NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress                                                          ~January 2012
Dear One,
I have a new year's gift for you HERE, (it's free!) but I hope you'll keep reading...
2012 is upon us! And along with it, so many questions and uncertainties. What does our future hold? It has been a year of unrest, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement, growing tensions in world leaders and among every day citizens as well as our plant and animal cousins, struggling to survive as the world's limited resources stretched among an ever-increasing, frantically-consuming population. And it's not over yet. Yes, these are interesting times!

A personal highlight for me of 2011 was an incredible conference I attended in Marin called Bioneers. "From Breakdown to Breakthrough" was the topic explored by speakers and in workshops, and I left with this recognition: yes, our world is a mess. AND. there are millions of dedicated people working to make positive changes and carry humanity through these uncertain (even apocalyptic?) times.
While there may be anxiety and fear in the air, I also have a great sense of inspiration and hope. The conference left me with something I think many of us feel - a deep desire to be a part of this positive shift, to assist in the "breakthough".
And so, I return to music - the healing salve for broken hearts, the tender embrace for trembling spirits, and the sunlight for weary souls. It is said that the personal is political (and global I would add), and what is global and political is personal. To me this means that healing our planet and all of humanity begins with the love and healing inside each of us. (Can you tell I'm from California?) But really...
For this new year I am completely thrilled to GIVE you something: a new year's gift. I've just released a new single, called "Habit". It's a perfect new year's song, about changing our habits for the better. It's probably one of the most fun and poppy songs I've ever written, but still carries some deeper thoughts within it. It also gives a nod to the incredible wisdom of nature, and I can't wait for you to hear it!
You can listen and/or download it here:, and for the month of January, it's FREE! As I said, my new year's gift to you and the world. Please share it with your friends, post it on facebook or twitter, or however you might like to spread seeds.
May this tune bring lightness to your step and a reminder of the beautiful gift of Today.
with love from the California Redwoods,
your philosophical songstress,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Friday January 27th
Songwriting Workshop at Cuesta College| San Luis Obispo, CA
Leading explorations of form & creativity for the jazz vocal improv class. Woohoo!

Friday January 27th @ 7pm
Steynberg Gallery | 1531 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA
Sharing the evening with the incredible Swedish Farm Jazz vocalist & songwriter, Inga Swearingen. | $15
Saturday January 28th @ 7pm 
Gather Wine Bar | 122 East Branch St., Arroyo Grande, CA 
Saturday April 28th @ 7pm
Plaza Linda | 9 Del Fino Place ~ Carmel Valley, CA
We return to our friends in Carmel Valley with their fantastic Gourmet Mexican Food!

for more upcoming shows please visit: 
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THE NEW SINGLE from Amanda West Music listen/download for free
a new year's gift to you from me!

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