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Beginner's Induction
The January Induction is getting a bit crowded - but there's always space for more nice people. If you know someone who is interested, send them to Funzing, the easiest way to book: https://uk.funzing.com/funz/martial-arts-beginner-s-induction-in-manchester-13274. The February induction starts on February 2nd, by the way. 
Kuro Obi Class for the crazy ones

The dojo grows, so we also want to grow the instructor and advanced groups. This is our new concept for the crazy ones among you: 
New schedule from February
Three months now since our move to Studio 25 - and based on the experiences of these months we have refurbished our weekly schedule. 
Two main things change:
  1. We will have kids classes, although we don't know the exact start date yet. Our instructor team is getting ready, we think it might start from end of February. 
  2. There will be weekend classes. A lot of people ask for training on the weekends. With Heero teaching seminars abroad quite often on the weekend, this will be a bit of a challenge, but we are optimistic that it will work with a growing instructor team. 

From end of February we will also offer dedicated Women's Self Defence classes. These are also available as corporate trainings or for charities, schools, academies. We are already seeing the first bookings. More about this in a later newsletter.

You can still book onto the MagnaPass experience - don't forget the code KICKSTART gives you 33 % discount - and you can also send friends and family. It will be a fun time.