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The Big Game's a-Comin'.  And with it comes commercials, controversy, and, of course, some weird side bets...

In This Issue:

Super Super Bowl Carryout Special

So here's the deal:  'Tis no secret that wings are a fan fave on Super Bowl Sunday so we're extended our 7 wings for $5 special for carryout on the big game day.  Choose from plain, buffaloed, Hot Rods, Char-Buffed, Paddy O'd, BB OQ'd, Pepper Q'd, Banshee Burners, or Sriracha-Lime...that's nine choices!
February 1:  Dine-in or Carry Out 7 wings for $5 
...or 14 for $10, 21 for $15, or any other multiplication you wanna do.
Of course, our other fan faves like sliders, fried pickles, our world famous SpinArt dip, or whatever else might tickle your fancy from our menu.  Even at regular prices, they're still pretty special.  
To get your order in, just give us a call: 913-601-3511.
Oh - just a little "wing" side comment:  we're sure you know our cooked fresh & hand prepped wings are among the best around. Well, we did a lil' test with our wings and those from a national chain that "specializes" in wings.  We were happy to find that ya get far more (both by the wing and per dollar) at OQ. Instead of puttin' money and effort into TV ads, we put it into the almighty wing.  Did ya know, seven OQ wings actually weigh a couple ounces more than ten of theirs?  Go local - it's better!
Super Bowl Party Fun at 151 n' Nall
Of course, we'd rather you spend the day with us at 151 n' Nall.  We've got some fun games a-goin' like always, givin' you a chance to win even if your team doesn't.  Each game will find a winner at the end of each quarter and there are more than one way to get involved.  Ask Judy, Amy, Dan or a friendly bartender for details between now and then...or grab one o' us on the day o' the game.
But, s'posin' you're also hungry and thirsty through the game, you can satisfy both with a few Game Day Sunday Specials:
  • Wings, all flavors: 7 for $5 
  • Sliders, all kinds: $2 each or a 6-pack with tots for $12.99
  • Boulevard Draws: $3
  • Bloody Marys: $3.50
  • Sunday Special Mimosas: $4
Let us know if you want us to save you a seat!

Some Weird, and Fun, Side Bets
Seems like the odds makers come up with new and inventive bets every Super Bowl.  We scanned about and found a few worth sharing:
Number of times "Deflated Balls" will be said during the telecast.  Over/Under = 3
How long will Idina Menzel take when she sings the National Anthem? Over/Under = 2 minutes, one second
Will she forget or omit any words?  Yes (+400) No (-600)
How many times will Gisele Bundchen (Brady's supermodel wife) be shown on TV?  Over/Under = 1.5
What color will Katy Perry's hair be when she sings at halftime?  Black/Brown (+200), Blue/Green (+300), Pink/Red (+300), Blonde (+400), Purple (+500)
Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his postgame interview? Teammates (3/2), God (5/1), Fans/City (15/2), Coach (12/1), Family (12/1), Owner (12/1), None of the above (2/1)
There are, of course, a lot can find some of them by clicking here.
May the Lord n' the Luck of the Irish be with you all.  Keep in touch and remember to visit our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest on current specials & upcoming events.

Slainte and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's