Schools and nurseries                                     30 September 2020

What have BNF staff been doing today?
BNF staff have been making sure they Drink plenty today by keeping track of their drinks and meeting up for a virtual team drinks break! 

Tomorrow's challenge is Move more!

Why not introduce the challenge to your pupils by showing them the Move more presentation or video.   
Take a look at the challenge guide to find out why it is important to move more and what counts!

Explore the Move more resources!

What will your pupils be doing tomorrow to help them Move more? Why not challenge them to complete an activity diary and aim for 150 minutes a day? They could play the beat the PE teacher or keepy-uppy games, learn about how much energy is used by different activities or try the new physical activity dice to help them choose an activity. Click here for all the Move more resources.

Cooking sessions

Join in with tomorrow’s cooking sessions at 10am and 2pm. Watch the video or cook-a-long and make Ham ‘sushi’ or Veggie open lasagne. The recipes can be found here.
If you are looking for advice around cooking/tasting activities during COVID-19 you can find support here.

Let us know what you are doing!
Remember to let us know what you are be doing. Use the hashtag #BNFHEW20 and share your photos and tweets. You can also tag us @Foodafactoflife or @BNFEvents 

Watch our webinars!
If you haven’t had time to watch our three webinars this week, why not take a look now? All the recording are on our YouTube channel - Eat more wholegrains, Vary your veg and Eat together. To view the recordings, click here
To find all the resources for the seven BNF Healthy Eating Week 2020 challenges, click here.
What are your weekend plans?
Making plans for the weekend? Don't forget the weekend challenges. Take a look at the Get active together and Eat together challenge guides for some top tips!
Remember to encourage your pupils to take part too! Click here for the Get active together* resources and here for the Eat together* resources.
   *The Get active together and Eat together challenges are intended to highlight the importance of undertaking activities together. Social distancing rules and restrictions will need to be applied depending on personal and local circumstances.
      BNF Healthy Eating Week is developed by the British Nutrition Foundation and supported by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Quorn Foods, Asda, Nestlé Cereals,
Old El Paso, innocent drinks and Waitrose & Partners.

BNF is grateful for the advice  from the Charlie Waller Trust on the Be mind kind challenge.