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Visit Our Website  12/18/15

Twas the Week Before Christmas

And not a gift had  been bought

So great gifts from O'Quigley's

Was what everyone got...

The day is nearly here and if you're like many of us, you're still frettin' over what they're gettin'.  If that's the case, then let us recommend a couple o' ideas that'll be sure to please.
Buy $50, get $10 gift cards -- that's a gift for them and for them a $50 card and keep the free $10 one...on second thought, 'tis up to you who gets the $50 and who gets the $10.
Lug's Jerk Sauce -- the same soon-to-be-legendary sauce conceived and cooked up by our dear old Lug (Tommy) hisself is featured in a few of our dishes - most notably our CharJerk Chicken Wings n' our Pork Chop entree.  For just $8, you can take home the Flavor you can Feel & Unleash the Fury in your own kitchen or backyard grill.
And as a final final word of note:  On December 26 at 8pm, join the fine folks from Guinness as they help us sample the new Guinness Nitro IPA.  'Tis a TAP TAKE-OVER.
Here's just one review from a true blue beer blogger: 
"Guinness has done something intriguing. From a dark stout, to an ale blond; mix the two together and add some nitro. What you get is a blond milkshake with a glorious creamy head that is gorgeous to watch form.
The taste is on for your description. I believe everyone will have their own opinion. Mine, it is like the blond Guinness with a creamy hop.
Smell, it smells a hint of hop but really lacking a smell.
Look, it looks Amber, and a golden brown. It pours a dark orange.
Feel, it feels so so smooth. It is much lighter than it appears.
Overall- Guinness is definitely on a adventure; I am ready for the ride!!"
It'll be fun way to try a new beer and enjoy some extended family 'n friends followin' the big day!
~~~~~  Final Words for Our Family n' Friends ~~~~~
~ Nollaig Shona Duit ~
(Merry Christmas)

Paddy O'Quigley's