Hi Cat Lover,

I hope you have been able to keep up with the pet
food situation at your house, and that your own
cats are doing well.

We had a little scare at the cat shelter last week
when we learned that the food we've been using for
the last 4 years is now on the recall list. We have
fed our rescue cats exclusively with Kasco, a cat
food made by the Royal Canin company.

After purchasing the previous shipment a few weeks
ago, and after feeding almost all of it (all but 5
bags) by May 12 when the first warning was issued by the
company, it was a blow to the trust we had in that
food. We were thinking we had escaped the whole
ordeal by using a higher quality food.

Of course, we stopped feeding with it, but it must
be all right, since not one of the cats has become

Still, to be safe, we have switched to another
brand, known to be free from any of the the tainted
ingredients: wheat, rice or corn gluten.

For this issue, I want to share with you a list of
foods I have found that are safe. It may not be all
inclusive, and your own research may yield even more that
are OK. If you would like to share such info with everyone,
please let me know.

Not all of the higher quality foods are costly, thankfully,
though most are. Some folks can't afford an expensive
product, so it's nice to know that some of them are more
affordable, too.

For our shelter, we now use PMI Nutrition, available
at our local feed store, for about the same price as
a bag of Purina at Wal-Mart.

Iams is always a bit pricey, but may be worth it for
those who really like it.

Apparently, Whiskas is still OK, as they never have
used the ingredients from Menu Foods in their manu-
facturing process.

After attending Dr. Andrew Jones' pet food webinar
last week, I collected the following pet food names
that are not only safe to feed, but are of a higher
nutritional standard:

Artemis Holistic Pet Food
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Products
Back to Basics, by Chenango Valley Pet Foods in New York
Canidae (for dogs) and Felidae (for cats)'
Champion Pet Foods, in Canada
Acana and Origen, made by Champion, available in the U.S.
Dogswell, Catswell, Happy Hips, Mellow Mut
FirstMate Pet Foods
Flint River Ranch (www.flintriver.com - good info!)
Holistic Blend
Honest Kitchen
mOrigins and Wholly Cow
Primal Pet Foods
Solid Gold Health Food for Pets
Stella and Chewy's
Steve's Real Food, Inc.
Timber Wolf Organics

The common thread with these products is the following:
No gluten
No byproducts of any kind
Protein is the first ingredient
Label has the AAFCO guarantee
No chemicals (natural preservatives are used, if any)

The recall problem has not been rectified yet, but many pet
food companies, veterinarians and producers are
developing solutions for pet owners everywhere.

If you would like some general information and a free
ebook about pet health from Dr. Jones, go to his web site:



If you need to check the recall list again and do not
have the web site address, here are two places to look:

-Click on their link at the top of the page:
Pet Food Recall Information (it's in red)

Or, go to the "source" -


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