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Dear Friend of PST,
Hamlet had it right when he said that nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so. It's not just about what happened -- it's how we feel about it, what we think about it -- that's where the story lies.
Urban Tellers, April 11, 2015
This month's Urban Tellers show is called A Shift in Perspective, and it's all about how the teller's point of view shifts over time to shape the narrative. What if you are 54 years old and you've never even been to Mile Zero? Why is a regimen of martinis and cheesecake the perfect diet? What does it mean to "live up to the light?" And what good could possibly come out of growing up in Roswell, New Mexico? Find out this Saturday, April 11th, at Portland Story Theater's Urban Tellers show. Ordinary people; extraordinary stories. Featuring:  Tina Tau, Dana Dennis, Joel Corcoran, Robyn Ridler Aoyagi, Julie Blankenship, and John Mink. 
Click here to buy ticketsSaturday, April 11   
$15 TIX until 5PM day of show  
7PM-8PM TIX are $18 at the door
Alberta Abbey 21+
May the narrative be with you®
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Audience photo by Talen N. Moe
Headshots and artwork by O'Dubhda