Media Release
Thursday August 4th 2022

Equality Tasmania has expressed concern about a proposed High Court case from a Tasmanian woman, Jess Hoyle, who wants to exclude trans women from lesbian events.

Ms Hoyle has failed to secure support for a ban from the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and says she will go to the High Court if necessary.

Equality Tasmania believes Ms Hoyle's case could set a precedent that would disadvantage many Tasmanians at risk of discrimination.

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Dr Lucy Mercer Mapstone, said,

"As a queer, cisgender woman, I know the overwhelming majority of Tasmanian queer, lesbian and bisexual women support equality for transgender women and oppose attempts to exclude them."

"Trans women are women. To say otherwise is inaccurate and distinctly anti-feminist."

"Lesbian, queer, and bisexual women still face significant discrimination in the workplace and at school, and picking a fight within our own community causes unnecessary divisions over non-existent problems and diminishes our capacity to address real discrimination."

"Of great concern is that Jessica Hoyle's proposed High Court appeal seeks to water down protections for trans and gender diverse Tasmanians in the state Anti-Discrimination Act which is the strongest anti-discrimination law in Australia."

"If Ms Hoyle succeeds it would set a dangerous precedent that would disadvantage not just LGBTIQA+ Tasmanians but all Tasmanians at risk of discrimination."

Dr Mercer-Mapstone said the Tasmanian LGBTIQA+ community has come a long way in recent decades thanks to its capacity to work together as an accepting and inclusive community.

"Attempts to divide us threaten the progress we have all made, but I strongly believe such attempts will fail."
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