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The PacaBuddies are FLYING out of here**!

Order yours NOW for Fall visitors!

The popular PacaBuddies are the perfect souvenier farm visitors.

PacaBuddies are cute plush stuffed animals.

PacaBuddies are great for:

* Farm Visitors Souveniers

* Gifts to Friends and Family

* Farm Events like National Alpaca Farm Day

Wholesale: $9 each
Suggested Retail: $19.95

A) Fluff B) Midnight
C) Cloud D) Jax
E) Lovey F) Pinky
G) Violet  


16 PacaBuddies: Minimum wholesale order, any mix

24 PacaBuddies: Free marketing on our Retailers web page

60 PacaBuddies: Free shipping


Our Perfect Guarantee: If they don't sell, send them back!

PacaBuddies are Granddaughter approved!!

Order now before they are all gone.

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** Though the PacaBuddies are going fast, they don't have actual wings on them.