Time for Dutch Doodles, ?

Dear ,
I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well.
It’s been a long time since my last newsletter, and a lot has changed. After a period of teaching Dutch over Zoom I’ve gone back to Face2Face meetings, although only with 2 participants per group. While I was teaching over zoom I missed going for walks so much, so I’m glad to be able to do that again!
Teaching Face2Face Immersion Courses is my biggest passion, and is the best way to learn Dutch fast
Unfortunately, the rising coronavirus numbers worldwide and in the Netherlands has meant a second partial lockdown for us. Luckily, we will still be able to continue lessons with 2 participants per group while following the guidelines.
If the numbers keep rising and Face2Face lessons become impossible, don’t worry! I will return to help you online, using Zoom, whether to learn Dutch or to combat the lockdown loneliness.
I’ll keep sending the available hours for (Zoom) lessons to the WhatsApp list (see details below) until I have figured out what to do with my Dates & Rates page on my site. At the moment, it takes too long to update it for every new lesson.
If you want to work on your Dutch Grammar
in the meantime, you can go to this Facebook group and participate in the:
 Drawing Challenge!
If you would like to participate in the drawing challenge,
please do a page of drawings with some commonly used
“het” words
(and make sure they’re real het-words, not words that become “het” because of the ending -je),
and post it in the comments. You can draw in black and white, use colour, paint, whatever you like to use, just so long as you have fun! Write the name next to each item (“het huis”, “het paard” etc.). The more words the merrier!
With your permission, I will select some to use in my classes!

And for inspiration, I have posted a Wordsearch with only “het”-words in the same Facebook group.

You can even win a discount voucher after you solved the puzzle.
What to do with het-words?
If you’re done with a drawing and want to practise your het-words some more, check out other people’s drawings in the comments! You can check if they are definitely all correct het-words, and see if there are any that are new to you!
You can also download others’ black & white pictures and use them as a colouring page for a mindful time! That way you’ll learn the het-words and have fun at the same time.

Painting by Loredana Dobre, permission to use this picture

Alternatively, try to imagine a castle made of ice and build up a picture/story in your head of this castle - fill it with as many het-words as you can (such as het huis, het raam, het kussen, het bed, etc.)
and try to visualise what this would look like.
Also, imagine these things all as being very cold because they’re inside this ice castle.

You will build associations of these het-words with the cold feeling of the castle you’re putting them (in your mind), and will learn them as being ‘cold’ words. This should help you to visualise whether a word should be “het” or not when you’re practising your Dutch - is it inside the castle, or not?
If you are interested what grammar is linked to de/het words, mail me: info@learndutchfast.nl 😉
I will try to post a Dutch related doodle assignment regularly going forward. You can send in requests if you like.
Have fun, doodle away and stay healthy!


(the ideas for this letter where put into words by Kristina Hall,
thank you so much, Kristina!)
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