The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Hash 1323
The PunchBowl, Cradlewell
Hares - Mary Poppins
Hashers met at The Punchbowl on a chilly Wednesday evening under a darkling sky. Much faffing by the hash meant the hare had to get strict and corral the hash group to order. Eventually after faffing was finished, NG rescued from the lavatory and spare gloves dispensed by Malteser, the group promptly sped off into the traffic.
Promised a chalk and flour run at ground level and above, the hash then singularly  failed to spot most of the Hash holding points, arrows and trail, causing the hare to take the hash to task. Even the ever ready “blind as a bat” routine by BM was discounted as weadvised to keep eyes peeled for hash markings. The hash then continued their merry way through the back streets of Jesmond and frightening innocent pedestrians going about their lawful business.
After visiting the great and the good of Jesmond town, the hash, after failing to spot a hash holding check, headed down towards Byker, dodging cars and interfering with the traffic flows. The route after snaking down to the Quayside then sharply ascended to Byker where an extra beer stop was vetoed by the group( BM will now wax lyrical about how he lobbied for just the one beer stop to help maintain group  harmony amongst the water drinkers), before the hash disappeared under the Byker bridge and down to the Ouseburn where the Blue Bell Pub awaited them.
After a swift half of beer / water/J20 depending on your preference, the hash then resumed the run uphill ( never popular after a beer stop) where further failures on behalf of the group led to more missed holding checks. Front runners missed out on some fascinating post box history from LHJ in relation to identifying types of post box based on whether you could put your arms round it. After a strangely satisfying period of post box hugging the hash regrouped at the car park for beers, down downs and gentle admonishments, before heading pub wards
Stats and Special Stats
Bridges – 1
Totem Pole  spotted in Byker- 1
Beer Stop – 1
Hash Hounds – 1  Dolphins -0
Missed holding checks -5
Chalk v. flour ( the jury’s out on this one )
Keeno’s – 3
Stand in Beer Miester Extraordinaire – Pop
Post Box Hugs -1
Latecomers - 1 Gandalf
Walkers checking out next weeks venue - Guilty as charged!
Thanks to the hare for a lovely run. Next week put on yer tartans for Buuuuurns Night!

Next Weeks Hash

Next Week Hash Location : Och Aye its The Jesmond..Cricket Club.... Next Weeks Hares : Counterfeit and Malteaser
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