The firmware in SQU1 was updated Thursday evening, and the base was down from 4:23 until 4:55 pm. This was a 'mandatory' update. In addition I archived all of the static data held on the receiver that was older than 60-days onto 3 DVD disks. It was about 18-months worth of 5-second data and occupied 12 GBytes (out of 16 GB).

It appears that when the firmware was updated, the system options were lost (no L2). This problem started around 11:00 today (Friday).

The options have been reloaded and the base is up again (as of 2:45pm). There several reports of success.

On a related note, this morning we replaced the repeater 453.250 at the Washington City water tank with a new (narrow band ready) ADL radio. It appears to be working well (the previous radio missed two out of three beats because of a interference with nearby equipment.

There are budget issues which are going to delay the completion of the narrow banding efforts for the radios at the base and on Utah Hill.

Call me if you have any problems or quesitons, I will be in St George until Sunday. My cell phone number is: 801-824-3367

Mark Silver
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