Gethsemani III went well... Got back late on Saturday and have been working on getting the audio (MP3) and photos posted... So far the audio is posted, and I'm thinking in the next week or so will get the photos posted.

I bought a new domain name, so folks would have an easier time in finding the web page... The domain name is - www.Gethsemani3.info - The web site address is - http://www.urbandharma.org/G3/index.html

I've also posted a short 5 min. flash video at the bottom of the page... It is the reading of the monastic statement on the environment, that came from our time together at Gethsemani.

Enjoy the G-III audios... I think you will find them interesting and useful.

Peace... Kusala

P.S. Find attached a group photo from the conference.