Tea Party Core Values and The Speaker Designate Election
Justice for Sale In Oklahoma County?
Republican Legislators Make It Difficult To Challenge Fraud
Links To Lobbyist Wheatley’s Marching Orders to Representative Sullivan
They Did What?  Representative Sullivan Bags a $200,000.00 + State Job
More Dirt On Representative Sullivan, The Gift That Keeps On Giving
John Doak, Brother, Where Art Thou?

The political class wins another round

Tulsa City Council District 3 Race Heating Up
Mitt Romney on Gun Control

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We are putting the newsletter our early this week after being told that poor Representative Charles Ortega was waiting up till 2:30 A.M. to read our newsletters
Dang Charles, what else are ya hiding?
Now you have us curious...
Tea Party Core Values and the Speaker Designate Election
On Monday morning the House votes to appoint the next Speaker of the House designate.  Several points need to be considered by the House members before they vote.
First, is Representative Dan Sullivan going to be allowed to vote?   If so, is it not a conflict of interest for him to help pick the next speaker when he will be lobbying for the GRDA in 2012?    Sullivan has accepted the GRDA  job, he has no right to vote.
Second, were you happy with the turmoil and political bloodshed that occurred in the 2011 legislative session?   Is supporting Representative Hickman in the Speaker election going to bring unity to the House or further divide it?   Representative Shannon is not the Tea Party’s preferred Speaker designate, that would be Representative Reynolds, but Shannon is an acceptable compromise.
Third, how far are you from Tea Party values?   As the State GOP Party Platform and protecting the average working man is the core of Tea Party values, have you been supporting the right side?
1. Illegal aliens are here illegally, they must go
2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable, ease regulation to encourage business
3. Stronger military is essential; protect our veterans and National Guard members
4. Special interests must be eliminated from the political process
5. Gun ownership is sacred, pass Open Carry to restore our 2nd Amendment rights
6. Downsize state government; fund only true state government needs not wants
7. National budget must be balanced, stop accepting Federal money
8. Deficit spending will end, stop accepting Federal money
9. Bail-out and stimulus plans are illegal, stop accepting Federal money
10. Reduce personal income taxes and freeze property taxes
11. Reduce business taxes to encourage new jobs, stop corporate welfare tax credits
12.Make political races open to citizens by limiting special interest campaign donations
13. Intrusive government must be stopped, stop biometrics and highway cameras
14. English as the core language is required, enforce this in the schools
15. Family values are encouraged; stop the transvestite birth certificate type bills
16.  Stop the killing of bills before they are heard, pass HR 1004 and HJR 1004
And remember, the Tea Party will hold you accountable for the leaders you support.   We will expose those who support bad leadership; there will be no hiding behind term limited or safe district leaders.  If you truly represent your constituents, you have nothing to fear from the Tea Party.
Toll free House Switchboard number is (800) 522-8502  
Justice for Sale in Oklahoma County?
Oh, how the good Lord clears a path for you, if you are going in the right direction….   Late Wednesday night I got a call from a source telling me that District Attorney David Prater would be speaking at the High Noon Club on Friday.   I have been a fan of those folks that show up every Friday at H & H Gun Range for lunch ever since they tore Kris Steele a new b**….. uh, a new Dan Sullivan over his part in the killing of Open Carry this last legislative session.   Rowdy bunch, I like that.
So I laid the tools down before lunch on Friday and attended my first High Noon Club meeting to listen to Prater speak about the Ersland shooting case.  He did a good job presenting his case, and I tend to agree that Ersland didn’t help himself with his behavior after the shooting.  That said, watching the videos of Ersland’s interrogation was the first time that I had listened to Ersland speak, and let’s face it, he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Kinda scary that he filled prescriptions for a living in my opinion.   Ersland came across as a little slow, couple that with less than a minute to make multiple life and death decisions, add the shock and terror of being interrupted at your job with two thugs wearing ski masks one of which is pointing an automatic at your head while jacking the slide, and I can see that the guy was likely overwhelmed to the point that he made a really, really, bad decision.    Not as bad as the thugs that decided to knock over his drug store though.
Some attendees were won over by Prater’s presentation.   In every group of activists there are those that I call “groupies”, seemingly rock solid, hard core, conservatives until someone sways them with pretty words.  Next thing you know they are groveling for attention around their rock star politician, reveling in the fact that “an important man” like that took the time to notice them.  But the majority of the crowd was solidly against Prater’s decision to charge Ersland.   Prater even got booed once when he decided to spar with Senator Ralph Shortey.
After the presentation was over,  I joined a small group of individuals asking Prater questions, leading to a five or ten minute exchange about the fundraising/victory party event that Lewis B. Moon allegedly paid for on November 20th of 2008.   Prater knew who I was when I introduced myself and was not happy with the newsletter article last week.    He was quite defensive at first, but warmed up a bit when I asked for his side of the story.   It was a sometimes heated exchange, and trying to remember exactly what was said while trying to get the facts uncovered is difficult to do.  So if I miss any points I am sure that Prater will let me know.
Prater denied that Lewis Moon paid for the event at the Northwest OKC restaurant.   He said to contact Josh Welsh and Ogle, and I am assuming David Ogle, one of his campaign contributors (and another attorney that he had allegedly drug his feet on  prosecuting), to find out the details of who paid for the fundraiser/victory party event in 2006.  I told Prater that we would question both attorneys and that if they came up with proof that someone other than Lewis Moon had paid that bill, then we would publish a correction in our next newsletter. 
Prater relaxed a bit with that, and we had a fairly civil talk about other aspects of the investigation.   His answer for why he didn’t recuse himself from the Lewis Moon case was that “If I ran from every case where someone was a former contributor then I’d get nothing done.”   I thought it was a fairly stinging indictment of the kind of people that donated to his campaign but let it pass and questioned him on the three year time frame from arrest to setting a trial for Moon.   Prater’s defense was that Anderson, Moon’s attorney, had strung him along by promising him that Moon was in some sort of treatment program for drunks and getting help.   Prater thought that they could push this case back to municipal court if Moon was getting help and avoid the felony charges.  Prater said that he treated the Moon case like every other case--tried to work things out.   I dunno, I have a pretty good idea what would happen if I were pulled over driving drunk, resisted arrest, spit on the cop, then made all the threats that Moon made, and it dang sure wouldn’t be three years before I faced a judge!
I brought up the other two cases that lead to the Sooner Tea Party investigation, the David Ogle case and the former CLEET program administrator that was arrested after a road rage incident in Edmond, and I asked Prater if he understood how it looked to those of us on the outside. 
The conversation was relaxed enough at that point that Prater agreed to sit down with me in a few days to discuss the allegations and give his side of the story.   The connection between Joe Reynolds, the attorney that procured the affidavit from the Northwest OKC restaurant owner, and Tammy Bass-LeSure was discussed as well as Anastasia Pittman’s connection with Tammy Bass-LeSure.  I am grateful that Prater took on Tammy Bass-LeSure and understand that he took a lot of heat doing the right thing to get a crooked judge off the bench, but then again, that is his job.
The conversation eventually returned to the November 20th 2006 fundraiser/victory party invoice and the affidavit that allegedly Lewis Moon paid over $12,700.00 to settle.  When asked why the event expenditure didn’t show up on his campaign report,  Prater said he didn’t believe that the event was a reportable event and that they had “gone the extra mile” by calling the Ethics Commission to find out if the event was exempted.   He stated that there were no tables set up, no donation jars, that it was just a victory party.   Was this true?   Did it make any difference in whether or not the event must be reported?  I didn’t think so but I knew who to call to find out.
Oklahoma has this wonderful state agency, the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, which is in charge of keeping political contributions and expenditures open and accountable.  Now I am not a big fan of most government agencies, most are rife with bureaucracy and difficult to deal with.   Not the Ethics Commission though!   Those ladies are so helpful and focused on their task; it is a delight to call down there to speak to one of the staffers.   The Executive Director of the agency, Marylyn Hughes, had walked us through the process in reporting the Tea Party PAC donations and expenditures, and had told us to call anytime if we had questions.   So this afternoon after talking with Prater, I took her up on her offer and called her office.
Ms. Hughes was out of town so another staffer listened to my questions then forwarded me on to one of their experts.   I explained the campaign donation situation, a victory party that may or may not have had fundraising going on, that the bill was paid by one or more individuals, that the expenditure did not appearing on any of the campaign reports  and the insistence of the candidate/politician that the event was exempt from reporting because the event was after the election.    I was given a short but thorough explanation of campaign finance reporting, the different kind of campaign donations, and was told that, no, the expenditure must be reported even if it was after a campaign had concluded.  Further questioning confirmed that political subdivision (county) was regulated by the Ethics Commission.   At the end of the conversation, the lady said that she had my phone number from the phone system but would I give my name so they could contact me if needed?   I said sure, “Al Gerhart with the Sooner Tea Party”.
When you hear them catch their breath, you know that they know of your group and its work and in this case, I’d bet money that she had been following our newsletter and knew of what I was describing or had heard of the controversy.   I reiterated that I would relay the info back to the candidate that I had been talking to and urge them to get in compliance with the campaign reporting law.    And really, isn’t that what we are doing here?   Trying to find out the truth of these allegations and get something done?
Prater doesn’t have any excuses to not know the Ethics Commission rules as he was his own campaign chairman and treasurer for his election campaign. 
So, I am going to contact Prater on Monday and ask for a meeting to get his side of the story.   He claimed to have prosecuted five or six of his campaign donors already since he was elected, even started naming some names.  Alas, there I was without paper or pen, so I asked if I could contact him later so we could get his side of the story and report back to our readers.
The two other cases that led to us getting involved in the Lewis Moon/David Prater controversy were a bribery case against Prater campaign contributor/attorney David Ogle and a road rage/brandishing a weapon charge against Larry Birney.
Birney was the executive director of the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) until he tendered his resignation at a CLEET Council meeting on Friday, April 29th  2011.  Although the CLEET Council gave no reason for the resignation, confidential sources are telling us that Birney was arrested in Oklahoma County on after a road rage incident where he allegedly brandished a firearm, made threats, and was allegedly arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
Prater has been accused by confidential sources of refusing to file the assault charges since March of this year.    When questioned about the issue on Friday, Prater remembered the incident but offered no solid information on whether charges were filed or not.   A quick search of the Oklahoma County Court dockets on didn’t return any charges filed on Birney.   Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland is supposed to have close ties to Birney, not an outlandish claim given Birney’s former job as the director of CLEET.
David Ogle was one of three attorneys charged with bribing a police officer on August 22nd of 2007.  The other two attorneys were Sam Kerr and Josh Welch-- the same Josh Welch that Prater asked us to call for information on who paid for his alleged fundraiser/victory party event.   The bribery case had languished for almost three years until Prater finally charged Ogle on July 30th of 2010, nearly hitting the statute of limitations on the bribery charge.  Kerr was charged with offering a bribe, Ogle with actually bribing the officer, and Welch is charged with obstructing an officer from his duties.
The entire mess started sometime in 2007 with a DUI client being represented by Ogle’s law firm.   The DUI case was settled but the client needed to reinstate his driver’s license with the Department of Public Safety.   The charges state that Welch contacted a retired Edmond police officer named Chris Caplinger and offered $500.00 to Edmond officer Danny Austill if he would not show up at the DPS hearing.  
What Welch didn’t know was that Officer Austill was an honest cop.   Austill had contacted his supervisor and the Edmond Police Department and OSBI conducted an undercover investigation.
After the DPS hearing, Austil was paid the $500.00 from Caplinger, and then Caplinger picked up a check for $750.00 from Ogle a few days later.   For their troubles, Caplinger and another officer, Andrew Adnrande, were arrested on felony charges.
And what happened to these officers?  
Here is the last relevant docket entry for Caplinger:
Nov 10 2009 4:17:34:370PM
$ 0.00
It looks to me like Caplinger got a three year deferred sentence.  Wow, mighty tough on those crooked cops.
And officer Andrade?    Got his charges dismissed by signing a cooperation agreement.
Jan 22 2009 11:50:39:220AM
$ 0.00
Document Available at Court Clerk's Office
David Ogle has a trial set for December 5th of 2011,  four years and four months after he bribed the Edmond police officer.  Confidential sources claim that Prater filed the bribery charges only after being threatened with a Bar Association complaint for not pursuing charges against Ogle, Kerr, and Welch.
A search on for Josh Welch turns up an obstructing an officer in the performance of his duties charge.  The last docket note shows that Welch has yet to answer for his crime four years and two months after Welch aided and abetted the bribery of a police officer:
Aug 30 2011 9:07:05:873AM
$ 0.00
The third attorney, Sam Kerr, the great grandson of former U.S. Senator/Oklahoma Governor Robert S. Kerr, is no longer practicing law.   A search of the court docket records turned up nothing other than some cases where Kerr was acting as an attorney and a traffic ticket.
And who were campaign contributors to District Attorney David Prater?
Detailed Transaction List for

Monetary Contributions
Transaction Date
Accepting Committee Name
Accepting Ethics Number
Aggregate Amount
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
District Attorney, District 7, 2006
117 Park Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73000
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
Detailed Transaction List for

Monetary Contributions
Transaction Date
Accepting Committee Name
Accepting Ethics Number
Aggregate Amount
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
David Prater for District Attorney, 2006
Okay, let’s review boys and girls.    Two crooked cops and three crooked lawyers.   One deferred sentence, one dismissed charges, one trial set four years and four months after the bribery occurred, one case yet to be set for trial four years and two months after the bribery case occurred, one campaign contributor that paid $3,500.00, another campaign contributor that paid $2,500.00, and another campaign contributor that paid $350.00 to Prater’s 2006 campaign.  
Anyone need a crystal ball to make a guess how all this is going to end?
Call the Oklahoma County D.A. office    (405) 713-1600
Republican Legislators Make It
More Difficult To Challenge Fraud
One of the things that we neglected to do a good job on in early 2011 was warning freshman legislators about House leadership and their propensity to cause freshman legislators to do things that they will regret.   One example last session is SB 331, a bill that raised the number of taxpayer signatures required to pursue a legal challenge to recover improperly spent public funds.    State law has been that 10 taxpayers can sign a qui-tam petition to take legal action to recover improperly spent tax dollars.   SB 331 increases the amount of taxpayer signatures tenfold to 100 signatures.  However, as usual, it gets much worse for Oklahoma taxpayers.
SB 331 also stripped existing statue language that punished attempted acts of fraud whether or not they succeeded and stripped the liability for the stolen funds from the officials to “any innocent person damaged”.   Basically this was a bounty paid to any taxpayer that found corruption and exposed it, awarding the state triple the amount of stolen funds, and fining the crooked government official the amount of the bounty. Once the funds were recovered the whistleblower taxpayer could receive half of the recovered funds as a reward.  What better way to root out corruption than by incentivizing taxpayers to be vigilant.
In this case, freshman House member David Brumbaugh was asked to co author the bill.  Brumbaugh was one of the Representatives that joined our side at the end of the election by signing the HR 1004 discharge petition so he now knows better than to blindly follow House leadership.   Sometimes before the session starts perhaps Brumbaugh should be asked to file another bill repealing SB 331.  That would go a long ways to clearing his voting record last session.
The House vote went along expected lines, conservative Republicans and Democrats voted against making it harder to stop corruption and the usual progressive Republicans voted for the bill.
SENATE BILL 331     Fraudulent claims; modifying number of persons         
    Jordan              required to institute certain action. Effective         
    THIRD READING       PASSED                                                 
         YEAS:   65                                                    RCS#  510
         NAYS:   34                                                    4/11/2011
         EXC :    2                                                      2:57 PM
         C/P :    0                                                            
    YEAS:   65
    Armes              Hickman            Nelson             Shannon           
    Banz               Holland            Nollan             Shoemake          
    Billy              Jackson            Osborn             Stiles            
    Blackwell          Johnson            Ownbey             Sullivan          
    Brumbaugh          Jordan             Peters             Thomsen           
    Casey              Joyner             Peterson           Tibbs             
    Condit             Kirby              Quinn              Trebilcock        
    Coody              Liebmann           Richardson         Vaughan           
    Cooksey            Lockhart           Roan               Virgin            
    Cox                Martin, Sc.        Roberts, D.        Walker            
    Dank               Martin, St.        Roberts, S.        Watson            
    Denney             McAffrey           Rousselot          Williams          
    Derby              McCullough         Russ               Wright            
    DeWitt             McDaniel, J.       Sanders            Mr.Speaker        
    Faught             McDaniel, R.       Schwartz          
    Glenn              McNiel             Scott             
    Hall               Mulready           Sears             
    NAYS:   34
    Bennett            Hamilton           Moore              Renegar           
    Brown              Hardin             Morgan             Reynolds          
    Cannaday           Hilliard           Morrissette        Ritze             
    Christian          Hoskin             Murphey            Shelton           
    Cockroft           Inman              Newell             Shumate           
    Dorman             Kern               Ortega             Terrill           
    Farley             Key                Pittman            Wesselhoft        
    Fourkiller         Kouplen            Proctor           
    Grau               McPeak             Pruett            
    EXCUSED:    2
    Enns               Sherrer           
The bill passed the Senate 43-0 and the House voted 65-34 for passage:
Senate yes votes:
Aldridge Burrage Ivester Rice
Allen Coates Johnson, C. Russell
Anderson Crain Johnson, R. Schulz
Ballenger David Jolley Shortey
Barrington Eason Mc Justice Sparks
Bass Ellis Laster Stanislawski
Bingman Fields Lerblance Sykes
Branan Ford Marlatt Treat
Brecheen Garrison Myers Wilson
Brinkley Halligan Nichols Wyrick
Brown Holt Paddack
Senate excused:Adelson Newberry Simpson Mazzei Reynolds
There is a lawsuit filed by Oklahoma City Attorney Jerry Fent challenging the changes in the law.  The hearing is set for November 1st and if the new law is not struck down, it goes into effect on November 9th.
Links To Lobbyist Wheatley’s Marching Orders
 to Representative Sullivan
Ha!   Did it again, messed with the links to give a few politicians ulcers from worrying about what was in the emails between Representative Sullivan, Richard Wheatley, and TMUA.  
They Did What?  Representative Sullivan Bags a
$200,000.00+ State Job 
Well, what a surprise, another political hack gets to head another state agency despite having no experience.  This isn’t a loss for the Tea Party, quite the opposite.  While it is a disaster for GRDA customers, getting Representative Sullivan out of the House of Representatives is a major plus for the Tea Party.  One less RINO blocking reform!   Inside sources told us early on that House leadership wanted Representative Sullivan gone after all the negative publicity came out about his personal life.  Representative Sullivan himself had been making waves after being passed over several times for a shot at Speaker of the House.
It was interesting to see that the GRDA board actually hired two people that day, the former Representative Sullivan and one of the other candidates,  Maine Public Service Vice President Tim Brown, who was hired by the GRDA for the newly created position of chief technical officer.   The guy that had been temporarily heading the agency was kept on as well.   Looks like the GRDA board wasn’t confident that Sullivan could do the job he was hired to do!   They call this featherbedding when labor unions pack the payroll to employ more men doing the work of one man.
 Other finalists for the job included Robert Eckenrode, former CEO of Northeastern Oklahoma Rural Electric Cooperative; Howard Ground, manager of governmental and public affairs for AEP-PSO; Tim Peters, a Houston-based energy consultant; and Steve Walsh, former Middle East vice president for international energy company AES.   The decision to hire Sullivan came after a two hour battle, splitting the vote 4-3 to offer the job of chief executive officer and director of investments to Sullivan.
GRDA Board members Brent LaGere, Greg Grodhaus, David Chernicky and Dewey Bartlett voted in favor of the motion. Chairman Steve Spears and directors Chris Meyers and Betty Kerns opposed it.  Those board members that voted for Sullivan thought his leadership ability and political connections made him the best fit for the state-owned utility.   That comment foretells of things to come, the GRDA is going to go after water rights and lobby to restrict rural land use on any land that drains into any lake, stream, river, or creek that drains into the Arkansas River, meaning pretty much all the land in Eastern Oklahoma.
Betty Kerns, one of the three directors voting against hiring Sullivan said:
"Sullivan is a politician with no experience in the electric utility industry," Kerns said. "GRDA needs someone with energy, environmental and financial experience. Sullivan has none of these qualifications."
Kerns was shocked that the board would hire another legislator after the criticism it took over the hiring of former State Senator Kevin Easley in 2004.
The connection between Sullivan and LaGere is troubling.   Lagere’s firm, the National American Insurance company had paid Sullivan $12,000.00 in campaign donations  then asked him to put CompSource up for sale this year but the legislature shot the attempt down.
The GRDA is a state agency that manages Grand Lake, Lake Hudson, and Holway Reservoir and operates Kerr Lock and Dam in Eastern Oklahoma.  It generates electricity to sell to towns, rural electrical cooperatives, and large industrial customers in a four state area.   The GRDA took in almost 400 million dollars  last year.   Is it a good idea to put a broke political hack that can’t keep his own finances in order into the driver’s seat of a .4 billion dollar operation?into the driver’s seat of a   .4 billion dollar operation?
Here are some of the more pithy comments from one of the news stories about the Sullivan hiring:
“Good to know that graft still pays. Dear God, sometimes it is such an embarrassment to be from this state. We are the laughingstock of the nation with good cause. Good ol' boy politics doesn't have a foothold here, it has a stranglehold. WHY do we let this crap go on??!!”
“The truth of matter the Rhino and Tpartiers wanted Sullivan out of the House.”
“Sullivan did his bidding to take care of Physician Liability Insurance Company (PLICO) by saving their AS---in 2005 and through God-forbid Tort Re-Form. Can blame Sullivan total he was just a gigolo for hire and his buddies and enemies took care him. End of Story”
“I find it unsettling and disturbing that the GRDA is more concerned with hiring a 'lobbist', aka: ex-politician with connections, than with hiring someone who knows what the heck about the energy business. GRDA's customers should complain vehemently. Water is life. This precious resource should be protected in every way possible which includes having the best and most qualified people running its operation. GRDA seems to be looking for loopholes and handouts instead of maintaining and improving the water supply for their customers.”
“Good old boy network at its best. I’m sure that rep Sullivan is from a good family and raised properly. he sold his soul to the devil for the benefit of the medical community, and has done everything possible to take away the rights of the injured and poor under the guise of tort reform and runaway lawsuits while continuing to line his pocket with doctors money. he should be ashamed of himself. pity those who want to be treated fairly by GRDA.”
We are going to start researching the four GRDA board members that voted for Sullivan in the coming weeks.  We are well aware of corruption tied to Dewey Bartlett and LaGere’s actions to line the pockets of his company with tax dollars through the sale of Compsource.    Usually political crooks are greedy so there is no doubt a treasure trove of info out there that our readers will furnish once they know that we are looking into the issue.    And I can’t thank our readers enough for the intelligence they provide.  Just understand that some days there is a torrent of information so it is difficult to sort through it all.   So don’t get discouraged if your bit of the puzzle doesn’t get used right away.  It might be being saved for a future newsletter or might be going through the process of documentation.
Contact the GRDA   918-256-5545
Comment on their Facebook page

The political class wins another round

Ted H. Smith, a political contributor for the blog posted an excellent article outlining some of the most recent soft landings of defeated politicians.    Smith covers the Representative Dan Sullivan/GRDA hiring controversy and shows us that this is just one in a long line of political hacks dipping their snout into the public trough.   Smith makes an excellent suggestion, passing a law that outlaws former legislators or agency heads from taking another job with the state until four years has passed.
John Doak, Brother, Where Art Thou?
A confidential source gave us Oklahoma Insurance Department‘s rational for not busting Representative Dan Sullivan on the insurance fraud charges.   While unable to talk specifically about the Sullivan fraud case, our source was able to discuss how existing law would treat a similar case.  Okay…
  Their first point was that the section 12 law that provided for misdemeanor criminal charges for lying on an insurance application was found in a section that dealt with fair trade practices.   Their interpretation was that the interpretation was aimed toward insurance industry professionals.    But were that the case, wouldn’t it say exactly that?  Why use the phrase “or other person” after plainly setting out agents and examining physicians?   And if the law was aimed at those that made their coin in the insurance industry, why add the phrase “to obtain a fee, commission, money, or benefit”?  It would be redundant if the purpose of the law was restricted to industry professionals unless there is such a thing as pro bono insurance.
Their second point was the statute of limitations had run out on the offense.   If that is indeed the case, §36-361 paragraph D allows the OID anti fraud unit to release their finding that the statute of limitations has ran out to the Tulsa District Attorney office who is under no compulsion not to release the finding.   The Tea Party would be content with knowing the official reason that Representative Sullivan wasn’t held responsible for his crimes, that an investigation was held, but too much time had passed to allow his prosecution.   However, the Oklahoma fraud statute allows two years after the discovery of the fraud for prosecution and as the Guardian disability policy continues  the lie is material to the acceptance of the risk (the insurance company taking on the policy) and because the lie resulted in lower premiums which continue to this day.   
Call John Doak at (800) 522-0071 or (405) 521-6614 
Fill out your own fraud report on Representative Dan Sullivan or any other individual or contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department on 
Tulsa City Council District 3 Race Heating Up
Everyone should remember Dave Bell, the former Highway Patrol trooper that is running for Tulsa City Council, District Three.    Dave has been a staunch supporter of Tea Party values and a hard core supporter in the fight to rid Oklahoma of illegal aliens.   His opponent in the race is three term incumbent David Patrick.   
 Below is a list of reasons why Patrick should be defeated on November 8th.   Remember that the turnout for these small elections is usually light so your vote will be extremely important.  After three Terms with Patrick as Councilman, District 3 in Tulsa is best described as blighted.  I drove through the area a few months back and it was filled with boarded up store fronts, packed with obvious illegals, and generally run down.   
 That didn’t stop Councilman Patrick for voting for the 10 N Yale Kaiser homeless shelters against the protest of district 3 citizens, bringing in more derelicts while serving as a dumping ground for other parts of Tulsa.
Councilman Patrick voted to allow Mayor Taylor to fraudulently give 7.1 million in cash plus the  5 million naming rights for the BOK Center to cover the bankrupt Great Plains Airline.   Councilman Patrick is a fan of the government choosing winners and losers in business deals rather than the free market deciding which business is a sound financial investment.
 Councilman Patrick voted for the New City Hall for which the 76 million dollar balloon note is coming due soon.  Tulsa recently laid off dozens of police officers and does not have the money to pay off the balloon note.  
Councilman Patrick accepted a $10,000 free illegal plane ride from Mayor Cathy Taylor, so he could make it back from Colorado in time to vote on the ballpark.  
Councilman Patrick has voted 100%  in the footsteps of Mayor Cathy Taylor and has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the BOK people, billionaire Kaiser’s people,  Mayor Cathy Taylor’s backers, Metro Chamber of Commerce, street contractors that hire Illegal’s, so his vote is sold before the election is finished.
Councilman Patrick owns multiple rent houses rented out to known illegal aliens.   One wonders if he purchased those rent homes cheap due to the neighborhoods deteriorating due to bad streets, no building code enforcement, leading to thousands of boarded up homes in his district.   Is Councilman Patrick creating his own opportunities at the expense of other Tulsans?
Councilman Patrick believes Tulsa needs to pass new bonds  to build more streets to get Tulsa moving,  no doubt creating more jobs for the contractors that hire illegal aliens.
Given that Tulsa has one of the highest tax rates of any city in Oklahoma, voters should do their homework before voting on November 8th.   If we are to take back our country, it must begin in the trenches, local races where we stand a chance of winning.   Like a restaurant getting ready for a health inspection, you start where the dirt is, in the kitchen and stock rooms, before you worry about the office.   If you are seen as being serious about the task, the managers, bartenders and waitresses will have their area clean before you get to their area.  You can bet that as we clean up Oklahoma government from the bottom up, those at the top will be paying rapt attention and moving to protect their job and the power that comes along with the position.
Mitt Romney on Gun Control
I understand that Romney is coming into OKC on Friday.   This group has a flyer out on Romney’s gun control stances over the years and I am not sure if Oklahoma will support someone that caused semi automatic guns to be banned in Massachusetts.   I personally don’t own an assault rifle but I had owned one before I moved to Oklahoma City.   To me it was a tool that I kept in the ranch truck for the occasional coyote or pack of feral dogs that were bothering the cattle.
And in 1776 the rifled musket was the assault rifle of its day.   Useful for hunting four legged or two legged beast, no different than the rifles of today.  An armed population is a free population.
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