We’ve had a bit of a hiatus with our newsletter because of exciting developments that have been occurring at H&H HQ, not least of which is the publication of the next three titles from our Kids! imprint, and also our latest new imprint, Earthworld, home of books that push boundaries and expand horizons. More info on these inside!
Even I can’t deny the fact that summer is on the wane – we’re still enjoying warm, sunny days occasionally, but there’s no doubt that the evenings are chilly. I mentioned in the last issue of Animal Magic that the water supply in my bird bath was well used in the summer, and this continues to be the case, I am finding, with nocturnal visitors helping themselves to a drink most nights - make sure yours is kept topped up to give our wildlife a helping hand as winter approaches.
We’ve more great features for you this issue, plus details of exciting new titles coming in 2019, so Happy Reading until next time!
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New books at Hubble & Hattie
Heart-felt dogs – The canines behind the art
Last month, we took a look at Cheryl Murphy’s colourful and lively book, Dogs just wanna have FUN!, celebrating our canine friends through her wonderful, candid photos of dogs being dogs. This month, we have a book that celebrates our canine friends in a very different way …

Stephanie Cowburn is one very talented lady. A qualified teacher for more than 25 years, and majoring in art, Steph writes children’s stories, illustrating them, and creating felt characters to bring them to life. Her love of traditional crafts and learning new skills and techniques is matched perfectly by her keen eye and attention to detail – the perfect combo for creating needle felt characters. And it’s felt characters that are the subject of her new book, out this month.
Working from a studio in her back garden, it was when her own children began school, that Steph progressed from making flat felt art, to more practical items, such as slippers, gloves, and handbags. Taking inspiration from everything and everywhere, Steph soon started fashioning the animal characters she had imagined for her stories from felt, naming them, giving them stories, and imbuing them with their own personalities. Along with the amazing creations she plucked from her imagination, she also took commissions for needle felt items, creating felt models of people’s pets. And that’s where her new book comes in …

Heart-felt dogs takes a look at the real-life inspiration behind Stephanie’s needle felt creations, focussing on the individual dogs behind the art, and their personal stories. The human-canine bond – along with every human and canine – is unique and special, and each of Steph’s creations brilliantly captures the subject’s individuality and spirit.

Inside, you’ll find no fewer than sixty dogs, each telling their own story along with candid photos of Steph’s creations, and the very dogs who inspired them. Of course, Steph is no stranger to dogs, and looks after four dogs for other people, as well as her own dog, Heidi the Border Terrier. And, yes, Heidi is included – no artist could forget to include their muse!
If you’re unfamiliar with needle felting, the process involves using a special barbed needle to repeatedly poke or prick wool fibres – Merino, in Stephanie’s case. This causes the fibres to knit and ‘felt’ together, creating layers of felt. 
As you can imagine, the process is not only time-consuming, but entirely manual, requiring much skill to create a likeness. Even on Steph’s smaller models, it can take thousands – even tens of thousands – of needle pricks to create a final piece: on a good day, that’s still quite a few pricked fingers!

So, from poor starts, to silver spoons, and from placid pets, to fizzing bundles of fun and energy, each dog’s personality is revealed with life stories, tales, and photos, and each shows the incredible skill Steph has in being able to instil these personalities in her creations, giving them a life and energy all their own.

Stephanie’s website – stephaniecowburn.com – has more details, and plenty more photos of her wonderful work, and demonstrates just how versatile and talented she is. The eagle-eyed among you will also see that Stephanie still undertakes commissions … so you could have a heart-felt dog of your very own!
Heart-felt dogs is available now.
Price £12.99 UK • $16.99 USA • $21.99 CAN
SKU HH5205 Format Paperback • 20.5x20.5cm • 128 pages • 205 pictures
ISBN 978-1-787112-05-6 UPC 6-36847-01205-2
Worzel is back!
Yes, the Literary Lurcher has returned with his fourth book of 'hadventures' … and it's all typically Worzel!

For the quite very actual love of Worzel is the eagerly-awaited fourth instalment from Worzel Wooface. If you're unfamiliar with Worzel, he's a Lurcher. An enormous one. With 'issues.' This latest book follows Worzel in his fourth year with his forever family, and life is changing. The kids are growing up and spreading their wings, so Worzel's life should be more peacefull. But, life rolls on with new challenges … challenges no-one seems ready to embrace. Least of all the cats …

Worzel's 'hadventures' continue, with an over-enthusiastic encounter with a fish pond, a blackbird with a death wish, and a new arrival – all of  which conspire to put paid to any plans Worzel has for an easy life.

Mum, long-suffering Dad, five cats, and two grown-up children, all feature in Worzel’s fourth diary, bringing together poems, letters and 'hadvice,' advice that Worzel’s Mum is beginning to wonder if it's even worth offering any more. For the quite very actual love of Worzel is funny, touching, honest, and very real.

Price £9.99 UK • $13.99 USA • $18.99 CAN
SKU HH5291 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 160 pages • 44 pictures
ISBN 978-1-787112-91-9 UPC 6-36847-01291-5
It's not just new books this month ... 
We've had three new members join the team here at H&H HQ in recent weeks – and one of them has four legs! Catherine has joined our production team, helping to create the fabulous books we publish across Veloce, Hubble & Hattie and Earthworld, and Charlotte – along with Skippy – have joined reception, where Skippy is more than happy to greet just about everyone who comes through the door!

Of her new position in the production office, Catherine says: "I'm a new publishing assistant at Veloce, and I'm extremely happy to be joining such a welcoming and dog-friendly team!" Here's a picture of her dog, Marcy, who we are sure will be making an appearance in the office soon enough!

Next is Charlotte, who has joined the main hub in reception, and will be able to help with your queries and orders. But let us hear all about Charlotte from her trusty companion, Skippy!

"Hi, my name is Skippy, the Boxer dog; Skippy by name, Skippy by nature. I would like to tell you all about me and my human, as we are the newbies at Hubble & Hattie!
I am a rescue and I came into my human's life on Valentine's Day 2018, so I have been with her eight months now. I have a cat brother called Smeg, who is nine-years-old and I love him! He was found in a fridge going for recycling (hence the name!) at a metal recycling plant that my human used to work at as an Environmental Manager in Ireland. 
My human's interests are environmental management, Dorset geology and landscape, waste management (including litter), responsible dog ownership (including poop management!), animals, animal health, human-animal interactions, and books of all sorts. 
"It's not easy being the Chief Office greeter, you know!"
My first week in the office was all about feet! My bed is under my human's desk so my nose is near her feet, and then there are all the people who work in and around our office who work upstairs and walk past. There are also multiple delivery and collection drivers popping in; they are my favourite. They like to pet me and one even gave me a treat! There are visitors too, and I have made it my job to be 'Chief Greeter' to anyone who comes through the door! I take this job very seriously. 
I look forward to greeting you if you ever visit the Hubble & Hattie office!"
We're very happy to welcome these new faces to our office, and hope they all enjoy working here with us. No doubt Skippy and Marcy will make regular appearances on our social media channels, too!

Hubble & Hattie Kids! books – NOW AVAILABLE!
In the last edition of Animal Magic, we introduced our new Kids! imprint … and the first FOUR books are now available to buy! Click the cover images for more information …

Based on Catherine Pickle’s rescue dog, Worzel Wooface, and his popular ‘autobiographical’ books, this warm and humorous children’s book is beautifully illustrated with watercolour pictures by Chantal Bourgonje. Beneath the rhythmic story-telling are entertaining but accurate illustrations revealing the secret language of dogs. 

Endorsed by dog trainers, parents and teachers, this book is essential reading for all children with a dog, or anyone thinking of introducing a dog into their family.

Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN
SKU HH5160 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • 32 pages • Colour illustrations throughout • ISBN 978-1-787111-60-8 UPC 6-36847-01160-4
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a child and a dog going for a walk, told from the dog’s point of view in an easy-reading rhythmical style. As explained by Worzel, an enormous Lurcher with ‘issues,’ new experiences can be very scary for him, although he really, really does want to go on exciting walks. 

The original and engaging illustrations will delight and educate children and adults, showing them the secret language of dogs, and will help children learn how to walk dogs in a safe and responsible way. 

The information presented in this book is endorsed by dog trainers, parents and teachers alike, and is an essential addition to every classroom, library and children’s bookshelf.

Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN
SKU HH5292 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • 32 pages Colour illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-787112-92-6 UPC 6-36847-01292-2

Join Horace and Nim and their forest friends having fun!

It’s a windy autumn day and the forest friends are out catching falling leaves for luck. Nim wants to break his all-time record of five lucky leaves before tea time ...
The more leaves Nim catches, the more accidents he seems to have catching them. And then Kay accidentally hurts Nim's feelings. Forget breaking records, will Nim survive until teatime? A delightful story about friendship, and consideration for others. 

Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN 
SKU HH5306 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • 32 pages • Colour illustrations throughout  ISBN 978-1-787113-06-0 UPC 6-36847-01306-6
The main character is a cheeky and plucky little house that doesn't have a place to live. So he packs his bag and he and Little Bear set off into the big wide world to find themselves their 'forever home.' Along the way they encounter lots of interesting characters, some nice, some sad, some not so nice, and some very rude ones indeed! 

However, the Little House is no quitter; he never gives up. And just when we think that he and Little Bear will remain forever homeless, something surprising turns up. The story of the Little House is told in clever, engaging and amusing rhyme. 

The illustrations are beautifully detailed and well observed, and include caricatures of high-rise flats, country mansions, floaty boats, and a very busy, whizzy caravan. If you love a good adventure, if you love funny pictures, if you delight in clever storytelling, you will love The Little House that didn't have a Home. And if you love a happy ending, the fun starts here!
A true-to-life tale about loneliness, helping others, and finding our place in the world.

Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN 
SKU HH5306 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • 36 pages • Colour illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-787113-06-0 UPC 6-36847-01306-6
All four books are in stock now, and available to buy from our website and all good book sellers!

A picture is worth a thousand words ... 
Cheryl Murphy, author of Dogs just wanna have FUN! recently won 3rd prize in the Man's Best Friend category in this year's Dog Photographer of the Year Awards! The category aimed to highlight the special bond between people and dogs, showing companionship, loyalty, and the rewards of dog ownership. You can see the heart-warming winning picture below. 

Image © Cheryl Murphy, all rights reserved. No reproduction allowed. Enquiries: info@hubbleandhattie.co.uk
Cheryl's book is winning hearts everywhere , which is no surprise.

Her photographs are not about the bond between us and our canine companions, the results of dog training, or the ever-expanding canine wardrobe, but focus on how dogs behave when they are freed from everyday constraints, indulging their natural instincts.

The unsung heroes here are the owners, who, after ensuring that their beloved best friend would be safe, let him or her run free to interact with others for the photoshoot. The resultant images showcase pure doggie delight – as the expressions on the dogs’ faces demonstrate!

Whether chasing balls or other dogs, mud-bathing, swimming, or rolling, this is a joyous celebration of dogs simply enjoying themselves!

Donkey-assisted therapy
The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth is a local haven that offers wonderful care and experiences, including a Donkey-assisted therapy programme, that is benificial not only to the people taking part, but the donkeys as well. 

Donkey-assisted therapy sessions are designed to help develop life skills, specifically self-esteem and managing emotions, in vulnerable children and adults, helping them develop the emotional and psychological capacity to deal with challenging and stressful situations in the real world. 

While donkeys are eminently trainable, they come into their own when interacting with people, where there is a give-and-take of energy and the possibility of building one-to-one relationships. Donkeys react positively to human contact; they actively seek out interaction, and engage in positive relationships.
In other donkey-related news, The Donkey Sanctuary has a new website! Find out about all the good work it's doing, adopt a donkey, or visit the shop … check it out … but be warned: after viewing, you'll want to go to the Sanctuary yourself and say hello to the donkeys!

Looking forward
A sneak peak at some of the great books we can expect over the coming months …
If you've visited our website recently, you may have noticed a handful of forthcoming books; let's take a look at some of the fantastic releases coming your way …

Office dogs - The Manual is a book that all of us at H&H are looking forward to reading.  Stephanie Rousseau, a dog trainer passionate about dog behaviour, and board member and Irish representative of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, has written a comprehensive guide to dogs in the workplace.
The popularity of dog-friendly offices is growing, and more businesses than ever recognise the many positive benefits of welcoming dogs into the workplace. Making such arrangements work, for the dogs, their owners, and all staff members, requires some careful consideration. 
Stephanie takes the reader through the entire process, from gaining the support of colleagues (and bosses), to policy considerations for the employer. Uniquely, this book comes from the dog's perspective, and shows how to meet and respect your dog's needs, in and out of the office. 
With helpful, ready-to-use materials for the office included within, and real-life case studies of workplace dog success stories throughout, this is the ultimate essential reading for anyone involved with office dogs – owners, employers, those who work with dogs professionally, and those who are simply lucky enough to share their office with a dog!
Office dogs - The Manual is due in February 2019.
Price £9.99 UK • $12.99 USA • $16.99 CAN 
SKU HH5381 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 80 pages • 50 pictures 
ISBN 978-1-787113-81-7 UPC 6-36847-01381-3
This year's phenomenal summer weather has led to a huge increase in the number of people taking a camping holiday. Of course, it's easy enough to find a place for yourself, but finding pet-friendly places, particularly those that offer more than just a space for your tent or camper, can need a little more research.
That's where this unique guide from Anna Chelmicka comes in, combining the joys of camping with the delights of walking with your dog. Anna provides information on a variety of campsites throughout the UK, all of which welcome dogs, with some providing special facilities for your pet. All the campsites are
located very close to footpaths and walking trails.
In addition to identifying the distinctive characteristics of the area, there are detailed instructions for two walks of varying lengths from each campsite, providing the opportunity to explore the area in
the immediate vicinity of the campsite and appreciate Britain's diverse environments.
With 45 superb circular walks, from 23 campsites, it's the perfect companion for doggy explorers … if you like camping, you love taking your dog, but don't know where to go, this is the book for you. Find the perfect location for a weekend jaunt, or the facilities you need to explore a region … or even to tour the UK!

Price £14.99 UK • $19.99 USA • $25.99 CAN
SKU HH5045 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 192 pages • 146 maps & pictures
ISBN 978-1-787110-45-8UPC 6-36847-01045-4
Kac Young will be familiar to Hubble & Hattie readers for her book The supposedly enlightened person's guide to raising a dog. She may also be familiar to our US readers through her Hollywood production, writing, and directing – not to mention her 13 books.
In her latest offering, The One Minute Cat Manager, Kac brings her wisdom and experience to readers in a whole new way. With expert insight into the inner workings of the feline mind, and analysis of cat behaviour, Kac suggests 60-second techniques that anyone can practice with their cat.

The techniques are designed to help people – busy people in particular – attain a deeper connection with a beloved feline, and are especially useful to anyone who would like a cat, but doubts they have the time. 

The 60-second techniques that Kac describes make cat care easy for you and your cat. With insights into what makes cats do the things they do The One Minute Cat Manager demonstrates  the rewards that unconditional cat-love can bring, creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

Be the cat parent that you want to be … One Minute at a time!
The One Minute Cat Manager is due March 2019 
Price £10.99 UK • $13.99 USA • $18.99 CAN 
SKU HH5373 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 112 pages • 56 pictures 
ISBN 978-1-787113-73-2 UPC 6-36847-01373-8
Hubble & Hattie Kids! may be a new imprint, but as you've seen above, it already has some brilliant books available to buy. Our next Kids! title comes from Chantal Bourgonje, the very talented illustrator who brought Worzel to colourful, hand-drawn life in Worzel says hello! and Worzel goes for a walk, and welcomed us into the magical forest world of Horace & Nim in The Lucky, Lucky Leaf. 
Chantal brings us another beautifully illustrated children's book, all about Fierce Little Grey Mouse. This Little Grey Mouse lives In a world full of happy, fluffy animals. But this is one mouse who wants to be fierce! He exercises … eats mountains of porridge … drinks lots of milk. He practices ROAAARING. He practices pouncing. And soon enough, Little Grey Mouse is Fierce Grey Mouse … but what happens when his friends want to play?
This simple tale for young children is all about friendship, and staying true to yourself, and appeals to all children, everywhere (not to mentione quite a few adults!). The message behind the tale is revealed through Chantal's delightfuly illustrated characters, and teaches children that friends love you as you are, and you don't need to make yourself different … you don't need to be 'fierce' to be happy or liked!
Fierce Little Grey Mouse was originally released as an interactive app, and was awarded the Kirkus Star for books of remarkable merit, as well as receiving five star reviews across the board. Available as a hardback, this book is a delight that young children and their parents can share. And it makes the perfect companion to The Lucky Lucky Leaf!

Fierce Little Grey Mouse is due July 2019 
Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN 
SKU HH5312 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • 32 pages  Colour illustrations throughout 
ISBN 978-1-787113-12-1 UPC 6-36847-01312-7
A brave new (Earth)world!
In the last edition of Animal Magic we brought news of our new imprint, Hubble & Hattie Kids! and in this edition, we've a whole new world to show you …

We've been creating books that promote compassion and respect between all animals (even us humans) for nearly ten years now, and our parent imprint, Veloce Publishing, has been creating fine automotive books for over 27 years. 

Between these two imprints, we have covered a pretty broad range of subjects over the decades, penned by authors all over the world. Our DNA is very much animal-based (although we have a good dollop of petrolhead DNA too!), but we've always tried to push the boundaries of our subject matter, even if aligning those subjects with our current imprint specialities has sometimes proven tricky.

Enter Earthworld, a brand new imprint from Veloce Publishing. Earthworld showcases innovative and thought-provoking books that are informative and entertaining, and encompass areas far outside of our existing imprints. Of course, we have our standards, and all Earthworld publications are produced to the same high quality of content and presentation as our existing books.
Watch this space for more about our exciting new books!
The latest from our blog …
Bees who buzz …
Bees are fantastic creatures, and are a vital part of our ecosystem. In today's post, we're bringing you two stories about these buzzy little creatures; the first is about how remarkable these insects really are ... 
All about Zena
Having started off as a dream to help save donkeys in distress, The Donkey Sanctuary charity near Sidmouth, Devon, now has multiple centres across the UK, and works globally to help thousands of donkeys. 

King(combe) for a day
Dorset is a beautiful place, particularly at this time of year. The UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast is one of the best known areas of outstanding beauty here, but the rolling hills, vales, and rivers of the Dorset countryside are just as stunning, if less well known to those who follow the tourist trail.
The Big Butterfly Count 2018
The ferocious cold snap we endured back in March, combined with the now settled weather we have been experiencing for the last couple of months, has created the right conditions for butterflies to flourish!
It only takes six minutes ...
It's been hard to miss the news of the heatwave in England over these past few weeks, and even though the majority of us have been enjoying the sunshine, there are many who are more susceptible to the heat, and that includes our four-legged friends.
Against the grain
This year’s exceptional summer has brought all manner of animal care issues to the fore: when to walk … whether to walk … how to keep your dog cool inside, and outside … all things that most UK dog owners are unused to having to consider. 
Animals in the News
In today's blog post, we bring you two contrasting news stories relating to animal tourism.
10 Years of Buckham Fair!
You may recall, last year we brought you a blog post on our local Buckham Fair, as Scout, the partially-sighted Lurcher, who features in our book For The Love of Scout, was a major winner at last year's event!

Out and About with Fido!
It's well established that the weather in the UK is unpredictable, to say the least – and this year has certainly proved that! With a bank holiday looming, here's a look at some things to do in all weathers with your furry friends. 
New Kids on the Bookshelf
With the summer holidays now drawing to a close, it's time to start thinking about 'Back to School.' And what better way to brighten up your child's day than with one of our new pictures books!
New laws for dog breeding
The Animal Welfare Act (2006) is about to undergo some major changes with regards to dog breeders. In today's blog, we go through what is going to change come October 1st ... 
Catch-up with all our latest blog news at http://hubbleandhattie.blogspot.co.uk
Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …

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