The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Action blurry shot live from the hash !
Hash 1368
The Collingwood Arms

Hares Mary Poppins

A large gathering of hashers met outside the pub on yet another balmy Wednesday evening. The hare
having called everyone to order  with dire warnings of wonky markings and dislocated flour sent the
group scampering off in the direction of one of many well heeled districts of Jesmond.

The hash headed through the leafy streets and up to the  Robinson library causing havoc on the cycleways
and generally making a nuisance of themselves. After heading over the bridge, a number of hashers in touch
with their domesticated ruminant mammal side , found themselves stranded on a busy roundabout having
blindly followed Pop without paying attention to the normal traffic rules.
Fortunately Pop, gallant as ever, shepherded the confused hashers over the road and they headed into
Exhibition Park just as a glorious sunset happened somewhere to their left.

More confusion followed as the pack lost the trail briefly by Wylam brewery but regained it after some
prompting by the hare. The hash then reappeared alongside Great North Road pausing briefly to admire
a couple of beautiful memorials that had hitherto gone unnoticed.

Taking a sharp left the hash then headed to the beer stop where stalwarts Lubri and Cockatool bravely
choose pints over halves and received a special mention from the GM. Having supped the nectar of the
gods, the hash then trotted back to the pub for a large circle with a curry countdown. Songs were sung,
down down's given and hash gear handed out to some very happy recipients. See Pop, Watsarong, Mary
Poppins, Pimp and Grasshopper for this autumns latest must have hash fashions and accessories.
Thanks to the hash haberdasher

BM reminded us all to vote for the hash awards and a  reminder that the beer stop once again needs
volunteers on Sunday for the GNR. ON on all runners !
Thanks to hare for a lovely run and walk 

On On GH
Editorial apology, some of you may have noticed some formatting issues over Pop's recent reporting of the Sunday hash,
unfortunately enemy sabatours accessed my computing system and did strange things to the newsletter. Sorry Pop !
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