Dear Neighbors,
When held to account on her counter-productive and costly actions on Union Dry Dock, Councilwoman Fisher went to her usual playbook of launching the kind of baseless character attacks that have made her increasingly ineffective.   I am now the subject of her attacks, which unfairly disparage my integrity, because I have pointed out the cost to Hoboken of positions she has taken as councilwoman.   
Here are the facts:
  • Despite being warned by the Zimmer Administration that delaying a vote on the City acquiring Union Dry Dock by eminent domain could endanger the acquisition, Tiffanie Fisher voted to delay it until after the 2017 election to help her mayoral candidate, and hurt Mayor Zimmer’s candidate.  As a result of her actions, New York Waterway was able to purchase the property. This cost the city $8 million dollars:  a $7 million increase in the purchase price and $1 million dollars in additional legal, engineering and other related costs resulting from the need to wrestle the property away from New York Waterway. 
One of the reasons that I am seeking to replace Councilwoman Fisher is because she has a history of making decisions based on political grievances rather than what is in the best interest of Hoboken, and this serves as an important example.
  • The lease to NYWW is finite, and NYWW has no right to stay beyond the 3 (or possibly 5 years only if the construction to rebuild their property in Weehawken is not complete). There is no reason to assume that NYWW will breach the terms of the agreement, but if they did, the City can evict New York Water Way if they refuse to leave. You can read it for yourself. See Section 2.2 (parties agree that an “essential Lease provision” is that NYWW vacate the property no later than the end of the lease term). Yet, Councilwoman Fisher continues to fearmonger and overstate the risk that NYWW will both breach the agreement and that legal remedies available to the City would be inadequate to remove NYWW from wrongfully occupying city property once the lease expires.   
As your Councilwoman, I will not fearmonger, instead I work to ensure that the City follows through on the terms of the lease—not spread misinformation that serves no constructive purpose-and if anything weakens the City’s position. 
Marla Decker
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