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Dear Refirement Members

I am sitting outside in the warm winter sun writing this update. It is a few days post the storms and fires in the Western Cape and I am reminded of the importance of caring for our community and how social media and dedicated citizens can make a major difference. We salute the dedicated fire and disaster management teams that have worked tirelessly.

I have always believed that the community is the heart of where change happens. In a world that runs fast and changes at a pace never seen before, we still need to feel like we belong and that we are cared for. It has been my dream to start Refirement Communities around the country and the ideal place for that to happen is where I live- Hartbeespoort Dam. I am grateful to Kay Darbourn, a fellow resident and coach who has taken this idea and started The Fifty Plus Harties Community. Read more about this Community here.

Enjoy the articles on marketing and technology for your life, work and play as well as my challenge to change needed in the thinking within formal retirement communities.

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Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.




Places of positive aging and engagement

This past month, I spoke at The SA Care Forum meeting in Gauteng. The conversation was around how we can engage residents to become more community minded and build purpose in their lives. The essence of what we discussed is shared in this article. Read full article here

Ten things to do to market yourself better for a 21st century world of work fifty plus

The world of work has changed and we need to understand what is needed to market ourselves if we want to work in this season of life. In this article I share ten tips on what you need to do. - Read full article here

Ten technology tools for effective life, work and play 50+

Technology is now a big part of all our lives as we carry smart phones in our pockets. Technology can change your world significantly and make life easier. I share ten technology tools that make a difference in my life. Read full article here.

Two day getaway and retreat
Final arrangements for the Two Cavern events need to be finalised by end June. Please take a look at both the August and October events and be in touch if you are wanting to join us.

August : Two night getaway with other travellers 50+

October : Two day Christian retreat for women 50+



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