Urban Dharma Update: I have added to new pages to Urban Dharma... One is a short overview on the history of Buddhist Robes and the other is a talk given at the last Los Angeles, Buddhist/Catholic Dialogue on 'Neuroscience and Spirituality'... The talk is in MP3 and free to download... find both links below.

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The Tradition of Buddha’s Robe / A Dharma talk given by Sr. Candana Karuna / At IBMC 9-24-06


During the past year, I’ve noticed a lot of people wondering about Buddhist robes: why are there so many different colors and styles, why are they worn, what do they mean, what’s the big deal? It can be confusing.

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What Can Cognitive Neuroscience Learn from Contemplative Spirituality? / Peter G. Grossenbacher, Ph.D. / 1hr 22min / 18.8 MB / .MP3


Subjective experience is orchestrated by vast networks of living brain cells. Empirical studies are now encountering depths and nuances of experience in religion and spirituality previously unknown to science. Meditation, the central contemplative practice of Buddhism, trains attentive skills which mediate profound observations of subtle human experience, and is receiving great scientific interest, fueled by recently developed functional brain imaging methods. The subtleties of spiritual experience are explored from a neuroscience view that delineates the pivotal roles of attention and intercellular communication within the nervous system.