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Spring is Just Days Away!

Be ready to show off your farm,
alpacas and alpaca products. 
How alpaca products sell alpacas,
and help your bottom line.
"Please exit through the gift shop"...

Alpacas are of course adorable and in many ways sell themselves, but if you're going though the effort to have an open house, alpaca products provide four key advantages:
1. Shows your prospective clients value by answering the question, "Whaddya DO with them?"
2. Brings immediate income to your farm business. 
3.  Provides souvenirs to your visitors, and a reminder of you!
4. Helps spread the word from your visitors to their friends. 

New Product Ideas
New items just recently arrived!
Timeless Accent Alpaca Shawl for Spring
In 15 attractive colors
** Select one FREE **
with qualifying order
9" Alpacadorables
Alpaca Party Favor Gift Bags
Small Snapping Alpaca Face Coin Purse

Top Product Suggestions
You know your business and market better than anyone, 
but based on our years of selling and YOUR purchases
and comments these are some of the top suggestions for
Spring farm event alpaca products:
** NEW ** Alpaca Mom-n-Cria

AmericanTraveler Daily Sock

** NEW ** BACKPACA Light Hikers

PacaBuddies Plush Toys

Whimsical Car Charm
Alpaca Love Bangle Bracelet

Alpaca Dryer Balls
Felted Craft Alpaca Figures
Cute Alpaca Silver Earrings

Alpaca Picnic for Kids

Fuzzball Keychain
Keychain Teddy Bear
Pocket Bears

6" Standing Alpaca Fur Toy
Alpaca Watching T-shirt
PACCU Bag Totes
Alpaca Love Cotton Socks

Cookie Cutters

Cute Alpaca Pens

Alpaca Themed Greeting Cards (many)

Alpaca Coloring Book
Alpaca Charm Necklace or Keychain

Cute Face Alpaca Purse
Traditional Trinket Box

Work/Play Fingerless Gloves

USA Grown/Made Shoe Insoles

Many more options, all with your store in mind,

We wish you the best of success with your farm event!

Send us promotional pictures of your day and we'll share it on our Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) pages to promote your farm!
The FiberCall is Back! 
We BUY Alpaca Fiber! 
Choice Alpaca Products

We buy alpaca fiber for a number of new and ongoing projects like:
blankets, felt inserts, socks, dryer balls, alpaca filled vests, yarn, etc. 
We work with a number of USA Mills to make the 
American Choice Alpaca line of products.
We are now accepting fiber for Spring and Summer production.
See this FiberCall link to see details of how you can participate.

Choice Alpaca Products
P. O. Box 308 ** NEW ADDRESS **
RAMONA, CA 92065