Who is Dr Proffman? 
He has a great track record for over 30 years as a holistic chiropractor, coach and athlete. He is an expert in the disciplines of nutrition, fitness, and sleep.

Dr. Proffman worked in the largest alternative healing center in New York; he was the Director of Holistic Chiropractic Services.  This had a multidisciplinary faculty, including massage, nutrition, intravenous vitamin c, colonics, and hypnosis.  This was all under the auspices of Gary Null Phd.. Gary Null quoted Dr. Proffman in many of his books.

Dr. Proffman was also the Chiropractor and advisor for the Natural Living and Walking Club a very large group who trained and ran many New York Marathons.  He also ran 3 marathons and many half marathons. He continues to run and now volunteers his services to the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team.

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Corporate Sleep Coaching:
As discussed in a full page article from the March 2016 issue in Money Magazine, the average monetary loss to a business from poor sleep in a company of 100 employees may be  $200,000- $500,000 per year. Many companies (30%) have a sleep coach on staff, in order to combat this huge problem. Get in front of this severe problem and let Dr. Proffman become your sleep coach for your valued employees. Click here to read the article 
Dr Mitchell Proffman is holistic alternative doctor and a remarkable coach that is training people for over thirty years. He offers hundreds of tools and all natural ways to get the best nights sleep ever.
Dr. Proffman's letter to the editor in response to the March 2016 article was published in the May 2016 issue of Money Magazine. Click here to read the article
Coaching packages include:
  • One full day per month of on site hands on with your staff.
  • One hour per week “Office Hour” via phone (from 12pm -1 pm) or 15 minute for each person who may need extra support.

Benefits of having Dr. Proffman as your sleeping coach in your Organization:
  1. Your company can save anywhere from $ 200,000 to $500,000 per year.
  2. You will help your employees to manage their sleep habits and get into fewer auto and work related accidents.
  3. You will promote and bring vitality to the workplace and help your employees to avoid chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes.
  4. You will bring innovation to your organization and this will increase productivity. Click here to read more...