up as a job program for retiring legislators and they subsist on tax money. If the public supports a none profit then they will have money to pay the phone bill and there would be no need to tax you and I to pay for someone else’s drug problem.
HB 2711/Tax incentives is a continuation for corporate welfare for event promoters. A program called Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive gives saleable tax credits to promoters that put on concerts, sporting events, or other kinds of public events. Again if an event has public support it will make money and continue to operate. Why should you and I be taxed to support an event that we don’t support?
HB 2956/Corporate Welfare expands the Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act. Again the best manner of ensuring prosperity is to lower regulation and taxation while protecting private property. Paying a subsidy to employ a worker is useless if the free market doesn’t make that job sustainable without the subsidy.
HB 2480/New Government agency created new transportation trusts. Conservatives should be whittling down the size of government, not expanding it.
SB 1639/Corporate Welfare would have expanded the Quality Workforce Act. The House killed the legislation after it failed to get a fourth reading on the final day of the session.
Rep. Bennett to Discuss History of Islam, Muslim Organizations in U.S.
OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. John Bennett will hold a presentation on the history of Islam, Mohammed, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISIS and their threat to the United States.
The presentation will take place at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 15 at Western Sizzlin’ in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.
Why Illegal Immigration is Bad for Oklahoma
Getting past the fact that illegal immigration drives down working class wages the medical reasons for requiring a structured entry into the U.S. including a medical exam. This video shows a doctor talking about the vast range of serious that are once again springing up in the U.S. thanks to unfettered illegal immigration. TB, leprosy, Dengue fever, hepatitis a, polio, malaria, STDs, and a massive increase in child molesters.

Unintended Consequences Run By A Nation Of Fools
Part 2
By Ms PM
Part 1 of this 2 part story covered the race riots of the 60’s. You can read it here
We touched on the meanings of words and how government interprets those meanings. We gave you a website to look at for the quantity of purchased military equipment throughout the different counties for local law enforcement here in Oklahoma.
The last paragraph in Part 1 stated that in the sixties the police were armed with water cannons, batons and tear gas. Because of the militarization of the local police we now have snipers on top of buildings, massive tank like vehicles and grenade launchers. We left you with this question…
What could possibly go wrong?
Anytime you allow jackasses on a power trip to be in charge this is what happens:
-Louisiana, masked police in full body armor carrying AR-15 assault rifles raided a nightclub without a warrant looking for underage drinkers and fire-code violations. Is there any better way to put fear into people as they watch fearless fly come through the door?
-Arlington TX-SWAT raided Quinn Eaker’s organic farm. “They’re coming in like we’re gonna kill you if you move a finger.” The government has to watch those carrot growers. Don’t you know these farmers have devised a way to sharpen vegetables and poke the eyeballs out of law enforcement? SWAT doesn’t stand a chance against a home grown carrot turned terrorist.
-Orange County, FL-“masked officers in tactical gear helped state inspectors raid barber shops to help find people cutting hair without a license. Now that their priority list is out they can curb the sharp rise in hair cutting bandits. These law breakers MUST be stopped at all cost!
The deputy chief in Los Angeles thinks that police work at times requires officers to become soldiers and “control through force and fear.” We believe that these out of control freaks should join the military.
This last article covers the rights of citizens that law enforcement and all levels of government have continued to toss into the garbage.
“The failure to understand, remember, and act upon the foundational principles on which our constitutionally-based federal republic was formed. These First Principles include, among others of course, that: ultimate authority in America resides in the citizenry, not government agents; government exists to serve the People, not vice versa; the Bill of Rights provides checks on government power rather than serving as a road map for government to erode individual liberty; and, federal government powers are defined and limited.”
Government will always set the scene so that the powerful will come in and attempt to fix the mess they create. Their stupid laws or programs or whatever you want to call it backfire and their next choice is to intrude exactly as they did in Ferguson MO naming themselves the heroes of the modern world. The leaders will botch the reaction of their decisions and cause more harm. The big boy racists, Rev. Jackson, Sharpton and Black Panthers move in like vultures on a newly discovered dump site and pour gasoline on the fire knowing there will be a big KABOOM! The police start playing war games with their military guns, attire and tanks. The media takes on the role of reporting “their facts” not necessarily “all of THE facts” which prove to be as useful as tits on a boar hog and another town is destroyed….once again.
The picture of Officer Darren Wilson from Ferguson MO has yet hit the media. For an unarmed teen doing nothing other than surrendering as the media would have you believe, we ask…how did the officer get a broken eye socket?
“Not surprisingly, Uncle Sam recognized an opportunity to take control, and strode in with new directives, more “observers,” dozens of FBI agents, and the Attorney General himself. The feds claim to have taken the high moral ground; and, in so doing have once again diminished and pushed aside that authority which under our constitutional framework is supposed to be paramount- state and local government.”
“Still, the infatuation many local and state law enforcement agencies have with whiz-band military firepower, vehicles, clothing and mindset shows little sign of abating.” It could be said that our plump butt sitting on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea days are over.
You decide.
Corporate Welfare and the Oklahoma Constitution
By the Watchman
Many a time you have heard us mention that Corporate Welfare in Oklahoma was bankrupting the state. We are not the only ones that have taken notice of this. A recent article in the Tulsa World, which you can read here, only begin to touch on the subject. It does prove what we’ve been saying for years now. How much better would our roads and bridges be with $2 billion dollars more a year to spend in the state coffers? How long ago would the capital repairs been accomplished. While all the time lining the pockets of the politicians that we elect and the people who run the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
It’s not just the Tulsa World and us that questioned the corporate welfare handed out by this state. But as you can see here, even the New York Times is aware of it. In fact they indicate that Oklahoma is one of the largest Corporate Welfare States in the Nation. What does that tell you? For the reddest state in the union, that should be cutting the size of government, we’ve done nothing but grow the size of government
So how important is corporate welfare to our politicians, it’s so important that even during the recent and ongoing recession they have continued to grow the size of corporate welfare. The first indication we received of this was here Corporate . Just to insure that the politicians keep receiving their corporate donations for their reelection campaigns. Never mind the fact that it denied your children quality teachers and a quality education.
Many citizens see corporate welfare as bailing out the rich and abandoning the rest of us. This is better explained in this article. This is where the average citizen in Oklahoma sees room for tax cuts. This is not where our legislature and Governor decided to make the cuts though. They have decided on a complex figure on so much increase in state revenue before you get your next cut in your state income taxes. Of course the rich come first in this formula. In other words, enjoy your first tax cut; it’ll probably be your last.
Then there was this move at corporate welfare in 2013 by Senator Bryce Marlatt and Representative Mike Jackson. This bill was designed to aide an out of state developer. Why? Plain and simple answer campaign donations. Why can’t they do anything to benefit our own developers, or is that asking too much of these liberal politicians.
We went to the Oklahoma Constitution to see how legal these corporate welfare benefits by the state are. Guess what. According to title 10 of the Oklahoma Constitution no state funds can be used for Corporate Welfare. That would include the Governors Slush Fund. Cities may use their funds in this manor, but not the state. Yes what we are saying here is every one of our Representatives on both sides of the house that has ever voted for any corporate welfare project has violated state law.
It is the opinion of this staff that the sitting members of the House and Senate along with the Governor have violated the Constitution of the state of Oklahoma and are unworthy of re-election to the seats they now hold. We therefore call for the criminal investigation of all those representatives and the prosecution of those found to be guilty of violating the Constitution.
We further call for the immediate freeze on all tax credits or initiatives from the Oklahoma Tax Commission to include the Governors slush fund. That all said money’s be returned to the treasury of the people and dispersed to the various agencies in the state by the percentage that the budget has currently lain out. Justice to the people demands it.


2013 Senate members and House Members
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