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January 2019
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

Course date announcement  - **February**
This 'Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation' course focuses on the theory and practice of wildlife rehabilitation. Topics include: the legal and ethical issues regarding wildlife rehabilitation; safe rescue and handling; how to perform a physical examination; first aid and common ailments; what to feed wildlife; how to house them; zoonotic diseases; and release considerations. The highlight for most attendees - the practical sessions!! (on cadavers), include: capture and handling; physical examinations; injections; tube feeding; bandaging; etc..  The course is open to anyone - regardless of your wildlife experience.
Credits: 22 CVE credits
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Date: 23rd & 24th February

WRI Wildlife Crime Awareness Campaign

Spread the word about wildlife crime
In 2015 WRI organised the second of its Irish Wildlife Crime conferences. These conferences provided a unique opportunity for government agencies, NGOs, professional bodies, voluntary groups and individuals to share their experience and expertise in this field. A major outcome of the conference was the need to implement a Wildlife Crime Awareness Campaign.

As a result, WRI launched a new website to help tackle wildlife crime www.wildlifecrime.ie 
The Wildlife Crime Ireland website contains information about wildlife crime, practical advice on recognising and recording a suspected wildlife crime, along with contact details for reporting it as quickly as possible.
A detailed leaflet on Wildlife Crime has also been created and this along with other publications on Wildlife Crime, can be downloaded from the website.

To continue the awareness raising campaign, WRI  distributed over 20,000 leaflets on Wildlife Crime to: veterinary practices, garda stations, libraries, outdoor organisations, gun clubs, schools, among others.

This is in an effort to raise public awareness about what is legal and what isn’t, to hopefully increase the reporting of incidents to the authorities, provide data to assist enforcement, and ultimately to reduce the often barbaric incidents of wildlife crime perpetrated in Ireland.
If you want to help, when you see it, report it!
Other suggestions here
Convicting people of wildlife crimes is extremely difficult
and a huge amount of effort goes into it,so each month we're going to draw your attention to the cases we've been told about (both old and new)
Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS
© Tom Tuite - Sunday World

Three men fined for disturbing badger sett with dog
Congratulations to Kieran Buckley, NPWS CR, for getting this case to court. Gavin O’Dowd, Dean and Gavin Fitzpatrick, all from Ballybrack, Dublin, were accused of taking part in a badger hunt using an electronic device, shovels and tracking dogs.
More Info - 'Case Details' tab on the 'Prosecutions' page of wildlifecrime.ie
Patagonia Grant

Patagonia Grassroots Grants
Funding work that is action-oriented and focuses on root causes. Grants are typically from €2,500 to €3,000 The process is all online
Questions contact us at Ireland's Patagonia Store: 01-6705748 / email christian.volkmann@patagonia.com
National Biodiversity Conference
Biodiversity Conference - Feb, Dublin

We are losing global biodiversity at a rate unprecedented in human history. In Ireland, many of our protected habitats are in poor condition and 14% of assessed species are thought to be endangered. The number of plants, insects, mammals and birds...More Info 
And Finally..
Low, Forest, Rainforest, Environment

Did you know

A whole industry is geared toward killing them, but termites help rainforests survive climate change. In 2015/16 termites helped Borneo's Maliau forest cope through the worst drought in 20 years.
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