Self-Healing Community Newsletter
July 2011 Courtesy Reminder
Welcome and thank you for being a part of this
Worldwide Community interested in learning more
about the Body-Mind-Emotions Connection!
REMINDER: B.u.y. One Session, Get One F.R.E.E.
ends July 10, 2011 at Midnight PDT.

Will you keep trying to "fix it" on your own OR
let me unlock those mind-body-emotions blocks?
You don't have to stay stuck in emotional pain!
If you've been considering doing two or more
sessions with me in the next 5 months, I've
finished with several clients and have openings in
my schedule for YOU, your spouse, children and animal

Get the deal with a friend so you can each enjoy
a session, or GIVE one as a GIFT to a loved one.

I look forward to serving each of you with my
super-fast fear-clearing techniques.

Rather work on yourself but don't know how to FIND
your HIDDEN emo-blocks? We can use session time
only for surrogate muscle testing, no matter where
you are in the world. I'll identify your fear blocks to
healing or success, and you can clear them whenever
you feel comfortable.

Stop feeling SICK with stress, pain and
worry. Regain your QUALITY OF LIFE AGAIN!

S.R. of Canada wrote:
"I was looking back at the past year and I just want to
tell you how very grateful I am. The work you did with
me helped me move in areas I was stuck in for a long
time. Your unwavering persistence in digging for the
blocks and skill with muscle testing was invaluable
for me. So Again THANK YOU!!!"
As we identify and clear your fears to allow the healing
to begin, you will LEARN how to effectively use emotional
release methods -- a P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S LIFETIME self-healing skill
you can use anytime, anywhere.
N.S. of the USA commented:
"Just wanted to say my session went even better than
I had anticipated! I felt completely comfortable talking
with you. I feel good today - like smiling on the inside!
It's a new & good feeling! Thank you again.
Haven't worked with me before? No problem! A n.o. c.o.s.t
get-acquainted consult before our first session is required
to ensure we are a good fit and that I can help you.

Here's the scoop on private sessions, the required release
form, investment menu, 10 benefits to working with me:

Buy one, get one... buy four, get four - but ONLY for session
investments made BEFORE midnight PDT July 10.

I've NEVER made this offer before and may never
make it again (until my next birthday), so take advantage
of my GIFT to you!

The only condition is that you must use ALL these non-refundable
sessions before December 15, 2011.

Want a sample audio session?
Try this emo-release audio to clear your fears about
daunting world events and natural disasters at
C.P. in California emailed after her session:
"I am planning on having another session because I am absolutely
in love with this work and working with you. So I will be contacting
you very soon. I have told many of my friends so I believe there
will be a few more people calling you!!!"

Wishing you prosperity, bliss, peace and love,
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA / http://www.EmoRescue.com/

P.S. - you can still get this amazing cellular HEALING
MUSIC--N.O. OPT-IN, N.O. C.O.S.T. from Frederic DeLarue.

"Musical Rapture" is a F.R.E.E. celestial music GIFT that heals,
calms, soothes and refreshes. Musician Frederic DeLarue specified
that it is to be shared as his gift to the world, never to be sold.
Download it as an MP3, or listen to a 10 minute video: