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Hello and Welcome-
In case you didn't notice, this newsletter is two days early. That's because the hubster and I are headed overseas on Dec 6th, & I wanted to allow enough time to get all my work & correspondence done before we leave. We've had this vacation planned for a LONG time, & those of you who follow my blog won't be surprised to know that we have thought seriously about cancelling it due to recent events, but after much consideration, we decided that disappearing half-way around the world might be just what we need! And what better place than on a Christmas Danube River Cruise? I've almost been afraid to let myself get excited about it, but then I got this email last night with a virtual tour of our boat, & now I can hardly sleep! I plan on uploading pictures & updates every night (internet connection permitting) to my blog, so join us if you like!
So whatcha say? Shall we proceed?
If you have comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear them just email us at:
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Feline Quote for September-
"Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it."  Rod McKuen
 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
I love seeing the beautiful handbags you all are creating, and I'll bet you do too! It seems everyone is enjoying our "Handbag of the Month" contest, so jump right in, check out these pics, all received in August, & then cast a vote for your favorite. The owner of the handbag receiving the most votes at the end of the month wins a $10.00 SKD gift certificate. Judy Dove of Great Britain was the lucky winner in our November 09 Handbag Contest. Click here to see her winning entry, a traffic-stopping Lollapalooza which has also won a permanent place of honor on our website! 
Remember, I would just love to open up my email & see a bag that YOU have created.      
To enter the"Handbag of the Month" contest, just attach your jpg or gif image to an email and send it to:
 You have a tough choice to make this month with TEN entries to choose from, and here they are....
Barb Flowers of Aurora, Colorado created this lovely Japanese-motif Gadabout for a recent trip to Japan. She says that all of the many pockets made keeping all of her travel items safe, sound and easy to find. (Here's a quick peek at the back of the bag.)
Teresa Craig of Wyoming submitted pictures of this Boho Baguette and also the next two. This fabulous entry is made from a "leather-look" vinyl.
This is the 2nd of Teresa's three Boho Baguettes. It's hard to decide which one is the prettier, isn't it?


This is Teresa's third Boho Baguette, a terririfc feline-inspired version that's sure to be a hit with all the cat-lovers out there!


And speaking of Boho Baguettes, this beauty was submitted by Barb Tessier of Alberta, Canada. Barb says the exterior is a light-weight denim and the lining is cotton.

Wanda Ellison has been enjoying out FREE patterns. She made this CashKeeper for a man on her shopping list!
Noreen Saukko of Tower, MN made all four of these PortaPockets Purse Inserts. She added a D-ring to one tab and a keyring to all of them for ease in finding keys.  

And hasn't Judy Danard of Killarney, MB, Canada been busy?! First she made this wonderful Encore Purse Insert,
And here's the stunning Lollapalooza that Judy pieced together to go with her Encore. Judy did such a good job, but maybe it's because she had some expert help! Click here to check out her sewing assistants!
This beautiful embroidered Boho Baguette was fashioned by Patty Benzing of Mayfield, KY. It features the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer designs from Katie-Do Embroidery. She had such a good time making it, that she went on to make a matching wallet and checkbook cover!  
OK, ready to vote now?
Just click on the link below to cast your vote.
Only one vote per day, per email address is allowed.
    and come back next month to see who the winner is! 
Bobbin Around the Web- So You Think You're Crafty?
10 weeks- 10 Crafters- 10 Challenges
Who's the Craftiest?- YOU decide!
So You Think You're Crafty is modeled after Project Runway and other such reality TV shows, only YOU get to decide who the winner is. Every week the crafters are challenged with a theme, around which they build/make/sew their entry. You can meet the crafters, then check out this week's challenge. You can vote every week for your favorite, then come back later for a free tutorial download of the winners item!
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress

Now you can enjoy an insider's scoop to "A Work In Progress", by signing up for our new blog! And don't worry, you can catch right up with everyone else by clicking on the individual posts from November 2009, listed to the below. 


Video of the Month- TWO Cat vs. Dog Videos
I've included TWO cute videos this month, since they are both of the same theme... cat vs. dog. Interestingly, (or not), the cat is the agressor in both and the dog is a good-natured golden retriever in both.
First up is Gabriel & Stanley, featuring a fiesty tuxedo cat, then check out the 2nd video with a orange tabby instigator.
Website Spotlite- Dinky Baby.Com
A Dinky Baby is a cloth doll pattern. Vicky Riley spent many long hours and late nights perfecting her first doll pattern & with the inspiration from my own children, her first Dinky Baby was born. Now you can make your own Dinky Baby with one of the many patterns she offers and create a memory. Or if you would prefer to just buy a pre-made doll, click here to go to Vicky's eBay store.
A Cool Place to Shop- Perpetual Kid.Com
Looking for some unique & interesting stocking stuffers, or a Secret Santa gift that's sure to keep people talking at the office? Then you need to check out PerpetualKid.Com. Where else can you find Bacon-flavored Lip Balm (did you know that bacon-flavored ANYTHING is HOT this year?)? Or who couldn't use one of these mini lights that snap on top of a nine-volt battery? And even though I'm kinda tired of the whole digital picture frame thing, what about this one, that's actually a refridgerator magnet?
Quote of the Month- 
"An idiot can face a crisis, it's day-to-day living that wears you out!"  Anton Chekov
Blog of the Month- AmyLouWho.Com
This month I'm recommending you check out this blog, aptly named "Random Thoughts From a Multi-Tasker". Amy's posts include recipes, sewing tips & projects and other fun stuff. I like this post that included pictures and instructions for making pin cushions out of cupcake forms. You also find some interesting FREE patterns in the sidebar!
Your Cat Might Own You IF-
you cooked him a special meal for Thanksgiving. (Alright now 'fess up- how many of you DID this?)
Surf HERE for Neat Info- Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant
Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant (YAPTA) is ready to help you find & track flight & hotel prices, & explore travel deals. The FREE service not only watches fare prices for you, but also continues to follow them after you buy a ticket. This means you'll always get the lowest fares possible, & may be able to claim a travel credit based on a little-known airline policy. Read more about this easy-to-use interface and start tracking prices!
New Word of the Month-  DIOS (dē'ōs) 
(n.) The one true operating system.
Love Handbags?- HelloMe on Etsy
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Etsy, it's a great place for independant artisans of all types to peddle their wares in a setting that is safe for both the crafter and the customer. HelloMe is one such shop specializing in handmade handbags and other accessory items, and this particular bag is one of my favorites. So if you (like me), haven't even started on your Christmas shopping yet, you can still give gifts with hand-crafted goodness, by just letting your fingers do the walking!
Sewing Tips- 
If you buy end of season fabrics when they are on sale, you will have them to start your next wardrobe for next season. You will be a “season ahead” so to speak.
Did You Know?-
In 1950, Diners Club and American Express launched their charge cards in the USA, the first "plastic money". In 1951, Diners Club issued the first credit card to 200 customers who could use it at 27 restaurants in New York. But it was only until the establishment of standards for the magnetic strip in 1970 that the credit card became part of the information age.
A Cool Internet Activity- Taste of Home
Here's a site that features the recipes you love- those handed down over generations and shared with family & friends. These are practical recipes because they come from regular cooks, not gourmet chefs. You'll find familiar ingredients, clear instructions & colorful photos. Search for recipes for the holidays, or by ingredients or by course. And don't forget to check out the videos on how to make a pie crust, poached eggs, quick & easy chili and MORE!
What kind of cat is the most expensive in the world? It's called a Savannah cat and you can find out all about them by clicking here!
Surf Here for FUN!- Let's go to the Movies!
I don't know about you, but I don't often see a movie that I think is worth full price. As a matter of fact, I can probably count the ones that were truly worth a full price ticket on one hand. But here's the deal, we went to see "Blindside" last on Thanksgiving day with the kids and it was simply terrific. It's a TRUE story and it's fun for the ENTIRE family! (How many times can you say THAT!?!) Just click here to see the official trailer for Blindside!
Question of the Month-
Can you get cavities in your dentures from using too much artificial sweetner?
Monthly Trivia-

Today is December 5th, the 339rd day of 2009. There are 26 days remaining. (OK- just work with me here if you would. We've already established that this newsletter is being mailed early because of our trip.)

After much research, I've decided that December 5th has always been pretty much a DULL day. But all dullness ends when it comes to the folks who have been born on this day. Can you even begin to imagine what life would be like without the imagination of Walt Disney?, (born on this day in 1901), or the flamboyance of Richard Penniman (otherwise known as Little Richard). Or what about Martin Van Buren, our eighth president? OK- you got me there, I've never thought Mr. Van Buren was very interesting either, but here's a little known fact... Did you know that President Van Buren was in fact the very first US President who was actually born in this country?, and that he was plagued by bank & business failures, depression and unemployment during his entire administration? Hmmm.... Well Good Golly Miss Molly, I better get my butt in gear and get packed up for this trip! Here's hoping you and yours have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

So until next year, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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