27 September, 2019
We are pleased to present the new brand seeSUSTAINtec, which unites our well-recognized events EE & RES, Smart Cities and Save the Planet (Waste Management). Over 15 years of focused work and expert background stand behind this change. 

Undoubtedly, everything around us is connected – climate change, pollution of the environment, the depletion of resources. As a result of this, the market in South-East Europe for eco technologies keeps expanding.

We know that the most important thing for our clients and partners is optimizing their time and the quality of the contacts they make. So, in order to be more constructive, we improved our services that would help businesses gain a better position in their respective market segment.

Our goal with seeSUSTAINtec is to make the event a place for popularizing a wider range of solutions, services and model examples, while also provoking a bigger interest in consumers and investors towards sustainable change.
Why seeSUSTAINtec?
The word “sustain” symbolizes the future, rotation, connection and predictability. “see” identifies South-East Europe as a market with the potential for sustainable development, and the best interaction between the participants of an event is achieved through the format “exhibition - conference”.

Early Bird Discount till the 1st of November
A shredder technology creates a new market segment – one-step processing
The Austrian shredder producer Lindner presented its solutions for the production of alternative fuels from the treatment of municipal waste, wood processing waste and others at the Sofia exhibition. The machines are ideal for the multi-stage processing of municipal, commercial and industrial waste into a high-calorific premium SRF product. More
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of CAIRO PRO 1.2 software, an easy, up-to-date tool for the selection of heat exchangers produced by SECESPOL.
New usability of Cairo PRO 1.2 allows to select brazed plate heat exchangers working as condensers or evaporators. Product database has been widened by R-line heat exchangers. More
Molinari complete line for the production of alternative fuels from the treatment of urban waste
The line consists of a primary shredder (Molinari mod. hTP2500) and a secondary shredder (Molinari mod. MT3000) very robust and reliable in line with the features of all its products (quality, functionality and low consumption). The Molinari sales office can be contacted at info@molinari-recycling.comMore 
INNOVAMBIENTE®, the solution that makes every aspect of the waste management cycle both controllable and efficient.
It favours an increase in differentiated waste collection and enables the implementation of a Pay As You Throw system. A modular solution to assist the Waste Collection Service Providers, the Municipalities and Citizens with the overall objective of “zero waste”. Currently implemented in 130 Municipalities throughout the Italian territory, 800.000 urban waste tax roll users and serving 1.7 million inhabitants. Visit ourwebsite for more information.
NO accidents - International Conference & Exhibition Area
14-15 November, Grand Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Forum will present maintenance of industrial facilities and buildings, solutions for accidents avoidance. The topic is very relevant and is of interest to representatives of different industries. More
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