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Je suis Charlie?
Not if you run the Oklahoman
Let’ face it, it sucks to be French for the most part.   The only folks that appreciate them are weapon collectors that like the quality of surplus French military weapons (rarely fired, only thrown down once).   But they got something right the last few weeks.
Je suis Charlie, I am Charlie,  the instantly iconic phrase posted on Twitter by French artist/musician Joachim Roncin about an hour after the January 7th terrorist attack on Charlie Hebron, the French satirical newspaper.    The world witnessed a backlash against terrorism with millions marching and the heads of 44 nations marching in Paris alongside the crowd.  The protests spread worldwide as people of all faiths and nationalities showed their outrage against the use of violence for political means and in support of freedom of expression.
All were marching against radical Muslim extremists except the editorial board of the Oklahoman.   While the world was celebrating free speech and free press the Oklahoman editors were slamming one of the most conservative legislators in the state, State Representative John Bennett of Sequoyah County.   The Oklahoma has a history of blasting Bennett for daring to stand against radical Islamic groups like the Oklahoma CAIR organization as evidenced last fall when the Oklahoman attacked Bennett after the ISIS atrocities came to light.

The Oklahoman editorial also attacked Speaker Jeff Hickman for coming to Bennett’s defense:

“The lawmaker has clearly crossed a line into demagoguery that taints him and any who would defend him. Sadly, Speaker Jeff Hickman upheld Bennett’s use of the taxpayer-funded House media office to issue scathing remarks about cherry-picked verses in the Quran.”

The Oklahoman also too great care (pardon the pun) to protect CAIR by claiming that CAIR had issued a news release condemning the Paris massacre, leaving out that CAIR has a long history of being connected to terror organizations, including being an unindicted co conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. The FBI is even prohibited from working with CAIR.

The Oklahoman was especially upset that Bennet called for CAIR to distance themselves from some of the more extreme verses in the Quran:

Bennett exposed himself to no great risk (other than to his reputation) by making the absurd demand that members of one religion denounce scriptures that the lawmaker finds objectionable.”

The Oklahoman then blasted Oklahoma Christians by stating that the Bible also contained verses that were terroristic in nature:

“Critics were quick to point out that the Holy Bible also contains Scripture that appears to support violence against nonbelievers. “


What was especially interesting was this one sentence in their temper tantrum:

“We don’t question Bennett’s right to believe or say what he wants. But taking Scripture out of context, magnifying it and broadcasting his outrage crosses a line that taxpayers should not be expected to fund.”

Scripture?     Words mean things and paying close attention to the words used tells volumes about someone.   We looked up the word “Scripture””
noun \ˈskrip(t)-shər\
Scripture : the books of either the Old Testament or the New Testament or of both : the Bible
Now the word “scripture” can simply be referring to any holy text but the capitalized version is understood to be specifically referring to the Christian Bible.   It is beyond obvious that the Oklahoman believes that the Quran stands equal or even above the Christina Bible.   The Oklahoman worships at the twin altars of political correctness and special interests controlling the legislative process.   The Oklahoman knows that the Muslims have bought and paid for politicians through their campaign donations and if there is one thing that is sacred to the Oklahoman is the right of a campaign donor or special interest group to pay for and retain legislative influence. 
For the married guys out there this is all too familiar; the fight starts and you don’t have a clue as to what caused it at first because what is being brought up is ancient history but the real reason for her being upset slowly comes out.     John Bennett isn’t being attacked because he called out a terror support organization to denounce violence, he is being attacked because he has become a powerful conservative legislator that follows his conscience and actually represents his constituents in Eastern Oklahoma.
The Oklahoman mentioned the fact that last year CAIR protested Bennett’s comments not in his home district but at the Oklahoma GOP Headquarters.   And for good reason, the good men and women of Sequoyah County would have driven the CAIR Muslim extremists across the Arkansas River at gun point had they dared to show up to protest in Bennett’s home town.   Bennett didn’t even draw an opponent in the last election, he is that respected in his district because he actually represents the voters of his district.
And that my friends is  the “scripture” that has the Oklahoman in such a panty wad tizzy.  Imagine… a politician having integrity and honor.  That is true terrorism in the eyes of the editorial board of the Oklahoman.
Oklahoma Prison
What are the Problems and how do we fix the Problems?
This will be part of a three part series of stories on the Oklahoma prison system mess and how the legislature can fix the system.    This issue is looking like it will be the number one issue at the Oklahoma Capitol in the coming legislative session and a lot of special interests are licking their lips at the thought of the money that might be thrown at the issue.   Lots of politicians are also rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of the huge “campaign donations” that the private prison industry is willing to dole out.
One of the best ways to fix a problem is to first measure the extent of the problem and quantify it.    If you can’t measure it, you don’t understand it well enough.   The graph at the head of the story tells half of the problem; we are putting enormous numbers of people in prison since the 1980’s, too many for “crimes” where they were only hurting themselves.  We don’t fall for the “drugs are harmless and have no societal costs” argument because yes drugs are gateways and people do stupid things under the influence but it seems insane to let a rapist or burglar out of prison so we can put a pot head in that cell.
The fixes that we propose to the Oklahoma prison system are very simple:
A.      Stop putting so many people in prison and jail
B.      Lower the cost of holding prisoners in prison or jail
C.      Remove the corruption from the system at all levels
First step is actually the last on the list; stop the corruption. Immediately pass a law making it illegal for a private prison company, any public, private, or nonprofit organization that receives money from the state for services or as grants to lobby the state for anything.   If they want to speak before a committee looking into the subject they can be called as witnesses.
We remember the Kris Steele/Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater sweetheart deal that nearly slithered through a few years ago.   Steele had his golden parachute ready; a cushy six figure salary waiting for him at a nonprofit in return for steering a $4,000,000 federal grant to the nonprofit.    Prater was lobbying hard for this JRI program, Justice Reinvestment Initiative, and a host of other legislation at the Capitol.    In return for helping then Speaker Kris Steele to steer the millions in grant money Prater would prosecute Speaker Kris Steele’s political enemies.  Randy Terrill comes to mind, and Speaker Kris Steele would advance D.A. Prater’s legislation through the House.  
 The plan was torpedoed by Mary Fallin after Prater overstepped the line and went after the Pardon and Parole Board, accusing them of crimes, blackmailing them publically by calling for them to resign or be arrested, then arresting the Board members and subsequently having to drop the charges after it became known that the Board members had relied upon guidance from the Attorney General’s office which is a perfect legal defense for a public official.   Fallin shut down the little Steele/Prater “working group” that was trying to steer the 4 million dollar grant into Kris Steele’s greasy hands and both Steele and David Prater were reported as “leaving the meeting in tears” after their corruption was stopped dead it in its tracks.
In January of 2014 the Associated Press reported on the Fallin administration releasing 8,000 emails covering the JRI program demise and they gave the Sooner Tea Party a lot of credit for convincing Fallin’s staff that she would be labeled as soft on crime if the program was implemented.   The various news stories based on the AP story told of Sooner Tea Party newsletters like this one being circulated between Fallin and her staff and much discussion on the political ramifications of appearing to be soft on crime:
“Reporters from the three media outlets found that some Fallin staff members also emailed among themselves a Sooner Tea Party newsletter that derides the Justice Reinvestment Initiative — or JRI — as "soft on crime." Her staff members also shared a news story that included remarks that Fallin's biggest fear in 2014 would be a challenge from the right.”
Fallin’s representatives on the JRI working group headed by Speaker Kris Steele and Oklahoma D.A. David Prater were being overruled on many issues so  Fallin decided to reject the federal grants that were to fund the program.    With no money to implement the program or hire a director Prater and Steele resigned in tears in March of 2013.
Of course with the JRI program we also saw the prison industries and the rehabilitative industry pressuring and lobbying the Governor and legislative leaders for their share of the pie.  But our key opposition point was the early release of violent prisoners just so some retiring legislator had a six figure job.
But this year former Speaker Kris Steele and the perennially corrupt Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater aren’t running the show so perhaps the process will work this time around.   We have new House committee chairmen too although the Senate remains as obstructionist as always until special interests grease the legislative ways.
Let’s look at why we put people in prison.
First off, about half of Oklahoma prisoners are in prison for drug offenses and nonviolent property crimes and we jail drug offenses at a much higher rate, 27% versus 20% nationally.  Since 1989 the amount of prisoners more than doubled, a 127% increase and Oklahoma has an incarceration rate of 661 per 100,000 people, just behind Louisiana and Mississippi.   We put 48% more people in prison than the national average of 445 per 100,000 people.
In 2013 Oklahoma had 207murders, 1792 rapes, 3052 robberies, 11,909 aggravated assaults, for a total of 16,930 violent crimes.  There were 33,000 burglaries, 81,000 larcenies,  and 11,000 auto thefts for a total of 126,000 nonviolent crimes.  Around 18% of these crimes were solved and an arrest was made.
Drug arrests were 19,000 with over 47% of the arrests being for marijuana possession and 7% for cocaine.  Alcohol arrests were around 33,000 adults and  800 minors.
Nationwide the violent crime rate dropped five times faster than Oklahoma’s violent crime rate and murder rates increased in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
Here is a partial list of Oklahoma felonies:
Murder, manslaughter, domestic abuse with a prior pattern of physical abuse, domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child,  violation of a protective order, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, poisoning someone with the intent to kill, sexual assault, sexual battery, robbery, theft, shoplifting,  fraud,  Bogus checks, defrauding an innkeeper, embezzlement, DUI,  drug trafficking,  possession of drugs or controlled drugs, possession of marijuana, child abuse,  enabling child abuse, child sexual abuse, child exploitation, child neglect, assault and  battery, illegal weapons, attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, kidnapping,  identity theft, tax evasion, arson,  asking for or receiving bribes, mutilating the flag or treating it with disrespect, aiding a prisoner’s escape, dueling, assisting suicide, desertion of children under 10 years old, adultery,  possession of child pornography, gambling, and of course let’s not forget emailing a state senator.
Now really, domestic abuse is worthy of a scare and expensive prison bed?      Violation of a protective order?    Shoplifting?   Fraud and hot checks?    For gods sake, defrauding an innkeeper?  Embezzlement, DUI, possession of marijuana,  child abuse, child neglect, ID theft,  tax evasion, bribery…. Mutilating or disrespecting the flag?   Adultery, gambling, and blackmailing someone (AKA emailing a state senator to tell him to do his job or get investigated)?
At the very least if we have to have these bad laws let’s use the adultery felony statute to remove public officials from the Governor’s office on down to the Senate and House.  Seriously though most of these 18 crimes don’t warrant a prison cell but a work camp sentence where the prisoner goes to work every day like we use with the halfway houses and return at night to the camp.    I have hired work release inmates from the Carver Center and one thing you could be certain of is that the employee would show up and would work hard not to get fired due to the repercussions of getting fired.    The company would pay the state of Oklahoma for the wages, generally minimum wage, and half went to a savings account for the inmate for after release and the other half was retained by the state to cover the cost of administering, feeding, medical care, and housing the inmate.
Out of 45 felonies in that list at least 18 of them are hardly things that the public should be forced to pay to imprison someone.    Some like violation of a protective order, DUI, and child abuse are serious crimes and the most of the rest of them certainly are crimes worthy of arresting someone but there has to be a cheaper way to control those people that can’t live in peace with their fellow citizens.    Far better that we remove many of these crimes from the list of felonies and use the court system to administer justice in other ways than using scarce and expensive prison beds.
Some of the crimes like gambling are ridiculous when one can visit an Indian casino and gamble your life away.  And getting caught with marijuana ought to be treated like a traffic ticket, a hefty fine for first offensives with drug testing for a long time afterward.  Some say it should be legalized but at the very least we can get the pot heads out of scarce and expensive prison cells.
The next two weeks we will look at alternatives to prison for some of the felonies that are serious crimes and the list of eighteen that ought not to be worthy of a prison cell, how to cut the costs of imprisoning an inmate, and how to eliminate some of the corruption in the system.
The Human Element-Public vs Private Prisons
By Ms PM
This article written by forensic psychologist Allison Gamble addresses many of the pros and cons of public vs private prisons as it pertains to the mental stability of prisoners.

One of the main reasons for the increase in private prisons is the consistent growth of incarceration. States will not, do not or cannot address construction and maintenance of public prisons. Oklahoma has failed also. A while back the solution was to turn offenders out into the population because prisoners were deemed by lawmakers that their offense wasn’t bad enough to keep them locked up. The real reason was and is the lack of leadership to address the many hurdles disguised as “if we had more money to throw at the problem all would be okay.” We are not saying it is an easy task but we are saying the system is set up so the fox continues to guard the hen house.

Embedded in the original article are these examples used against the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) to say private prisons are not the cat’s meow. In Honolulu it states that guards within the nation’s biggest private prison “continue to abuse prisoners who sought a protective injunction after CCA guards stripped, beat, kicked and threatened to kill them, and the warden himself threatened their families.” In CCA’s Saguaro prison in Eloy AZ the allegations are the same. These allegations were met with a statement from the governor of Hawaii saying the inmates would be brought back to Hawaii. The ACLU of Hawaii “looks forward to seeing his comprehensive plan for doing so.” It appears this injunction started in 2010 and the article doesn’t give the outcome.

In dealing with forensic psychology Jenni Gainsborough, director of Penal Reform International believes that the abuses that occur are a result of shortcuts when it comes to training prison guards. She believes these positions must be filled with highly educated people that “understand prisoner’s rights, appropriate self-defense procedures for the guards, and need to be able to communicate with prisoners in a fair and effective manner.”

Some of the reasons stated for the abuses appear to be general in nature. To have a fair assessment it would seem that specific data would do more to back up her reasons. Here are a few.

  • guards often are poorly paid
  • lack of union power protecting guards from labor abuse
  • private prisons tend to be understaffed, guards work longer hours. Result is private prisons save on operating cost and inexperienced guards are pushed to psychological and financial extremes. Guards that work 40+ hours for low pay in a prison environment are more likely to react violently rather than act appropriately towards prisoners.
David Miller’s analysis in his article on “The Drain of Public Prison Systems and the Role of Privatization: An Analysis of State Correctional Systems” makes the argument that when they are well trained, private prison guards are able to attend to the needs of prisoners quite effectively, even reducing prison violence more effectively than their publicly-employed counterparts.” Miller documents all of his sources for information at the end of his article.

Here are some issues he noted:
  • prisons were already addressing economic issues well before the recent economic downturn.
  • the dollar has decreased, budgets decreased, costs increased for medical and psychiatric care, overcrowding and overtime wages are a drain on state budgets. This is one of the main reasons states have approved the building of private prisons.
  • a misconception about private prisons is there is no tie to government. “Private prisons typically enter into a contract with a government agency to house inmates; in return the government plays a major role in regulating private prisons.” The government extends its power by placing limitations and regulations on these private businesses.
  • prior to the late 1990’s only state public correctional systems had contracted with private companies. Private prisons grew after the late 90’s because of federal government contracts.
  • mid 2001 federal prisons were packed at 33% over capacity.
  • much of the overcrowding is caused by illegal immigration. The reason stated is because in 1996 the Immigration Reform Act allowed prosecutors to prosecute misdemeanor charges as aggravated felonies. This policy more than doubled the number of illegals in federal prisons within 2 years.
  • the change in the Immigration Reform Act is deemed to be the culprit of much of the overcrowding. (If we followed the law of the land and not allowed illegal entrance to the U.S. and chose to believe the statistics would this not solve a significant part of the overcrowding and cost in prisons whether they be public or private?)
In 2005 quality standards for public prisons was at 10%. Private prisons came in at 44%. This in itself would be a bonus for inmates. The two largest private prisons, Wackenhut and CCA are mostly accredited with specific quality standards and moving toward more facilities becoming accredited. They both appear according to Miller to be equal to or better than public prisons. The smaller companies in the running for private prisons for profit are said to be “created for a shadier realm of speculators ready to turn a quick profit. They are undercapitalized, inexperienced, understaffed, and are more likely to fail eventually. Run by hucksters, they sell for-profit prisons—disguised as an economic development—to depressed rural communities desperate to bolster their budgets and local economies.”

Dealing with the issue of humane treatment we found this next statement to be of significant value. “All private prisons are either accredited or must become accredited to remain open, unlike public prisons which only voluntarily seek accreditation, leading to lower percentage meeting accreditation standards.”
The other side of the argument is that accreditation doesn’t mean there will be quality.

  • Accreditation does not require extensive contact with prisoners or physical examination of facilities.
  • Audits are never without an advanced scheduled visit.
  • The American Correctional Association (ACA) doesn’t fail many prisons; it is dependent upon audits to receive funding.
  • It appears naïve to place accreditation as the only factor for regulatory problems.

Studies show that overcrowding has severe negative effects and will add to aggressive behavior. Public prisons are at best 33% above capacity and at worse 250% above capacity. Private prisons can avoid the overcrowding two ways: 1-“they can limit the number of prisoners entering the system, and 2-they can build additional structures on current prison sites (i.e. add additional units to existing structures) or construct prisons at new locations much faster than the government. Private prisons plan and construct two to three times faster than government, making it easier to address overcrowding.” Some research shows that the culture in public prisons is worse than private prisons. It is also noted that guard to inmate ratio improves moral when understaffing isn’t an issue. It also appears that private prison employees are able to create treatment plans targeted at each inmate rather than the public prison perception of warehousing until sentence is served.

David Miller’s assessment states that he thinks privately funded prisons do appear better on at least 2 of the 3 points.

  • more cost-effective
  • offers a safer and more humane environment
  • with more rehabilitative programs recidivism rates should drop

He noted that public prison cuts are first felt in rehabilitative programs

Our conclusions to all of this:

  • without professionalism the prison system will continue to decay. Hire the right person for the job.
  • extensive training is the first step. Psychological experience is needed for the end result of a well-run prison.
  • the extent of government regulation is a guideline for private prisons. States must do better than the federal government, document statistics and have a thorough process when writing contracts. Private prisons will perform or they will not have prisoners. It will take strong leadership to change a business as usual mentality.
  • until the border is secured the state must refuse to pay for any illegals in private prisons, they go to public prisons and the federal government can deal with them. Until citizens are fed up with paying for incarcerated illegals this will continue the overpopulation and increased costs for healthcare and housing.
  • accreditation can offer a smoke screen. The intent of this story being the human element inside prison has to be 1st priority with a change in how the system operates.
  • corruption runs rampant whenever money and power are at stake. There should be no lobbying for private prisons. Oklahoma lawmakers and Governor Fallin received over $400,000.00 in campaign contributions from private prisons.
  • the prison situation will never be solved unless unbiased studies are done from the inside out rather than the outside in. You cannot fix a problem until the real problem is identified.
  • people with mental problems are locked up. Prison is not where these people belong.
  • many prisoners lose hope while incarcerated. When treated like animals they become animals and are dumped onto society after time served.
  • no matter how good the treatment is for many prisoners some will always be in the system. This doesn’t mean they don’t get decent care, it means properly trained personnel will spot and work with the ones that have a better chance of rehabilitation.
  • immaturity is a symptom of bad judgment. Have programs that address the consequences and tie individual immaturity to the choices the prisoner made that landed them in prison.
Until the good ole’ boy mentality is removed from the prison system in Oklahoma we have to believe that private prisons are necessary. Until the prison system has the capability to address the problems from the inside out and stop throwing money at a system that doesn’t work we also believe public prisons are the best solution. We believe that the system is corrupt and until it is cleaned up we should not add to the corruption with additional private prisons. We believe there are capable people with common sense that can fix the problems we all face. Until the Department of Corrections steps up and accomplishes the daily operational task to run Oklahoma prisons efficiently and with a high priority placed on the human element public prisons are the absolute lesser of the two evils.


Oklahoma Prison Systems

Private versus Public

By the Watchman


In 1970, one of our staff members left home for Marine Corps Boot Camp, a tour in Vietnam and what eventually turned into a career with the Marines. Oklahoma was talking about prison overcrowding then and over the last forty-five years the only solution that Oklahoma has come up with for this problem is private prisons.


The decision to go to private prisons does not appear to have been made by the Department of Corrections, but instead by politicians. When politicians are involved, all you have to do is follow the money. The first article of interest we found was this. Lobbyist have spent over $400,000.00 to ensure they get contracts for private prisons in our state. As an example Governor Fallin received a total of $38,250.00 in campaign contributions. Then Speaker T.W. Shannon received $35,950.00 in contributions and Senator Jolley received $29,301.00. Are we being sold down the drain for the purpose of political power?


Keeping cost down is something that all corrections facilities strive to do. It’s much easier when you can pick your inmates. We found this article  which indicates that the private prisons in Oklahoma are choosing to incarcerate young minorities over whites and the elderly which helps keep their cost down because they require less medical care.


This Department of Corrections web page for November of 2014 shows the statistics for the prison systems in Oklahoma. There are 5,808 prisoners in contract or private prisons in Oklahoma as of the end of November. That’s approximately 25% of our incarcerated inmates. Why in the world would a government ignore the fact that an increase in population leads to an increase in violence among the prison inmates? Knowing this would happen, why would they fail to increase the bed space at existing prisons or build additional state run facilities for over forty-five years?


One of the most insidious aspects of the Private Prison system and the cost to taxpayers was this. In Oklahoma this rate is between 90% and 95% of capacity for the private prisons. Even if Oklahoma’s incarceration rate drops below full capacity at state run public facilities, there would be additional beds made available due to this requirement put in the contracts by the politicians.


An additional factor that needs to be considered when you compare public to private prisons is the recidivism rate between the two types of prisons. We found this report that indicates that in Oklahoma, private prison inmates have a higher recidivism rate compared to those placed in state run public prisons. This raises two questions. Are we being fair to the inmates in giving them every opportunity available for rehabilitation and are we being fair to the Oklahoma Tax Payers who must ultimately pay for their re-incarceration?


The next article we ran across was this . This is another way that private prisons keep the cost to the state of Oklahoma down. They are actually housing inmates from out of state. It would appear they have less control over them than they do over Oklahoma inmates.


The next article we found of interest was this The first one you’ll look at is the one dated August 7th, 2013. There is a link to an earlier report that you need to follow also. This report spells out the problems with private prisons. They range from inadequate training of the guards, poor pay and indeed poor pay for our state prison guards also. Once again it hits on the recidivism rate in private prisons is higher in all eight models tested.


The link within the first report takes you to a report dated July 24th, 2013. It is more of a history of private prisons. You can read it here . In 2012 it cost the state $73 million dollars to house 5,335 Oklahoma inmates in these private facilities. That’s $13,683.24 per inmate per year and they get to pick those that are the healthiest. With little to no medical cost for long term and elderly patients, their cost 2 years ago was running at near $38.00 per inmate per day. However, if you consider their recidivism rate of nearly 25% that raises their cost to equal that of the cost of a state run public facility.


We next found this article relatively interesting. For decades now corrections officials have sought to save money yet they sign a contract with private prison firms that guarantees a certain capacity of private prison beds will be filled. If the total prison population should decrease we could be wasting money.


For years if not decades prisons have been looking for ways to rehabilitate inmates. For just as long most inmates have been looking for a trade to learn that can be useful on the outside. The solution is simple. Use prison labor to build additional space at state run public prisons. Teach these men and women a trade they can really use on the outside. To build these additional beds you’ll need heavy equipment operators, cement workers, brick layers, electricians and plumbers. But that’ll never happen. Far too many politicians depend on the money generated by these private prison corporations and their campaign donations to let a little common sense get in the way of their greed.


In the end the cost per prisoner of a little over $46.00 is by far the better value for the state of Oklahoma. With that higher cost we get a professionally trained Corrections staff combined with then guarding the worse the state has to offer and the sickest the state has to offer all because Private Prisons are allowed to pick and choose their inmate population. The politicians and the lobbyist have leached off the tax payers of Oklahoma enough. It’s time to take our corrections problem by the throat and fix it correctly.


We Don’t Want Any Part Of Your Stinking Obama Care Scott Inman!

By Ms PM

Here we go again with another arrogant leader thinking they know what is best for Oklahomans after they have said loud and clear they don’t want anything to do with Obama Care. Give it up you jerk!


This is a good example that it doesn’t matter if those in government have to lie to get something passed, Scotty wants to do exactly what this administration has done to get Obama Care. If he had his way he would cram the Medicade expansion down our throats. He sings Pelosi’s song “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” as he skips-to-my-lou around Oklahoma. Throw in the fact that Scotty is the next Jonathan Gruber want-a-be and thinks Oklahomans are too stupid and have to be lied to because they don’t have the smarts to know what’s good for them.

This not so sweet deal would end up costing Oklahomans anywhere from $700 million to $1 billion. Oklahoma has turned the table on you Scott, we can print a banner for your “lie to Oklahoman campaign” that says “I’m the dumb ass now.”

Inman told the Oklahoman’s Editorial Board now that Fallin is in her final term, she might be more resistant to political pressure and more interested in building a legacy of improving health care coverage and protecting rural hospitals that could be in danger without the expansion. All we can say is her legacy would be so clear that even you could figure it out. Governor Fallin’s office “quickly reiterated its opposition to taking Medicaid expansion funds offered through the Affordable Care Act.” Time will certainly tell.

The Scott Inmans of the political world always play the deception game. Straight from the side of his neck he says “key legislative leaders are term limited and this could lead to more moderate positions.” We love that word “moderate.” It rarely means anything but ignore the will of the people.

Selling out the Power of your Group for Access to Politicians

Charlie Meadows was at it again in his last newsletter, attempting to defuse angry conservative OCPAC supporters upset over Congressman Steve Russell’s sellout vote for Boehner. Charlie was quick to tell his group what to think, saying that Russell didn’t sell out and even went so far to claim that Russell was acting as a representative of a republic rather than a representative of a democracy.

Charlie pleaded for time to judge Russell’s vote, saying that Russell would make up for the bad vote and asked for two years grace before judging his choice of Boehner over the other conservatives running for Speaker. 

This is how corrupt leaders work to deceive their followers. They become the spokesperson for the corrupt politician, explaining how members should think and act when betrayed by the politician. In return Charlie keeps his access to Congressman Russell and is rewarded in other ways as we will see in the next paragraph.

And that reward was quick to arrive as someone convinced the Sooner Poll organization (called Sooner Pole by Charlie in his newsletter) to run a poll of 403 likely Oklahoma voters regarding racial issues. And sure enough the pollster used a very mild statement by Charlie Meadows that was pulled out of the racist rant published late last year in an OCPAC newsletter.

Here is the innocuous quote they used:

May I suggest the number one thing holding black folks back today is a bad attitude? The best thing black folks can do today to change their attitude is to move past the victim mentality.  Yes, many evil things were done to black people in the past, but that was in the past.  We should never abandon history, but to dwell on the evils of the past and not move on is an attitude killer.”

The results that Charlie crowed about in his latest newsletter were spun of course, cherry picking the results. But here are the real facts:

17.2% of Republicans found Charlie’s statement racist

18.4% of Republicans found Charlie’s statement inappropriate

27.9% of Democrats found Charlie’s statement racist

20.4% of Democrats found Charlie’s statement inappropriate

15.4% of Independents found Charlie’s statement racist

18.6% of Independents found Charlie’s statement inappropriate

25.8% of those who described themselves as moderate found Charlie’s statement racist

17.6% of those who described themselves as moderate found Charlie’s statement inappropriate

14.1% of those who described themselves as somewhat conservative found the remarks racist

28.3% of those who described themselves as somewhat conservative found the remarks inappropriate

In all 35.6% of Republicans found Charlie’s remarks either racist or inappropriate.

48.3% of Democrats found the same

35% of Independents found the same

Among men of all ages 33.9% found the statement either racist or offensive

Among women of all ages 46.7% found the statement either racist or offensive

The higher the education level the more racist and offensive the statement was

And it is no surprise that 65.4% of blacks found the statement offensive or racist

And a whopping 48% hose that attended churh weekly found the statement racist or offensive

And a whopping 62.4% of students thought the statement was either racist or offensive

Charlie cherry picked the results and claimed that only the majority of the liberals were offended by his remarks and the authors of the poll also downplayed the results by highlighting that the majority didn’t find the remarks offensive or racist.

But I have a question for the politicians. Take a look at those numbers and let me know how comfortable you are going into a close race knowing that you are linked to Charlie Meadows.

Then consider what the results would have been had the pollster used one of the three statements that we blasted Charlie over:

"This commentary is about that large number of black folks that do hate cops and are losers."

 "I would suggest the mob mentality operates on great ignorance as they have little intellectual capability of understanding what justice is and probably wouldn’t recognize it if it hit them in the face.

"If I were a black person and wanted a change of attitude, I would flee most black churches, at least if a black church continues to make its congregants out to be victims. Black folks are welcome in most white churches, but there will be some cultural differences. It might be good for success to emulate good cultural traits of white folks. Be careful of the music and entertainment in which black people spend their time. That which is good and glorifies God is good and that which promotes violence, disrespect, drugs, immoral sex and the things of a rebel are harmful. What you take in through the senses of your eyes and ears is what you become, just like the things we eat are what we become."

Does anyone seriously believe that old Charlie would have any skin left on his ample backside if the pollster used any of those statements instead the relatively inoffensive statement that they used?

Bottom line is that old Massa Charlie got a reach around from the establishment with this poll for his part in betraying OCPAC members into accepting Congressman Russell’s betrayal of conservative Oklahoma values.

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