Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Exchange Meeting This Wednesday
Phil Lakin, George Kaiser,
        and Obama
Representative Glen Mulready Talking Trash Again
OREC Whitewashes Representative Sullivan Real Estate Investigation
Did Representative Sullivan Lie To Police Officers on September 19th 2007?
Obama Administration Exporting American Jobs 
Is The Obama Administration Arming Street Gangs?
BBQ Fund Raiser Set For Rep John Bennett September 15th

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Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Exchange
Meeting This Wednesday
The first meeting of the Obama Care/Fallin Care task force is to be held on Wednesday September 14th at 9:00 am in the House Chamber at the State Capitol.   I believe they chose this particular meeting place to avoid having to deal with questions from the audience but a good crowd will remind them what is waiting for them should they go ahead and implement Obama Care here in Oklahoma.    Below are the Senators and Representatives on the committee, it would be a good idea to call and email to remind them that the majority of the citizens of Oklahoma are dead set against Obama Care/Fallin Care.
Light em up..
 Make it clear to them that there will be a political price for supporting Obama Care/Fallin Care in any form or fashion.  Remember that they are practiced politicians, they can sell sand to an Arab, don’t get in arguments or discussions, tell them what the people of Oklahoma want.
 Rep. Glen Mulready , Co-Chair      (405) 557-7340
Rep. Randy Grau                                  (405) 557-7360
Rep. Danny Morgan                         (405)-557-7368
Rep. Jeannie McDaniel                  (405)-557-7334
Rep. Jason Nelson                              (405) 557-7335
Rep. Doug Cox                                        (405) 557-7415
Senator Gary Stanislawski , Co-Chair        405.521.5624   
Senator Cliff Aldridge                                 (405) 521-5584                    
Senator Bill Brown                                      (405) 521-5602                         
Senator Sean Burrage                                    405) 521-5555                      
Senator Brian Crain                                          (405) 521-5620                      
Senator John Sparks                                      (405) 521-5553                    
 Phil Lakin, George Kaiser, and Obama
A few weeks ago we went over the candidates for Tulsa City Council.  One of the candidates for District 8 is Phil Lakin; Phil is also the Chairman of the George Kaiser Family Foundation.  George Kaiser is one of the investors of the defunct solar energy company that was in the news last week for going bankrupt owing the U.S. government hundreds of millions of dollars.   Lakin is also on the board of the Tulsa Community Foundation and other boards.
Here is an email from a Washington Post reporter responding after a Tulsa activist reached out with info on Phil Lakin and George Kaiser:
“We are very interested in George Kaiser and any help you might be able to give us would be greatly appreciated. Our George Kaiser is chairman of Tulsa-based BOK Financial Corp. and owner of Kaiser-Francis Oil Co. He also is one of Solyndra's biggest backers through an organization known as the George Kaiser Family Foundation. He is an Oklahoma oilman who bundled campaign contributions from multiple sources for Obama's 2008 campaign. Kaiser raised, or bundled, $50,000 to $100,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign, according to a list that had been posted on Obama’s 2008 campaign website. He gave $2,300 personally, according to the FEC. 
As you probably know, the George Kaiser Family Foundation is a charitable organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and backed by donations from Kaiser. It holds about 35.7 percent of the company, according to a Solyndra filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kaiser made three visits to the White House on March 12, 2009, and one on March 13. Kaiser has denied any direct involvement in the Solyndra deal. In a statement from his foundation he said he “did not participate in any discussions with the U.S. government regarding the loan.”
The White House meetings put that statement to a test. He met with former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Austan Goolsbee, Senior Advisor Pete Rouse, Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council Heather Higginbottom and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council Jason Furman. People who work for him also went to the White House, including chairman and founder Christian Gronet and Board Members Thomas Baruch and David Prend. This information is according to the WH visitor logs. Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel and Adviser Valerie Jarrett reportedly also met with Kaiser.
End quote.
Here are some articles on the George Kaiser/Obama/Solynda loan connection:
Tulsa World article that came out Sept 8th 
Representative Glen Mulready Talking Trash Again
Occasionally one of our members asks why we expose so much of the legislator’s dirty laundry and focus on their response to our newsletters.   For two reasons:
1.      It shows people that the legislators are no better than the rest of us, almost anyone could run for office regardless of what baggage they might have or their “qualifications”.
2.      Their responses to our newsletters are illuminating, especially when they lash out in anger over the exposure of the seamy side of the legislature.
Last week, one of our old sparing partners, Representative Glen Mulready, just had to open his mouth again.    Like the old joke about the hunter and the grizzly bear, one begins to wonder if Representative Mulready is doing this for the sport of it.  Representative Mulready was one of the founding members of the Short Bus Caucus, a group of Republican House members that were running their mouth against the Tea Party during one of the Republican Caucus meetings.   Here is a link to that May 8th newsletter where Representative Mulready helped us come up with the name transvestite Republican:   Transvestite Republicans     
So last week Representative Mulready once again shot off his infamous mouth in an email to one of our allies.  Here is the email:
Subject:   Re: A Jerry Springer Batch of Legislators
Date:  Fri, 2 Sep 2011 14:25:06 -0500
From:   Glen Mulready
To:  Jim Gxxxx
I would respectfully suggest to you that your forwarding of this groups "trash" only serves to undermine your own credibility. 
Hope you are well. 
Glen Mulready
Sent from my iPhone, please pardon any typos. 
End quote.
When challenged by one of the messages recipients, Representative Glen Mulready had this to say:
So, "relevant to the topic" from your perspective is someones (Sic) innuendo and rumor tossed around without any kind of evidence. This is one radical person, with no evidence, throwing things out there about people he doesn't like....plain and simple. 
The bottom line is no different than I tell my young boys daily. Choose your friends will be known by those you hang out with. If you wish to be identified closely with this group, then by all means, continue to forward their emails. I'm telling you that this is a quick way for you to move you and your group towards irrelevance by association. 
I have a lot more detail about this groups posting of comments and pictures of my family earlier this year that I could share with you, but will not take the time. 
Choose your friends wisely!
Best regards,
End quote.  
Representative Mulready's purpose in taking the time to respond to B.L. is obvious; to try to drive a wedge between the Tea Party and the rural interests.
If you have taken one of my classes on the Real Nature of Politics, you will recognize the classic responses regurgitated by Representative Mulready.  He starts by stating that forwarding the Sooner Tea Party newsletter undermines B.L.’s credibility.  When a politician tells you something, the first thing you should ask yourself is how it benefits the politician if you believe what he says.  Think about it, Representative Mulready is not supporting B.L.’s effort so if B.L. was hurting his credibility then Representative Mulready would just stay silent and let him hang himself.
Next Representative Mulready admits that forwarding something is the same as endorsing something.   Using that logic, he supports  and endorses the House leaders that voted for the transvestite birth certificate bill, therefore Representative Mulready supports everything else the House leadership stands for:  allowing illegal immigration, biometrics on our drivers license for future facial recognition tracking systems, highway cameras  watching car license plates for ticketing those without insurance (next will be those that are running an expired tag, next are those driving 5 miles over the speed limit), implementing the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health insurance exchanges (Mulready is heading that interim study), stopping Open Carry, and stopping all the Tea Party/Constitutional bills that support the 2nd, 4th. 9th, and 10th Amendments.
As to the list of immoral legislators cheating on their spouses, multiple sources backed up each instance of infidelity.   One case was dropped after a Democrat legislator vouched for the legislator after approaching him on our behalf; five or six others are still under investigation so we did not put them on the newsletter.  The   Kirby and Osborn affair was checked using both GOP and Democrat sources.    The Charles Ortega story was confirmed using legislators and local sources, he is the talk of the town these days… the old goat!  The Lee Denney story was verified using local sources as well as multiple legislative sources.
We back up 100% of our info before we use it in the newsletter.   As far as ruining a cheating legislator’s reputation, they ruined it themselves; we are just spreading the news.   As far as the Sooner Tea Party’s “agenda”, it is simple, force legislators like Representative Mulready to represent their constituents instead of ruling over them like they are royalty and to force the legislators to support the Constitution including the Bill of Rights.  It Representative Mulready needs stepped on to force him to do right, we have no problem stepping on him.
As to posting his family picture, we took the picture off his campaign website.  If he drags his family into his campaign to claim family values, then what is wrong with using the picture when Representative Mulready is going against family values?  We posted his family shot next to a drag queen smoking a cigarette and asked the readers to see if the two men looked alike and to let us know if Mulready didn't look like a transvestite....  not as single email came in against the article, people understood that we were pointing out that Mulready was a hypocrite.
Lastly, Representative Mulready talks big about not slandering people and tossing around innuendo and rumor, yet he doesn’t look into the stories before claiming we are “radical” and are slandering people.  The difference between Representative Mulready and our group is that we put our info out in public, Representative Mulready prefers to slink about and whisper lies in private.  And where is Representative Mulready's outrage over Representative Dan Sullivan's behavior?
But the highest nail gets the hammer so Representative Mulready has earned another article in the newsletter about his character and his refusal to represent the people in his district.  He is an elitist, he said so at that meeting in May, said that regardless of how the people in his district want him to vote he is going to vote his way.  I’ve got it on tape, it is going to make a great robo call.
Remember always that the Mulreadys of this world believe that the rest of us are sheep to be sheared.  They stay in power only by dividing any that rise against them.   They are accomplished liars; the most dangerous of them are the sociopath liars who tend to rise into leadership positions.  They truly believe they are not lying, from being so wrapped up in their fantasy world and their belief that they are above everyone else.   
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Whitewashes
Sullivan Real Estate  Investigation
And after all that documentation of the forged document that we looked at last week, what did the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission do?   They whitewashed the investigation, seizing upon a comment from Mrs. Sullivan that stated she didn’t know which party altered the document and forged the initials.   That is the problem with reasonable people, they talk reasonably, and Mrs. Sullivan was just stating an obvious fact.  Most people would understand that an investigation was required to ascertain who altered the document and forged the initial.  A bureaucrat on the other hand would jump at the chance to get this issue off their desk and done with!  All they had to do was question the realtor about the document and she would have rolled over on either Representative Sullivan or his attorney.
Here is the official Investigative Report of the OREC investigator Sherry L. Kueffler.  Look for the file labeled:
C-2010-047_Final_(GS )
Here is their contact info:
Telephone: (405) 521-3387
Toll Free: 1-866-521-3389
Did Representative Sullivan Lie To
Tulsa Police on September 19th 2007?
Two weeks ago we told the story of a terrified woman fleeing her home around 11:30 pm, in her night clothes, barefoot, not even taking the time to grab her cell phone.  A source claimed that after an argument over continuing the marriage counseling, Representative Sullivan eyes were so dark with anger that they  were like "looking at the end of the world”. 
 Sources say Mrs. Sullivan fled northeast on I-44 in the early hours of September 19th, so afraid for her life, so  shocked, so intimidated by her husband’s behavior that she could only think of putting distance between them.  Remember that reports state that Representative Sullivan had been mixing prescription medicines, over the counter cold medication, and booze.   Documents and emails show that he was in dire financial straits, had impregnated a House staffer that worked under him at the capitol during an illicit and illegal affair, and was becoming increasingly unstable.
Mrs. Sullivan could think of only one place to go where her reserve deputy/Judicial Committee Chairman/Representative husband wouldn’t likely find her, a bed and breakfast place near Grand Lake that she remembered from a previous trip long ago.   She realized that she couldn’t hope to find a vacancy at 2:00 or 3:00 am so she parked in the parking lot of the Cherokee Yacht Club near Ketchum, Oklahoma.  
 It wasn’t long before a security guard came over to see why a woman was parked by the lake in the predawn chill.   Dressed in night clothes, shoeless, and scared, the officer recognized the signs of an abused woman in need of help.   The officer opened up the lobby and allowed Mrs. Sullivan to wait inside until daylight, then after telling her the bed and breakfast she was searching for had closed the previous year, the officer recommended another small business that rented secluded lake cabins.
The innkeeper was a woman that had also had experience with abused women in shelters and immediately recognized the tell tale signs:   no shoes, no luggage, night clothing rather than suitable attire, a woman clearly frightened that her husband would find her and do harm.  Since Mrs. Sullivan was still terrified of being found, the innkeeper suggested parking the car away from the cabin, lessening the chance that Representative Sullivan could track her down.
And what was Representative Sullivan doing about this time?  Well, he had gone to work.   Doesn’t sound like something that a normal husband would do after his wife fled in terror the night before, most would be out looking for her or calling her friends and family, perhaps even calling the state police since she was the wife of a legislator.  But not Representative Sullivan, where most of us would have been worried sick, Representative Sullivan went to work, had lunch, and went home.
Finally around 9:30 pm Representative Sullivan reported his wife missing, twenty two hours after she fled.  Representative Sullivan told the officer of the cell phone left behind, that he had called his family and friends in an effort to find her, and had looked online to see if she had used her credit cards or withdrew money from an ATM.   The police report states that Representative Sullivan said that he didn’t believe that Mrs. Sullivan was suicidal but she had been upset over health issues.  No mention of the argument that turned physical, no mention of the marriage counseling as a result of Representative Sullivan’s infidelities, Representative Sullivan chose to lie and say Mrs. Sullivan was upset over health issues…
 Look for the file labeled:    “Missing Person Police Report 9 19 2007”.
But much later Representative Sullivan testified under oath as part of the divorce proceedings.  During his testimony Sullivan denied that he had told the Tulsa Police that Mrs. Sullivan was worried about her health the night she fled.   In fact Representative Sullivan admitted on the witness stand that they had had an argument which caused Mrs. Sullivan to flee.  
Okay, some of you might say, so Representative Sullivan didn’t want to air his dirty laundry.  He told a little white lie to save face.    If that were all, we wouldn’t be reporting this but what came next is absolutely chilling.
The missing person report also states:  
 “Dan, who is also a TCSO reserve deputy, verified that his only owned weapon was accounted for in their home.” 
Did Representative Sullivan own only one weapon?
Representative Sullivan claimed only one gun in his statement to the Tulsa police on the missing person report.   Here is what Sullivan had in the way of weaponry around that time, many of them left loaded around the home. 
  S & W 640-1   CD A6703                  
New England Arms  SB4 MAG 10 ga     NE320444 
Remington  700 7mm mag            250505                 
Remington  742  30-06 A7371364
Remington  Nov-48 20ga  5831524                               
Ruger    super BH 44 81-65581  
Remington 1100 20ga       N823401                                                             
Mossberg 590 12ga       p603944                                                              
Glock 21C FLD 346 Returned to Sheriffs dept.    
Ruger Sec, six 357 15347399                            
Colt  AR-15 sport 223  66548 
Glock 21C    DSV190US                                          
Glock  27      EVN264US                                          
US CARBINE  M1 30   4242553                                               
Remington 870 12 Y502890                                               
S & W  457  45  
I counted 16 guns, not one that he told the Tulsa police officer about. 
And here are pictures of the guns that Representative Sullivan denied owning.
Now many people collect guns, nothing wrong with that.  The problem here is Representative Sullivan lying.
One can only wonder why Representative Sullivan would lie to a police officer about the number of weapons he owned.  Was he was covering his tracks in case a body was found and ballistic tests were run?   What we can be certain of is that Representative Sullivan has no qualms about lying to a police officer or on the witness stand, if it suits his purpose.   All that remains is to ask why Representative Sullivan lies.   There are three types of liars:
1.Pathological Liar, someone that doesn’t lie purposely, they actually believe that they are telling the truth.
2.Compulsive Liar, someone that lies out of habit because it feels “right”.
3.Sociopaths, someone that lies incessantly in order to get their way and does so with little concern for others.
Of the three types of liar, I believe that Representative Sullivan better fits the Sociopath model better than any other. link to list of traits of sociopaths.
Yes, this was a messy divorce! But if character matters, something that the country forgot when they elected Bill Clinton, and if past behavior is indicative of future behavior, do we dare allow Representative Sullivan to walk away from his behavior and crimes without penalty?  Do we dare allow the other 148 legislators think that if Representative Sullivan got away with it, that they can get away with it?
Here is the contact info for the Speaker of the House, Kris Steele and for the GRDA, who is considering Representative Sullivan for the top CEO position.  Please call them and give them your opinion on this matter.
Kris Steele:    (405) 557-7345
GRDA            (918) 256-5545      Michael Kiefner, interim CEO 
Oh, and what happened to Mrs. Sullivan?  Her brother and her sister in law found her on Thursday, two days after she had gone missing.  They had gone online to the Pike Pass website and found the Vinita exit charge, then cruised around till one of them spotted her car. 
 Representative Sullivan never went looking for her.
Obama Administration Exporting American Jobs 
DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar
This story has been in the woodworking journals for some time.   Gibson Guitar was raided in  2009 and despite their exotic woods coming from certified importers, millions of dollars worth of lumber  and finished guitars were confiscated.   Their competitors, Martin Guitar and Fender Guitar, use the same importer but they haven’t been raided, likely due to the owner of Martin Guitar being an Obama donor and both companies not having the  deep pockets that Gibson Guitar posesses.   Despite obtaining letters from the Madagascar government stating that  the wood in question was exported legally, the Obama administration contends that the wood was imported in violation of Madagascar law (not U.S. law!).
The wood the Government seized on August 24 is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier and is FSC Controlled, meaning that the wood complies with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an industry-recognized and independent, not-for-profit organization established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.   I’ve seen articles in the wood working journals about Gibson Guitar’s commitment to the Forest Stewardship Council program.
The Obama administration contends that only finished wood products are allowed to be exported from Madagascar and have told the Gibson Guitar company that all of this would go away if they moved production into the country that exported the exotic woods.  Gibson is one of those rare companies that has been able to keep ahead of foreign imports by focusing on top quality products, keeping hundreds of jobs right here in the U.S.
I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a crazy person or a crazy law.   Most alleged insanity usually looks reasonable once viewed from the correct angle.  If one believes the Cloward-Pivens strategy is behind the Obama administration wanting to close down an American factory and send the jobs to Madagascar, then this story begins to make perfect sense.
I am a former employer.   I’ve owned furniture factories and cabinet shops over the years, employing from a few to over 40 employees.   My current shop was built to employ ten employees but the most employees we could ever amass at once was eight.   The restriction was finding someone willing to actually show up for work, and then once there, be willing to put in a productive eight hour day putting out quality work.   Once people stuck around long enough to pick up the skills required to work efficiently, they could earn as much as $15.00 per hour.  Not enough, I know, but with the other cabinet shops employing illegal workers at $7.00 to $8.00 per hour, that was the best we could pay.   The wood working industry has always had wages up to 60% less than other manufacturing industries, the low barrier of entry for new shops  has always caused professional shops to compete with those working in their garages or working on site to build cabinets, with the low overhead giving the unprofessional shops a large advantage.
Low wages in itself isn’t 100% of the problem.   Once people figure out how to play the system, they don’t need to work for low wages if they use Section 8 housing, free medical care at the emergency room, food stamps, and the other welfare programs.  So companies like Gibson are hit with both low price foreign competition and finding workers with enough self esteem that they are willing to work rather than sit on the government dole.  And then the Obama administration wants to shut them down and ship the jobs overseas.
I started winding down the number of employees I worked years ago.  When the internet age came upon us it was obvious that if your quality was not the best, it mattered not what price range you were in, unhappy customers would post bad references about your company online for all to see.  I’ve seen comments where people talked about the price of a set of cabinets being the only standard toward choosing a company because they could always demand quality.  Well, cabinets are like any other product, you get what you pay for, all that type of customer can do is set themselves up for problems.   So I decided to avoid the low end of the market, focusing on the upper end where one could charge enough to do top notch work and avoid the bad reviews.  That meant that I could afford to hire only the best workers, because the old system of bringing in a new hand and absorbing the cost reworking his mistakes wasn’t possible anymore.
If a manufacture can manage to get past the foreign competition and the lack of work ethic in the majority of the workers in the lower pay scales, then government regulation is still there to cause problems.   It was bad enough back in the mid eighties when I had over 40 workers on my payroll, with untold dozens more producing materials, supplies, or components for my factory.  It is ten times worse these days as Gibson Guitar is finding out.
So like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged, I went on strike.   Now I work no employees, just do what I can do by myself and I’ve found I make more than I did with eight employees even carrying the enormous overhead of a 10,000 square foot shop.    This strategy is the only safe way to survive in business these days unless you have a very profitable business and can just burn money to solve problems.  One wonders how much of the current 9% unemployment and the enormous under employment is due to capitalist like myself just refusing to play the game.
Indiana Gun Sales Draw Scrutiny
A few months back the ATF got caught letting weapons get smuggled into Mexico.   Allegedly part of a sting operation to catch gun shops selling to buyers that weren’t legally able to purchase guns, they termed it “gun walking” and as it turned out besides Mexico and Honduras, the ATF might be doing this all over our country.   The article at this link  raises the question:  Is Obama arming the gangs and Muslims using the ATF?   The story below talks about an Indiana gun walking scheme sanctioned by the ATF.
BBQ Fund Raiser Set For Rep John Bennett September 15th
Don't forget about the John Bennett fund raiser at Sallisaw at the county fair barn at Redwood and Shirley on Thursday night, the 15th of Sept. @6:00 pm .   I'll be doing some grassroots training after the meal. The Bar B Q is free, but please contribute to the re-election campaign funds of Senator Mark Allen and Rep. John Bennett.  Door prizes, silent auction, and donation jars will be at the door.  There will be a live band, "War Pony", playing as well.
Also remember about the ArmesControl.Com trip on Saturday.  Meet at the Newcastle Gaming Center before 7:00 am or call me before 9:00 am if you are meeting us in Lawton.  Cell phone reception is spotty down South so call before we get into the area!
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