Dear Macro members,

I hope all of you are off to a great start in your fall activities. This email is packed full of important information for our membership so please take a few moments to read carefully.

**I want to remind all of you of the upcoming deadline for our composition competition. **
**Submissions are due on October 1 of 2010!**

1. Composer's Competition
Our Composer's Competition information for 2011 is now available on the web site. Special thanks to Warren Gooch for his dedication to this project! Go to this address for all of the details.

Some of you may have received the following information last summer. We're sending it again for the benefit of our new members and for current members who may have been away from campus for the summer.

2. Musician's Workshop 2011
The dates for the next Musician's Workshop are set for 2011. We will meet on June 24-25. It's not too early to start thinking about topics and potential presentations for the event! Contact Jamie Henke at any time via email

3. Musical Insights, our MACRO Journal
We have several wonderful papers in production for our next volume of Musical Insights, but are looking for a few more for this volume, and we are always interested in submissions for future journals. The Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization (MACRO) invites musicians of all disciplines to submit manuscripts for publication consideration in Musical Insights, the Journal of the Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization. Topics regarding any aspect of macro analysis and/or its application in music research, education, performance, theory, history, and composition are welcomed.

A blind review will be made of all manuscripts by the MACRO editorial board, therefore submissions should include:
• three (3) copies of the manuscript void of any identification information
• a cover letter that identifies both the author and the manuscript title

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts in the following format:
• typewritten or computer printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper
• double-spaced throughout (including block quotations and footnotes)
• all notes appearing as footnotes
• limited to 20 pages (shorter manuscript lengths are preferred)

Please be advised that articles in Musical Insights are required to employ the macro analysis system. Although other analytical systems may be included in Musical Insights articles, the use of the macro analysis system must be evident. Authors will be asked to provide camera-ready copies of musical examples, charts, diagrams, etc.

Manuscript submissions are accepted at all times.

Submissions should be addressed to:
Dr. Marilyn Saker
Department of Music and Dance
N101 Alexander Music Building
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Special thanks to Marilyn Saker for her dedication to this project!

4. Collaborative Learning Project
One of the presentations at our 2010 workshop involved collaborative learning and social networking sites. Several members requested more information on the project, and suggested that we provide this material to the entire membership through this newsletter. Go to this address for a powerpoint presentation on the subject. For further information, contact Jamie Henke at

5. One More Item
We want to let all of you know that MACRO will be making a few small changes in our travel honorarium policies for our 2011 workshop. Individuals who apply for travel honorariums should plan to attend the entire workshop. We of course know there will be work and travel issues involved, so scheduling difficulties/requests can be worked out in advance with the MACRO Chair. We are also reminding everyone that if your travel costs are less than $250 for non-presenters, and $500 for presenters, you should submit your request for the exact amount. If your costs exceed the $250 or $500 limits, you are eligible to request the full $250 or $500. If you have any questions, contact Jamie Henke.

Best wishes for a great semester! Start thinking about workshop ideas!=)