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Tuesday 23 July 2013
In This Issue:
Factory Service for SP Ashtech / Ashtech / MagPro / Thales access has changed
Internal Batteries Failing in PM3, MMCE, MMCX receivers
Excellent Webinar Recording: Datum, Realizations
Replacement Antenna Cables
Checking for CORS Availability
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This week's important Ashtech links:
1. First, let me highly recommend that you watch Eric Gakstatter's recent webinar on Datum and Reference Frames. It is excellent. It is approachable. Kevin Kelly the Geodesist from ESRI (who would have guessed that they had one?) and Michael Dennis from NGS absolutely knock it out of the park on this webinar. [ more... ]

2. Important: Factory Service for Ashtech, SP, MagPro and Thales Equipment Simplified. Messing around with the online web form is no longer required. In fact it does not work anymore, you can just send email or call. [ more... ]

3. Important: PM3, MMCE, MMCX Internal Backup Batteries Failing. If you have a ProMark 3 or a MobileMapper CX your internal battery backup battery may be failing.  [ more... ]

4. Replacement Antenna Cables for MM100, MM120, PM100, PM120, PM200, PM220. We are making amored cables with straight connectors--they don't eject when rotated around. [ more... ]

5. Checking for CORS site availability. When GNSS Solutions fails to find CORS data how do you determine that the data is really missing? [ more... ]
6. Collecting accurate data (like demarks) on the North side of tall buildings. How do you collect service locations on the North side of two story buildings, under the eves? [ more... ]
7. Consider adding a reasonably priced dual-frequency base to your ProMark 2 or ProMark 3 static receiver pair. Solutions from dual frequency receivers offer excellent horizontal and vertical control with the provenance of a NGS OPUS Solution and you don't need to process the vectors manually [ more... ]
I just noriced that if 4 more readers sign up for this mail list there will be 2,000 subscribers. Who would have guessed that there would be that many people interested in gossip about Ashtech GPS products?
And if you think that is surprising, my video on 'How to turn a PM100 On and Off' has been watched 1,170 times. This seems crazy. (All my videos are linked [ here ]) There can not be a more boring videos than these, unless you count my 'Setting Power Line Anchors' video with 1,300 views. 
Go figure...
Which reminds me of a bar joke:
An engineer, a surveyor, a real estate agent and a lawyer walk into a bar together and each order a $3 beer.
The waitress brings the beers and admits that she is not good with math. Can they help her with the total?
The engineer replies "why that would be exactly twelve point zero-zero-zero dollars"; the waitress looks perplexed.
The surveyor replies "that would be twelve dollars more or less"; the waitress looks perplexed.
The real estate agent replies "I can't add, I can only multiply by 6%"; the waitress looks perplexed.
The lawyer replies "What would you like it to be?"
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