ASHGPS: May 17 2011
New ProMark 500 Firmware
Updated firmware for the ProMark 500 receiver is available on the Ashtech FTP site. The following link provides detailed information about the update:
[ Information ]
[ Folder Containing Update ]
MobileMapper Field for MM100/PM100 Updated
Version 1.23 of MobileMapper Field for the PM 100 is available.
[ Folder Containing Updates ]
GNSS Toolbox for MM100 / PM100 / PM200 Updated
GNSS Toolbox Version 1.23 is available.
[ Folder Containing Updates ]
Besure to turn off the GNSS Service layer (see [ Updating ] ) before updating the toolbox.
Other Updated Notes and FAQs
Joe Sass has written a short paper on GNSS accuracy [ GNSS Accuracy - Specification versus Reality ] 
There is a short note on doing mulitple installations of the ArcPad Post Processing DLL for MobileMapper 100's (and PM100 / PM200) [ here ].
There is a new ProFlex Lite reference manual [ here ].