Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 7 (1st May 2012)

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Hello and welcome to our seventh newsletter.  We have lots of news to give you about upcoming fundraising events, including a brand new one (a bridge afternoon), details about an event that we have mentioned on our website, but not yet mentioned in our newsletters (an Argentinean Asado) and the sale list for the Auction of Promises at Coldharbour Fete. 

However, first we would like to provide an update on our funding position and make an appeal for donations.

Current funds pledged are an incredible £23,000!  This is great news and means we are almost half way towards our £50,000 target.

Furthermore, this week, we passed the £15,000 mark for individual donations to LHAG.  This is an amazing achievement and we have to say a huge thank you to those of you who have contributed so far. 

Many more of you have said that you intend to make a donation, but just haven’t got round to it yet.  We would therefore like to appeal to everybody being reached by this newsletter to now make that donation.

Our big issue is financial planning.  The budget for this Public Inquiry is very tight.   If we have the money, we can do things with it:  there are extra avenues we can explore, further experts we can consult.  On the other hand, not knowing that we have the funds committed limits our approach.  These decisions have to be made now, not at the date of the Inquiry when it will be too late.

I know that some people will be adopting a “wait and see” policy towards their donation.  Folks, we need to know now that we have that money to decide on our whole strategy.  So please use one of the methods below and make a donation.

Donating by Direct Transfer

You can make a direct transfer to the LHAG account (name “Leith Hill Action Group”) using sort code 09-01-27 and account 3767 8874.  

Donating by Cheque

Make cheques payable to “Leith Hill Action Group” and send to:

Patrick Nolan, Head of LHAG Fundraising, Oak Lodge, Anstie Lane, Surrey, RH5 6HA. 

Donating by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal

You can donate by the card of your choice or even directly from your PayPal account by clicking the button below.  (Some email packages may not allow you to see/use this button without further intervention.  If this is the case, please visit the home page of our website where you will also be able to donate using this facility.)


However you donate, please do provide us with your name, address and email in case we have the chance to return surplus funds (contact details are above).

Fundraising Events

Why not put on your own fundraising event?  We’d be delighted to publicise it in this newsletter.  A number of LHAG fundraisers have been conceived and organised entirely by readers and we are so grateful to each and every one you that has done this.  It’s a great way to raise money, spread awareness and have fun all at the same time… so why wait – get involved today!

Argentinean Asado

On Sunday 13th May, starting at 1pm, LHAG are putting on a great show at Crockers Farm, Coldharbour. Please purchase your tickets in advance to guarantee admission.  Costs are: adults: £12.50; children under 8: £5.

Go to this page on our website to purchase your tickets or send a cheque payable to “Leith Hill Action Group” to: Charlotte Nolan, Oak Lodge, Anstie Lane, Coldharbour, RH5 6HA.  If sending a cheque, please write “Asado” and the names in your party on the back. You will be sent a receipt / ticket and your names will be on the door.  Tickets are selling out fast (we have almost 70 people signed up so far) and numbers are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Bridge tea

We have a new event to announce!  Some of our wonderful supporters are putting on a bridge tournament on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th June, incorporating sandwiches, home-made cake, prizes and a raffle.

So if you know your Acol from your five-card major and your Stayman from your Blackwood, why not put together a table of four and have a great time?

For further details (over and above those set out in the flyer accessed via the above link), please contact Mary Adair on 01306 711 768 or email mary.adair@which.net

Auction of promises

The initial sale list for the auction of promises for Coldharbour fête is now available.  We’re still looking for more promises to auction, so if you have something you can give then please let Penny Derbyshire know.  Otherwise, get bidding!


If you’re one of the many keen cyclists that currently enjoy the Leith Hill area, we’d love you to take part in the Moonriders London-Brighton night-time cycle ride for LHAG. 

We have arranged a special rate with Moonriders whereby you pay no fees (saving you up to £71 in total).  Please see our Moonriders webpage for further details and, if you fancy the challenge, knowing that you’ll be helping to preserve this beautiful area of countryside that we all so enjoy, sign up and we’ll be in touch with your fundraising pack.

Show at Dorking Halls

!For Goodness Sake! promises to be a memorable one-off evening of entertainment with music, excerpts from plays, famous monologues, poetry and hilarious moments. 

The show opens to the beautiful music of Vaughan Williams played by really talented musicians from The Yehudi Menuhin SchoolVirginia McKenna – one of our greatest theatrical stars – will be joined by Lindy Alexander (who devised and wrote the show) as well as Holmbury St Mary Choir (the winners of the Leith Hill Music Festival), Rosebery Singers, and a brilliant jazz group. 

Brian Blessed had to pull out (due to filming in Morocco!) so many stars of equal celebrity and charisma are checking their diaries, wanting to take part to help preserve Leith Hill.  Even Equity, the actors’ union, is keen to help out, so the final line-up may not be known until just before the show.  

Intending to buy tickets?  Now might be a good time – they can be bought from Dorking Halls box office, 01306 881717.   It starts at 7.30pm on Friday 15th June; plenty of parking and you will be away by 10pm.   Enjoy a magical 2½ hours and you will also have raised funds to preserve a wonderful environment.  The show has kindly been sponsored, so apart from a small booking fee, all proceeds from the ticket sales go to LHAG.

Why Vaughan Williams?  He spent his youth growing up on Leith Hill and it strongly influenced his music. 

Why “For Goodness Sake!”?  Why would anyone want to risk damaging an ancient sunken lane or erect an oil rig in an Area of Outstanding Beauty?  For Goodness Sake!

10km run

Sign up for the LHAG 10km run on Sunday 1st July (and guarantee yourself the advance price of £12, rather than the turn-up price of £15) by visiting our LHAG 10km webpage.

Please get involved in whichever way you can and together we’ll succeed.

With sincere thanks for your continued support.

Patrick Nolan

Fundraising Committee, The Leith Hill Action Group

To feed back, ask questions or offer help, contact Patrick Nolan at pnoley@gmail.com

Follow our Twitter feed: @Leith_Hill_AG

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