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Via Expo Team wish you a very healthy and active summer
In the July newsletter for Sofia Sport & Healthy Life, we are presenting PaviFLEX – our exhibitor and one of the largest manufacturers of flooring in the world. The company offers solutions for the original arrangement of spaces in different colors and designs. They provide excellent conditions for an effective and enjoyable sport activity. 
The other accent of our newsletter is FOREVER FIT -
a Forever Living program for healthy weight loss.
The company has 37 years of experience and manufactures Aloe Vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics, nutritional supplements and personal care products.
More and more Bulgarians are beginning to practice sports and consume healthy products. The good news for Bulgaria is a public resource of 300 million euro from OP "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020, part of which will be invested in related industries. The funding will target the industries committed to healthy lifestyle, new technologies, production of goods and provision of services related to alternative tourism and extreme sports. It will stimulate business development in these sectors and will also inspire more people to change their lifestyle
If you have any questions or need more information about Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Expo 2015 just write to us at or call on +359 32 512 900.
PaviFLEX, Spanish producer of Premium Gym Flooring 
Part of PLAGINSA GROUP - one of the biggest producers of rubber and EVA sheets worldwide PaviFLEX is among the top producers of technical flooring for sport activities in the world. It offers specific solutions according to the customer’s needs, unique for every space and sport center. 

PAVIFLEX flooring is flexible and comfortable, resistant and durable, waterproof, with thermal and acoustic isolation, renowned for its easy installation and maintenance, suitable for a wide variety of activities:
For Fitness areas - the ideal flooring for fitness machines, with extra thickness for a higher noise reduction, it protects the floor from cracking and breaking.
Aerobic - its elasticity absorbs the impact, stabilising the bounce or reverberation from jumping
or falling, and thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue and the risk of injury, perfect for aerobics and dance. 
Stretching - due to its texture, thickness and impermeability, it provides the level of relaxation and comfort the type of exercise requires, ideal for pilates and yoga.

PAVIGOM - new flooring highly resistant to heavy machinery, free weights and others with excellent non-slip properties, it’s a must for wet and heavy traffic areas.
PAVIFLEX JUNIOR - completely waterproof, especially designed to help children's development at every stage, acting as a form of safety net.  
An Interview with Katerina Ananieva, Forever Living Products 
FOREVER F.I.T. is the focus of your presentation at the exhibition. Tell us more about the program. 
It is a nutritional, cleansing and slimming program, also suitable for athletes. It consists of three easy-to-follow steps and each phase of the program aims to provide the necessary tools for achieving sustainable weight loss with long lasting results.
CLEAN 9 (9 days) The first step towards creating permanent habits, which contribute to lasting weight control. 
FOREVER F.I.T. 1 (30 days)  A program, which provides the necessary knowledge to change the way you think about food and sport and for furthering the weight loss.
FOREVER F.I.T. 2 (30 days)  A program for building and maintaining lean muscle and toned body.
As independent representatives of Forever Living Products, you also offer other health and beauty products from Aloe Vera. What is the miraculous power of this plant?
The history of Aloe Vera is unique and starts in ancient times. The use of this extremely medicinal plant has gained thousands of years of experience on all continents. It is one of the few plants that can be used both internally and externally. In both cases its favorable impact is proven on the many problems and disorders within the human body. Aloe Vera contains more than 75 ingredients – the plant is a cocktail of nutrients, its combined effect has more powerful results than it would be expected from a mechanical assembly of individual ingredients.

In your everyday encounters with people, have you noticed positive tendencies in their
attitude towards their own health care? 
Every day we meet dozens of people - certainly in recent years there has been a change in attitude in a positive direction.  We are not looking for a particular type of customer - everyone wants to feel good, the question is what is he doing about this. Our mission is to inform them and help them improve their health by offering individual solutions according to the different needs.
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