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October 2012

Studies in Mycology No. 73

Colletotrichum: complex species or species complexes?

Editor(s): U. Damm, P.F. Cannon, P.W. Crous
Details: 213 pp., fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), paperback, 2012
Price: € 65

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hard copy available early November 2012. Order your copy here

CBS Biodiversity Series 11

Taxonomic Manual of the Erysiphales (Powdery Mildews)

Author(s): U. Braun and R.T.A. Cook
Details: 707 pp., Hardcover, bound, 853 figures, 2012
Price: € 80

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CBS Biodiversity Series 10

Atlas of Soil Ascomycetes

Author(s): J. Guarro, J Gene, A.M. Stchigel and M.J. Figueras
Details: 486 pp., Hardcover, bound, 322 figures, 2012
Price: € 70

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Prof. Pedro Crous has been awarded Honorary Membership of the Mycological Society of America

This is one of the highest honours of the MSA and reserved for distinguished and influential mycologists who reside outside of North America. His nominators praised his exceptional work on the taxonomy of Ascomycota, as well as your forward-thinking global leadership in mycology.  In addition they noted his work at the CBS and in the International Mycological Association, which has strengthened Mycology worldwide. In particular, his support of MycoBank and progressive reforms that he has promoted for fungal nomenclature and that are having a profound, positive impact on mycology globally.

Prof. Pedro Crous appointed at University of Free State, South Africa

Pedro Crous was also appointed as extraordinary professor at the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa. He will in future be working with colleagues in the Department of Plant Sciences to strengthen research links with students and groups at CBS and the UFS.

VENI grant for Dr. Joost van den Brink of the CBS-KNAW

Dr. Joost van den Brink of the CBS-KNAW obtained a prestigious VENI grant of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Veni grant offers researchers who have recently gained their PhDs the opportunity to further develop their ideas for a period of three years.

Fungi for efficient degradation of plant biomass – Chemicals and fuels can be produced sustainably using plant biomass. To this end, enzymes are necessary to degrade plant biomass. The proposed research in this VENI grant involves searching for fungi which produce enzymes that can efficiently degrade biomass at elevated temperatures.

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