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Hello and Welcome-
So it's September, the time of year when I start looking forward to cooler weather, football games and the International Quilt Market and Festival. And as a tuneup for both, we're currently (at this very moment) vending at AQS Quiltweek in Chattanooga, TN. So needless to say we're pretty tied up at the moment, so go ahead and get started on this month's issue of Kat Bytes without us and stay tuned for highlights from the AQS show in this month's blogposts! And hey... if you're in the neighborhood, stop in and say hello, we're in Booth#401!
So...shall we proceed?
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Enisa Durakovic of Slovenia. She is the winner of our August contest in a photo finish which wasn't decided until the last days of voting! Enisa wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our Handbag Gallery. Click here to see her beautiful Gadabout! And if you voted for Joy Hyke's Quattro (which was a close 2nd) you'll get another chance to support that entry in December when we host our 4th annual "Battle of the HOM 2nd's"!
So...are you ready to see this month's entries?
We've got TEN more beauties to share with you, so without further delay, check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite.
And don't forget!
(For BIGGER images: Click on each individual pic)
This Uptown Saddlebag was actually the very 1st bag that Bonnie Blake of Newbury, MA has ever made! She said she had loads of fun making it and is enjoying compliments galore now that she’s
carrying it! (And check out that COOL zipperpull)
This is the 2nd Quattro that Joyce Hykes (of Newark, OH) has made and she says she’s currently working on her third. This was a very creative choice of fabric, no?  :)  Almost like pink camo!
Here's a striking Quattro created by Marilyn Wale of Essex, Great Britain. She's been saving ithis fabric for something special! She made a good choice, no? Here's a peek at the interior & a closeup of the applique.
This Uptown Saddlebag belongs to Leena Tervonen of Lappenranta, Finland. She so enjoyed making this bag that she’s already made plans to make a few more! (They make great gifts!) Here's  
a peek at the main storage compartment and there's also storage within the Flap area!
And this Baggalista was submitted by Karen Arnold of Centerville, OH. I love this cool exterior fabric Karen chose! and here's a peek inside!
And here's the very 1st Wrapsody ever submitted to our contest! It was created by Betsy Bucsanyi of Friendswood, TX (hence the “B”).  
She will be giving this bag to her daughter and plans to make several more as holiday gifts. Here’s a peek INSIDE and of the matching CashKeeper  and checkbook cover Betsy made.
This Wrapsody was created by Jackie Abel of Watertown, SD. I am in LOVE with the exterior fabric Jackie chose which she said is a lightweight home decorating fabric. Check out the interior HERE!
This bold and bright Quattro will turn some heads in Salem, Oregon which is Doreen Matthew‘s hometown. She said that quilt shops were one of favorite places to stop when she & her husband were traveling the US in their RV and she got this fabric in
one of those shops… who knows which one! Great story & a beautiful bag Doreen!  :)
Christine West of South Jersey created this contemporary Guardian for her Mom. Here's a look at the fold-down area for loyalty cards!
And last but surely not least is this stunning Harmony Handbag! It was created by Lois Thompson of Kinburn, ON, Canada. She plans on making a purse insert next! Check out the back HERE.
OK, ready to vote now?
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Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
If you're new to our Blog, and you want to catch up or if you missed any of the posts from August, don't worry, they're all listed below.
Bobbin Around the Web- Quilted in Clay
  Jen & Bruce Patterson (aka Quilted in Clay) were our backdoor neighbors at AQS Charlotte & we not only enjoyed their company but found their polymer clay jewelry TOTALLY fasinating! Click here to shop the spectacular one-of-a-kind jewlery pieces Jenn creates! Here's the fun design I watched her make during the Charlotte show. The process is fascinating and you can watch an
interesting video detailing the process by clicking HERE. If you have a quilter on your gift list, this might be a fabulously unique option and guess what? They have Christmas ornaments too! And if you want to keep up with new products in Jenn's shop and where she'll be next, check out her FaceBook page!
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click image to see a larger view
'HOT'Links-of-the-Month'- GREAT offers from our sponsors
Pin Peddlers- the largest selection of quilt-related pins and charms in the world!
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Material Girl Quilts- we'll be using this BOLD African fabric in our new design for Spring!
All DunnDesigns.Com- now accepting entries in the Old Jeans Purse Challenge
Aunties Two Patterns- unique patterns for fun home decor and accessory items
Wildly Wonderful Wearables- I love this wall hanging pattern- "Cat-a-funics"
Website Spotlite- Ficklesticks Fabric Jewels
And here's another neighbor we got to know quite well at AQS Charlotte. Diana Taylor makes some of the most unique and completely darling fabric jewelry pieces I have ever seen. Click here to see some of the wonderful ways Diane has manipulated these bodacious wire-filled fabric sticks into gorgeous necklaces. And guess what? Diane has written a comprehensive downloadable guide so that you can be making your very own jewlery out of fabric scraps... and just in time to make a few for Christmas gifts... or for yourself, no? And to keep up with what Diane's doing & creating, why not follow her FaceBook page?
For Your Viewing Pleasure-
Someone got into the kitty treats while Daddy was gone. There's quite a few suspects, but only one of them looks guilty to me! Click here to see if YOU agree!  :)
How sweet is this video about a cat that adopted a baby squirrel into her litter, and get this... the little guy actually learned to purr like his "siblings"! Check it out HERE!
Beginner Projects- Here's NINE free ones!
Your you're a beginning sewist or if you know one, here's nine FREE beginner sewing patterns to try on for size!
Quote of the Month- 
Click the image (at left) to see a larger view of a cool quote by Billy Joel.
This huggable ladybug pillow is so cute, you won't want her to fly away. Rather than traditional round spots on her wings, Louise the Ladybug sports ten pretty appliquéd white hearts. And you'll love the little trick for making cord-filled tubes to create her sweet pom-tipped antennae.  :)    Click HERE to get started.
We're all getting older. You don't need me to tell you that, right? But thanks to this site, we can also get wiser. Just enter your birthdate to see all kinds of factoids including how many birthday candles have been on your cakes so far, approximately how many breaths you've taken in total, and some major news headlines and interesting facts from each phase of your life.
Sewing Headlines- A Stitched up Store
(London: July 30, 2014) Artist Lucy Sparrow is behind the quirky pop-up corner shop in Bethnal Green, east London, which stocks everything from sweets and beer to newspapers. But when you step inside the shop you'll realize where everything's a rip-off - because it's made entirely of FELT featuring everything from huggable ready meals and squeezable confectionery to stitched felt newspapers, ice lollies and oven chips. (Click HERE to read more)
Techie Tutorial of the Month- What does #TBT mean?
Question: Some of my Facebook friends are posting old photos with the letters "TBT" or "#TBT". What does it mean?
 Answer: This stands for Throwback Thursday — a weekly social media posting theme that invites users to post content, usually photos, from their past.
It's easy to participate in Throwback Thursday and the "blasts from the past" are a fun conversation starter. Just scan a photo from that dusty photo album on your shelf and post it including TBT in your text. 
New Word of the Month- Flexitarian
A term coined by the Food Channel referring to a meat-eating semi-vegetarian who determines his/her eating preference based on mood rather than ideology.
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
Click image to see a larger view
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Wednesday, September 10th.  It's the 253rd day of 2014 and there's 112 days remaining in this year.
And just in case you didn't know it, (and I didn't), today is an important day in the history of fashion design, as it was on this day in 1890 that Elsa Schiaparelli was born in Rome, Italy. Elsa was best known for creating striking, and often surrealistic designs and is credited for introducing the shoulder pad to women's fashion. A "bug-bejeweled" necklace and a hat that appeared to be a giant shoe were some of her avant-garde looks. Sounds like she was a very interesting character!
And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs! And if today is not  your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by shopping for some unique accessory items. (I dont know about you, but I'll be staying away from insect-laden jewelry and hats of any type!)  :)
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
It's a GREAT day to be sewing!
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