Issue 12                                                    DECEMBER 2018
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Rex and D-day interviewed Manzanita goddamned years ago now, and we still haven't figured out an angle to use for an episode. So here, have a great interview of your podcast friends being charming.
Hotwire's Hullabaloo:

Miss Minty - Jonesy - Alan John - Niki 
IllVille Gate going up 2018 
Sometimes writing comes naturally and easily for me. Other times not so much. There is always something swirling around in my head ready to burst forth, and when I’m on the sauce with my friends there usually is no filter or barrier to those words becoming sounds via my putrid mouth. They aren’t all zingers, but it gives me a chance to rehearse and sculpt the filth for future unsuspecting victims. When it lands it is awesome. Only my eye-rolling girlfriend is unimpressed as she has heard me drag the gag through the mud for weeks. When it lands she plays along though, bless her. 

Not so much with this written edition though I’m afraid. After losing two members of our community--in as many weeks--I find I am at a loss with what to write here. Perhaps I can hear my mother’s words nipping at my emotions: “Once it is written down it is there forever. Be careful what you write down”. I have tried to write this edition many times over but alas cannot find the right words. Probably grief and loss transitioning to stoic determination to carry on, albeit with another scar, are messing with my ability to lock something in and just call it done. 

I will say this, however. Keep going. Stick around. As hard as we are all doing it let me assure you it will be harder for those you leave behind if you decide to check out. I haven’t felt such grief and loss in a long time. Not even for the passing of actual family members, dang it. Perhaps it’s because I choose and gravitate to this burner family. Who knows. 

“Be the hero in your own movie”. Eh. What if my heroes were junkies and never-do-wells? (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Carrol/Andy Irons, Pantera et al) Sure they made great art which inspires me to release joy and energy into things (and died for it too perhaps,) but their demons were part of that art too, so that theory needs a little adjusting. 

Or maybe just get new heroes. Like the people in our community. Doing art. Trudging on with life in between. Yeah. They are heaps better and I can actually call them at any time when I’m feeling shite ... or up for some fuckery. 

Fight those demons or at the least call your friends and ask them to help you evade them just a little longer. Keep an eye out for those in need and lend a hand when you can.

Miss Minty - Jonesy - Alan John - Niki 

Rest in Peace Niki and Jonesy. You are loved and missed. We’ll make you proud before we join you. 

A while back a splendid human wrote something really profound and I thought I would share it. So here it is in all it’s glory. 

“I have several things to reflect on Post- Seed and will get them out over a couple posts. Last year I talked about, among other things, how the 10 principles can go get fucked and that your sole responsibility as a participant of a Burn is to blow someone’s mind - to send them back out into the world with a new idea, some inspiration, the willingness to try something new and leave them wondering what really is possible. This can be done in any way in which you choose; I choose to build and design things, you may choose something completely different. In my first few years of Seed I chose to put my body, mind and time on the line and make sure there was a Site and Space for participants to come in to. 

This year, during a conversation with a friend who was getting back into 3D modeling after a long time, they commented on how they were having to learn everything again but it was coming back slowly and I told them to keep “design(ing) beyond your skill” - To keep pushing yourself because that’s how you learn. It’s been coming up a lot in my post Seed reflections: design beyond your skill.  

Shaan R. Ali Photography

Do everything beyond your skill. You will learn more about what you were capable of after a spectacular fail, and as a result be better equipped for another try, then what you would if you operate within the bounds of what you already know you can achieve. 

Think Big. I don’t necessarily mean in size, but in ambition. Don’t limit the scope of your idea – that’s what budgets are for. 

Do Difficult. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you it’s going to be hard. Yeah, it’s going to be hard. You’re not there to make easy... you’re there to make art. 

Go out on a limb. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that it can’t be done, or anyone that says you’re crazy. They’re probably right on the latter but you’ll never know about the former until you’ve tried. 

Push your boundaries - physically and mentally. Wake up tired, have a cup of tea (or 6) and go back to work. Brush your teeth on the boom. Hobble around because that old skydiving injury is playing up. Take 4 Nurofen each morning because everything hurts. Save all your mental energy for the job site then switch off completely at night. Do things that you wouldn’t ask other people to do. Hold yourself at breaking point... but don’t break yourself. 

Push other people’s boundaries. Enable them to push their own boundaries, but try not to break them. Worry whether you’re working them too hard and that the workload is too much. People will tire, they will need time off ... give it to them when they ask; offer it when you see they need it. 

One of my absolute favourite moments in a build is when people can see what they’re working on. Not in the sense that they haven’t been looking at it... but the project starts to take shape, and they can see all of the sweat they’ve put in start coming together. The energy shifts. The burden of hard work now becomes the inspiration to complete the task. They can see that it’s worth it. You are watching someone’s mind being blown. They are in turn building the thing that will blow someone else’s mind. The chain reaction has started. 

"Design beyond your skill.” --General 

Always answer the call for “More hands needed over here” That’s what it is all about I reckon.

Don’t forget to love and appreciate your friends, families and fellow ratbags. Cheers Hot Wire 

IllVille Gate going up 2018