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This weekend, June 7-9, I will be in Lyndonville, Vermont for the annual convention of the American Society of Dowsers.  I'll be giving a workshop on using dowsing in paranormal investigation.  Dowsing rods and pendulums are some of the best and most reliable tools to use in paranormal work.  I'm looking forward to seeing some old and new friends there.  It's a great event!
Later on this month, June 21-22, I'll be in Decatur, Illinois for Troy Taylor's 17th Annual Haunted America Midwest Conference at the haunted Lincoln Theater.  I've been to almost every annual conference, and they are consistently among the top events in the field.  Troy has attracted a loyal audience that keeps growing every year.  This year I will be on the American Monsters Panel once again -- it was quite a hit last year -- and will give a full presentation on "Living on an Interdimensional Earth," which addresses our increasing contact with entities of all kinds who share the planet with us.  In addition, the ultimate tech expert, Craig Telesha and I (in photo right at a previous Troy Taylor conference) will be offering some interesting pieces of investigation equipment for sale at our vendor table.
I've just learned that I will be a speaker at this year's conference of the International Association for the Study of Near-Death Experiences, August 29-September 1 in Arlington, Virginia.  I will be speaking on contact with the dead in dreams, a topic I have studied for years.  Our dreams are one of the most significant ways that we have contact with the dead.  We receive important messages of comfort and even advice from them.  I have collected many compelling stories.  If you have had meaningful dreams of the dead and would like to share your story, please email me at reguiley@gmail.com.

One of the featured speakers at the IANDS conference will be PMH Atwater, a leading researcher in NDE studies.  I have known PMH for many years, and recently shared the program with her and others at the annual conference of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. held in May in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My presentation was on using high tech for audio and visual spirit communications.  The proceedings of that conference will be available soon on their website.
In my May newsletter, I featured accounts of apports – objects that suddenly and mysteriously disappear, and sometimes reappear.  I included a strange story from Jane Barnes, who told of finding her entire car relocated.  Adding to the mystery was her plunge into a weird atmosphere of eerie silence, fog, and absence of human presence.  It was as though she were in an alien landscape that looked like Earth but was not.
Did Jane and her car have a time/dimension slip?  There are many cases on record of people suddenly finding themselves in a reality that looks familiar but is markedly alien.  Sometimes there is a pronounced time shift as well, such as into the past. 
I believe these episodes are temporary openings between us and the parallel dimensions that surround the dimension we live in.  For a brief period, we see -- and seem to be in --  another dimension that is practically identical to the one we live in.  Often these limbo experiences are nearly void of people, animals and activity.  Such experiences may last from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Experiencers feel disoriented and even lost.
In response to Jane’s story comes this possible time/dimension slip experience described by John Weaver, who, with his wife Kelly L. Weaver, a medium, founded the Spirit Society of Pennsylvania.  The Weavers are experienced paranormal investigators and longtime friends of mine:
For a June race at Watkins Glen, New York during the early ‘90s, unable to get our usual room in Hammondsport, Kelly and I booked a room in Painted Post, a small town west of Corning. (She was never big on camping at the track, so we would typically stay in Hammondsport and I would drive to the circuit, about 15 miles away).  She immediately did not like the energy in the little motel (it had been rebuilt after some fire damage) but it is what happened our first night there that was really odd. 
After returning from the track, before heading out to dinner, we decided to take a stroll down through the town (the motel was on the main drag; other than a firehouse and the tiny motel, it was limited to private residences – a “bedroom” community).   This was early on a Friday night – perhaps 6-7 PM; nice clear weather in late June.  After walking for a bit, we both realized it was eerily silent and devoid of any signs of life – no other traffic on the street, no people or animal sounds, no radios or TVs to be heard, and not even the busy Southern Tier expressway perhaps one-quarter mile to the north.
We continued to the other end of the street – perhaps one-quarter mile – and then returned, again seeing or hearing NO signs of life during the walk.  It was a really creepy feeling!  We saw no one else around the hotel either, and upon return drove in toward Corning to have dinner. 
When we got back to the hotel it was getting dark and things seemed “normal” – other cars on the street, sounds, etc.  We checked out early Sunday AM to head to the track for the last races of the weekend, experiencing no further strangeness.  To this day, we both remember how bizarre our walk down Main Street was that Friday night, and the experience Jane Barnes shared in your May newsletter is eerily similar.
Questions to consider:  Why would a time/dimension slip to an alternate reality be devoid of activity?  Why would we not see a parallel dimension nearly identical to ours as full of life and bustle?  Perhaps we do not make a complete shift, but enter a transitional zone in which only part of the other dimension intrudes into ours, and overlays it.
Also is the May newsletter was Lon Strickler's article on a possible time traveling man, dressed in 19th-century clothing, who mysterious appeared in Baltimore, Maryland in 1992, and then mysteriously vanished.  He gave his name as Morris Winthrop and was described:

"Morris looked to be in his early 30s, though there was no hair or stubble on his face...just thin eyebrows. He had wispy blond hair and a very pale complexion. The eyes were very deep blue...almost violet in color."

John Weaver comments that, although his height is not mentioned, Morris Winthrop's appearance matches that of "Nordic" extraterrestrials.  "Might there be a correlation?" John suggests.

The Nordic aliens are said to look similar to humans.  They are tall, six to seven feet in height, and they are described as possessing superior intelligence and the ability to time travel.  Nordics have been reported by contactees since the 1950s, when they were sometimes referred to as the "space brothers."  They are said to be benevolent in nature, and are interested in observing and aiding human beings.  Many of them are said to be living on the planet.

Was Morris Winthrop a Nordic alien who was visiting us in different periods of time?  It's an intriguing possibility!
If we focus our attention on certain objects or intentions, do spirits take notice and create unexplained phenomena?  Cheryl Alsippi (left) and Darlene Koedel (below right), co-founders of the Alko Psi Paranormal Site Investigators, have had some odd experiences suggesting that spirits are looking over our shoulders and like to stir things up to get our attention.  Cheryl makes the following report:
Recently  I paid a visit to my stepfather’s house.  He just purchased a new fan and was intent on showing me how nice it was.  He showed me how he wedged it into the window and how light it was.  A little later in the day, I was looking at an ad for a local store.  I noticed a fan on sale -- a tall, tower-shaped fan -- and checked out the details.  A little while later, after walking in from outside, I noticed that Joe had turned the fan on in the game room/basement area to “air it out” a little.  It was running on Low speed.  
In the evening, he went away for a while and I hung out upstairs, watching TV, relaxing, etc.  When he came home about 9 P.M., he came through the basement and upstairs.  He asked me why I turned the fan up to a different speed...  I hadn’t.  He went back downstairs and confirmed that it was on Medium speed.  “Who” turned it up (it has one of those knobs that you have to turn physically, a round button with three speeds).  
Darlene and I have noticed so often that if you focus on an item, later something paranormal will happen with that item.  For instance, just about a week ago, she was thinking about a pair of earrings that she wears all the time.  She has had them for ages, even focused on the fact that the backs of them don’t match and she is getting tired of them...thinking she needs to get new ones.  So, she went out and bought new ones, stood at the kitchen sink and took the old ones out, placing them on the lid of a nearby pottery jar.  The jar is out of the way on the counter and she specifically thought she would place them there because they would not get bumped and that she would put them away later.  Well...later, they weren’t there.  No one else was in the house in the meantime.  She still can’t find them anywhere.   It seems that spirits tune in to what we focus on and possibly attempt to make their presence known by manipulating those things.  What do you think?  How many of you out there have had these types of experience? 

What's On Your Mind?

Q:  My sister and I had a debate about angels. I told my sister that my Guardian Angel’s name is “Angelica.” She said only males are angels. She used the fact that God made all archangels males. In 1995 I was involved in a very serious accident. I was pulling a small 16-ft. trailer, jackknifed, and it landed on top of me. I didn't even get a scratch. I asked a clairvoyant who saved me -- my deceased father?   She said my Guardian Angel saved me and that HER name was Angelica, not Agnes, as I had been calling her. So, are angels both male and female?  -- Victor
A: Angels can appear as either male or female.  They are genderless themselves, at least as we define gender.  They appear in the form, guise, gender, etc. that is appropriate to the individual they are helping or interacting with.  There are no rules.
As for the ancient angels: Many of the Biblical angels had no gender, or were described in male form, but never female form.  The people in those days would not have given any credence to a female angel -- it would have had no status or authority, like most females of the times.  All angels were assumed to be male, if they had a gender at all, because something as important as God's messenger would “have” to be male.
Painters and artists from the Renaissance on gave angels an androgynous, or sexually neutral, form.  Many artists used adolescent boys as models, because they embodied both feminine and masculine traits.  Only in recent modern times have we distinguished between male and female angels, and both personifications are correct. 
 So, Victor, your guardian angel may indeed be in a feminine form.  I recommend that if you wish to know more about her, let her speak to you in your heart, thoughts and dreams.

Q: Does the touch of a ghost have any detrimental or otherwise dangerous effects on the human body? I am reminded of the Tyrone ghost story, in which Lady Beresford encounters the ghost of her deceased foster brother. When she asks the spirit to prove that he is indeed a ghost, he lays a finger on her wrist, and I quote, “In an instant the sinews shrank up, every nerve withdrew.” What do you think? – Kyle Germann
A: Spirit touches vary in effects.  Many people go on ghost hunts and walks and feel invisible hands touch their hair, arm, clothing, and so on, and suffer no ill effects.  In other cases, there are negative after effects. In some cases, human hands go right through ghosts and discarnate entities, and later the people feel ill or exhausted. In many cases, people feel an immediate cold sensation.  Investigators of negative hauntings have reported wounding as a result of entity or ghost contact, such as bruises, and scratches and cuts that bleed a little.  One possibility is that a ghost or entity touch brings the body into contact with an unknown energy (perhaps electromagnetic in nature) that has a detrimental effect on the human form.
The Lady Beresford story is a famous ghost tale from Ireland involving historical people.  When the ghost of the foster brother, Lord Tyrone, appears, Lady Beresford asks to be touched as proof, but he warns her that the touch of a mortal by a spirit will cause irreparable damage.  She insists, and he touches her wrist, which goes immediately cold as marble, and, as the quote above tells, her sinews shrink and there is nerve damage.  Lord Tyone also warns her that no living person must see the wound, so she covers it with a black ribbon.

Q:  Do you think the Black Eyed Children could be offspring from humans and Djinn?  -- Nathan Bryson
A:  I consider them Djinn, but Djinn-human hybrids are not out of the question.  The Djinn are masterful shape-shifters, and they take many guises.  For more on the Black-Eyed Children, read my interview with David Weatherly, author of the definitive book on the subject, Black-Eyed Children, in my March newsletter.  David recently told me he is bringing out a new book soon on entity contact experiences, and I’ll have some information about it in the newsletter.
Adventures Unlimited Press, run by David Hatcher Childress, has picked up The Djinn Connection for its catalog for retailers.  The response has been great!
The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities has been moving briskly on Amazon in both Kindle and hard print formats.  Autographed copies are available at Visionary Living and Djinn Universe.

See a free preview of my episode Mistress of the Spirits on George's TV show on Gaiamtv.  We cover angels, fairies, spirit communication, what to expect in the afterlife, and the Ouija board -- all in one hour!
Shows of note that I have done recently...
Behind the Paranormal With Paul and Beno Eno:  I step in for Ben as guest co-host, and Paul and I field Open Lines Night on ghosts, tricksters, satanic cults, time slips and more.
Paranormal Insider Radio: A great interview with Chris Edwards on the Djinn.
Conscious Inquiry with Alexis Brooks: A far-ranging discussion on reincarnation and past lives.  Conscious Inquiry is now featured on Conscious Life News.
Are you curious about the messages in your dreams?  They are a powerful source of insight and guidance for everything in daily life, and in the fulfillment of your goals and life purpose.  My Pocket Dream Guide and Dictionary will tell you how to interpret your dreams and improve your dream recall.  A dictionary of the 1000+ most common symbols will spark ideas for unraveling even the most puzzling dream. Both beginners and advanced dreamworkers will find it useful and illuminating.
The Pocket Dream Guide and Dictionary is available in Kindle ebooks on Amazon, and in hard print at my Visionary Living website shop.  Cover by Raúl daSilva. 
Pat Bussard's new book Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre is now available on Amazon.  Pat, a journalist and paranormal investigator, features me in the book on the topic of the Djinn, and I wrote the foreword for it.  The book is a great introduction to all things strange in the paranormal.
June 7-9 -- American Society of Dowsers annual convention, Lyndonville, VT. 
Topic: "Dowsing in Paranormal Investigation and Research."
June 9 -- The Conspiracy Show radio show with Richard Syrett, 11:30 PM EDT.
June 12 -- The Richard Sutphen radio show, 1-2 PM EDT.
June 12  -- Our Haunted Lives radio show with Jenny Gurney, 11 PM EDT.
June 14 -- The Outlander radio show with Heidi Hollis.
June 16 -- Dead Air radio show with Frank Black and Hayley Comet, 8 PM EDT.
June 21-22 -- Troy Taylor's 17th Annual Haunted America Midwest Conference, Decatur, IL.  Topics: Crypto/Monster Panel and "Living on the Interdimensional Earth." 
June 22 -- Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio show with Scott Colborn, 11:10-20 AM EDT.
June 26 -- Voices Carry radio show with Lisa Phillips, 8-10 PM EDT.  Topic: The Djinn.

Here are my major event appearances in upcoming months.  New ones are added continually -- check the list often! In addition, I have other lectures and workshops, listed on my calendar page at visionaryliving.com.
JUNE 7-9
Details are still in the works, but I am looking forward to returning for another great event.  See me in the vendor room, too!
I love Troy Taylor's annual conference!  This year I reprise my role on a new Monsters Panel, and present on "Living on an Interdimensional Earth."
I will present on After-Death Communications in dreams.  The theme of this year's conference is "Loss, Grief and the Discovery of Hope."
My topic is negative hauntings and how to deal with them.

My tenth year at this fabulous event!  My topic will be "Strange Hauntings in West Virginia."
My first ULE last year was wonderful, and I am excited to return with a brand new lecture and an experiential workshop on extraordinary past and parallel lives.   Visit me in my vendor booth!
 My seance of black mirror scrying to contact the dead will return to Salem's Festival of the Dead at Omen.  Attendance is very limited and last year it sold out, so book early.
I return for a second appearance at this popular event, topic TBA.
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