Dear friends and neighbors at Harborside, 1450 Garden, 1450 Washington and 1400 Hudson –
I wanted to remind you about the 15th Street Safety community meeting this coming Tuesday with representatives from Hoboken Police for us to discuss your safety concerns and their enforcement initiatives:
When:  12 noon, Tuesday, August 20th  
Where:  Meet on the sidewalk near ChocoPain
Who:  Lt. John Petrosino, head of Traffic Enforcement for Hoboken PD and Sgt. Francisco Rosa
I know that this meeting is not convenient for everyone.  But I have 100% confidence that those who will come will be representing the experiences of those who cannot make it and we will all report back to everyone what transpires.  I have spoken with Hoboken PD a number of times about enforcement on 15th Street but I really do think it helps when they hear real live experiences directly from our neighbors.  The message I would like to see delivered from a group of us is that although all intersections in Hoboken probably require added enforcement, 15th street demands extra eyes because it has the combination of now being a main thoroughfare in and out of Hoboken AND it runs through the middle of the most densely populated area in Hoboken.  
While I have you, a few quick updates on safety installations along 15th St: 
  • 15th & Hudson - Once the construction finishes, the intersection will have a refreshed three way stop.  I met with the city engineer recently to emphasize the need to expand the bumpout on the north east corner to both help slow traffic and make the stop sign more prominent.
  • 15th & Garden - In the coming weeks - I am told prior to the new school year starting in September - we will see new flashing pedestrian lights at 15th and Garden.  
  • 15th & Washington - I met recently with the city engineer and asked her to revisit a traffic light (years ago before any of the buildings on the south side of 15th were built, Mayor Zimmer indicated there was meant to be one here) as well as other potential traffic calming improvements to the intersection
If you cannot make the meeting but want me to raise something specific, please just email me and let me know.  I will definitely send a follow up to all of you after the meeting.  
Because I have mostly only heard back from my HTB neighbors (not on this email) I am not sure if you saw this in my last newsletter or if it was disseminated within your communities, so please tell your neighbors who you think might be interested about the meetingMore voices are always better. 
This issue of safety on 15th street has always been one of the biggest issues I hear about from our neighbors.   As we know, in this day and age of distractions and everyone being in a hurry, signs seem to only go so far.  So enforcement is even more critical.  I hope to see you on Tuesday! 
Please don’t hesitate to email me at or call at 201/208-1674 to discuss this or anything else important to you.