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In This Issue:
Patio Updates
We know ya know that Paddy's Patio is regarded one of the finest around - having been voted Best Patio on a number of occasions according to various publications and pontifications.
But did ya know, it's recently gotten even better?  Among the updates are some general eye-pleasin' decor and, as we call it, light constructive alterations (here 'n there), to go with a new turfed over gamin' area.  It all adds up to more fun, better relaxin', and a great night out for you 'n yours.
The turfed area features a few games, currently cornholin' bag tossin' and giant Jenga.  More is comin' and other changes occurrin' - so come enjoy it now and watch as it only gets better.
Don't forget to remember the live music too (see below for the lineup), 'n how the patio always seems to catch some cool summer breezes even in the heat of summer.  Add that to loads of fun, frolic, friends, family, and of course fine fare and signature quenchibility.  'Tis all the makin's of a grand time, indeed!
'Tis true, we feature live tunes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with some fine toon'ers and croon'ers.  Wanna check out who's playin' next?
Thursday, July 20:  Dallas Lybarger 
Friday, July 21:  Ethan Ridings
Saturday, July 22:  FRH's Cameron Russell 
Thursday, July 27:  Miners Bluff Band 
Friday, July 28:  Joey Glenn (Nashville's Golden Girl) with Skinny Webb
Saturday, July 29:  Aaron Lucero
Thursday, August 3:  Joel McNulty
Friday, August 4:  Legal Limit Light
Saturday, August 5:  68 Overpass
Stay tuned to our social media and check out our website to get the latest lineup all summer long!
Now, just a reminder of some of the great fare and quality quenchibles that you can have for a little less out o' the wallet, if'n ya come on certain days.  Our website always has this info, so don't worry about forgettin' - just remember to check out specials page.  
Monday (cures for a case of the Mondays):  
  • $2.25 Domestic Bottles, $2.25 Wells
  • All Day Burger Day:  $4 off Burgers and Chicken Breasts
Tuesday (one step closer to the weekend):  
  • $3 Bottled Cervezas: Dos Equis, Corona, and other faves
  • All Day Better than Taco Tuesday:  $3 off all Quesadillas and Nachos, plus some street taco specials on occasion
Wednesday (Pub Day Humpday!):  
  • $5 Jameson 'n Bushmills, $4 Import Draws: Guinness, Harp, Smithwick's
  • All Day Pub Day:  $3 off Reuben, Shepherds' Pie, 'n Dinner sized Fish 'n Chips
Thursday (Girls Night Out):  
  • Half off Signature Martinis, $2 off all wines by the glass
  • LUNCH Burger Day:  $4 off Burgers and Chicken Breasts
  • DINNER: $4 off Select Entrees 
Friday ('cuz ya made it to the weekend):  
  • 3 Boulevard Pints (not the Smokestacks though), $5 GinJas
  • LUNCH:  $7.99 Fish 'n Chips
  • DINNER: BBO'Q Platter o' the Week - price varies
Saturday (the best day o' the week - enjoy it):  
  • $2 PBR Tallboys, $3.50 Bloodys, $3 KC Pils bottles
  • All Day: Jumbo Wings - 8 for $6.99
  • DINNER: BBO'Q Platter o' the Week - price varies
Sunday Fundays:  
  • $3 Boulevard Pints (not the Smokestacks though), $3.50 Bloodys, $4 Mimosas
  • Jumbo Wings - 8 for $6.99, Slider Trios - $2 off
~~~~~  Final Words for Family 'n Friends ~~~~~
May ya live as long as ya want,
'N never want as long as ya live
Paddy O'Quigley's