dark matter
presented by PST (Portland Story Theater)
Four Shows Only! April 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th
Friday & Saturday nights @ 8pm

an evening with Lynne Duddy
musical soundscape by
a'cappella singers Emily Post

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Don't miss this opportunity to experience a tapestry of voice, image, and musical soundscape, with Lynne Duddy and special guests, a'cappella singers Emily Post. Part science, part mystery, part cosmic joke, dark matter delves into the push and pull of the universe, exploring stuff that we can’t see but is definitely there, we think…

Hipbone Studio, 1847 East Burnside Street, Studio #104
Easy to find, lots of free off-street parking. Map and directions.


What is dark matter? Is it the force that holds the universe together? Or is it the great, mysterious unknown of our collective consciousness? Do all the things we lose become a part of the dark matter? Can we ever find them again?

Take a ride on the dark side, as Lynne Duddy uses science as a metaphor for the human heart, and explores the answers within us all. dark matter tells the true stories of everyday life and the extraordinary things that can happen.

A daughter realizes that she accompanied her father to the other side. A scientist questions her career after her discovery is met with disbelief. A five-year old girl experiences the power of the lightning, only to discover a dark truth years later.

ABOUT Lynne Duddy, an artist with a passion for people, story, and making connections. She is a native Portlander who lives in the heart of the city. 

ABOUT Emily Post, a five-part a'cappella group that includes Pat Janowski, Janette Kaden, Sarah Cawley, Lisa De Grace, and Alex Richardson, and provides the soundscape for this amazing program.

ABOUT Portland Story Theater: dark matter is the fourth in a series of sold-out shows for PST's 2008 season. dark matter is PST’s twelfth major production in Portland. Portland Story Theater, brain child of Lynne Duddy, and originally created in collaboration with Lawrence Howard, Walt Schaefer, Alton Chung, and Rick Huddle, was launched in 2003 to bring the urban community together for a unique performance experience, telling tales that stimulate the mind and rouse the heart. Past productions have included Love, Death, and Other Scary Stuff; All the Wrong Places; Beginner's Luck; Everybody's Got One; Who Am I And Where Is My Coffee?; And Then The Bed Broke!; Always Say Yes; Licking the Plate; Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare, featuring Lawrence Howard; Okage Sama De, featuring Alton Chung; and On Sale Now!, featuring Rick Huddle.

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