Hello Cat Lover!

Hope you're still having fun getting ready for the holidays
this month. I have more interesting stuff for you this time,
to add to your holiday spirit.


This is the last issue for 2007... and I want to
end the year with a bang and some smiles. So, I have
a couple of special gifts for you, some great web sites to visit,
and a wonderful Christmas story from one of my readers...


Here is a heartwarming story for the holiday season.
Estella writes in about how she found her cherished
little kitty, Guerra.

One hot summer day, over a year ago, Estella was on her
way to an appointment and spotted a "little black shadow"
that she thought was a pigeon in the middle of the road.
She told her mom, "No wonder those dumb birds get killed,"
as they don't even get out of the way when a car passes.
She was so worried that it would get hit, she got closer
and opened her car door to pick it up. She didn't realize
it was NOT a bird, until she picked up the tiny black fuzzball
and discovered it was a tiny KITTEN, about 4-5 weeks old.

Its eyes were crusted shut, with only a tiny peephole to see by.
It had dried blood on its ears, and its nose was also crusted
shut so badly the kitten could only breathe through its mouth.

"It looked very pathetic," she said. "I felt very sorry for it
and my mom said, you are going to have to take it home."

She is now more than a year old and is very healthy and happy.
"I love her to death; she is my friend and good company. We are
getting along better thanks to your advice. I don't know what
I'd do without her... I have someone to talk to and laugh at
because of the crazy things she does. She is good company and
I have grown to love her."

Thank you, Estella, for your wonderful story of your sweet cat.
If it hadn't been for you, she certainly would have died that
day when you found her on the road. What a lucky, lucky little
kitty she is now!



House built for cats + humans

For heavy duty cat lovers - a Quiz:
(How many did you get right?)

A very neat picture:

Still shopping for gifts for your pets? Check here:

(In case you need to be gone for a while and need a house sitter
who cares for pets, too.)


If you can view videos online, this one is really cute:




1. My friends over at YouniqueSolutions.com have a wonderful
recipe book for pets and agreed to let me send you a copy
for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you are
celebrating this month. 'Tis the season for giving and sharing,
and this gift will have your kitty purring all year!

The author is a devoted animal lover and has several cats
at her home.

To download her Pet Recipes ebook, just click this link:


Give these recipes a try, then let me know how your kitty
liked them. Let them know at Youniquesolutions.com, too:


2. Diana, over at ArkAnimals.com, is an animal expert and
author. She just asked me if you would like to have a copy
of her report on litter box problems. I said Yes!

It's a holiday gift for you and can be obtained by
clicking here:


(just sign up for her newsletter, then reply to her
first email and ask for her report, Litterbox Avoidance.
Be sure to tell her Roberta, the Cat Lady, sent you!)


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Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
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