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AES issue - March 2019
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AES issue - March 2019
Welcome to the AES issue of <monitor input> 
In this issue:
Sound-Link will be at the AES Convention in Dublin
March 20th to 23rd / Exhibition 21st to 23rd
Microtech Gefell have asked Sound-Link's John Willett to "man the stand" at AES Dublin.
On the stand will be the new M 102 omni-directional microphone with 1" measurement capsule as well as a selection of Microtech Gefell microphones.
John Willett will be available to answer any questions.
Also AETA Audio will share the stand to show some of their excellent broadcast codecs.
If you do not already have your AES ticket, you can get a VIP ticket by using the VIP code: AESDublin19Gefell
This will get you:
Free Product Showcase badge (saving 40 Euros) for access to the Professional Sound Expo’s Recording and Production Theatre, exhibits and Special Events.
You can register HERE
Price Reductions
Due to the improving £/€ exchange rate we are reducing prices to match.
The new Microtech Gefell price list has been uploaded and can be seen HERE
The Price List page is HERE and new, updated, lists will be uploaded when available.  In the meantime, please feel free to call for the latest price.
AETA 4MinX "maxed out" kit

As we are concentrating on AETA's codec range we have for sale, at a very special price, our demonstration 4MinX kit.  the 4MinX is in pristine condition and comes with full guarantee.
The 4MinX is the 8-track version with the latest firmware update and comes complete with the timecode board and the Soundfield option.  It comes complete with the carrying bag, in/out adaptor cables, NP1 battery adaptor, two HawkWoods 7200mAh batteries with slow charger *and* twin fast charger; car adaptors for the 4MinX and the charger are included, as are also a qwertykeyboard, KORG nanoContro2 and more.
All in a custom flight case.
A complete list of what is included is HERE
This kit would normally sell for over £6,500 +VAT but is available for just £ 4,500 +VAT - a saving of over £ 2,000 !
4MinX information is on this page on the website
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