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Rep Shumate married
Action Alert: contact Mary Fallin and demand that she veto SB 640 that expands Medicaid and Medicare.  The contact info is in the very last story on SB 640
Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel Accused of Releasing
Sick and Dying Inmates Prior to Hospital Admission to Cut Costs

The Tea Party is the party of self reliance and responsibility but when society throws men and women into prison our society acknowledges that those people can no longer take care of their medical needs so we provide basic medical care for prisoners.  No one is arguing for allowing sex change operations or organ transplants for self induced problems caused by alcohol or drugs or gluttony but if a prisoner is beaten in jail and requires hospitalization then the county taxpayers ought to pay the bills.   Same thing with pre existing conditions although we recognize the moral hazard where a person might commit a crime just to receive medical care if we ever get to the point where emergency rooms are rejecting the destitute.
But once again, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel reveals just how much of a monster he is with this report of inmates being dumped at hospitals after being released on their own recognizance.  In one case the defendant was incoherent and couldn’t sign his own recognizance bond.  The Oklahoman story reported that the criminal in that case was being held on a violent felony, robbery in the first degree and provide information written on the recognizance bond:
 “Not signed, defendant in hospital ... incoherent,” the note reads. “Sheriff will serve a copy of this bond to (the) hospital.”
A lawsuit filed by the OU Medical Center says that Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel owes the hospital almost one million dollars and the lawsuit accuses Whetsel of abandoning patients to bypass a state law that requires counties to pay for the medical costs of prisoners in their custody.   The lawsuit says that nearly one million dollars was spent treating 37 inmates from Oklahoma County, around $26,000 spent per inmate with Sheriff Whetsel paying a mere $52,000 of the bill.
Sheriff Whetsel released a vague and self serving statement that claimed that the hospital is shifting its responsibility onto the jail, claiming the issue is a gray area, unique, and confusing.  It seems that Sheriff Whetsel would prefer to spend county tax dollars on pet programs instead of spending the tax money on legitimate county responsibilities.  One more instance of mismanagement at the Oklahoma County Jail.
A Reader Responds
We had an Oklahoma-Guardian reader respond the other day from the Elise Hall House District newspaper drop in late March/early April.  It made our day when we opened the letter so we thought we would share it with you.  This is exactly what the crooked politicians fear above all else; the word getting out about their dishonesty and the information spreading across the state.  Here is the letter, name redacted to protect privacy:
Great paper!  
I personally called Ray Vaughn and asked him what they were going to do about our County Assessor taking the $100,000.00 from the elderly lady.  He informed me that nothing was wrong with her leaving him that in the will – I told him that wasn’t how I read it in the small article in the “Oklahoman” newspaper.  He informed me that he wrote the will and I told him that he was the one that stole the other $30,000.00.   He said quote”That was given to his company”.
Known syphilitics,  James Joyce, Idi Amin, Al Capone, and Lenin   This guy? Nah, just political syphilis.
House and Senate Trash
Law Enforcement Officers in Oklahoma
Syphilitic Bastard # 39 Senator Brian Crain Leads Effort
to Politicize Police Disciplinary Actions 
Political syphilis is a nearly incurable political “disease” that is spread by lobbyists and contracted almost exclusively by RINO state senators. The “disease” is well known for bringing about madness as well as feats of genius and the latter appears to be the case in the latest political suicide act down at the state capitol.
 Last week Rep. Steve Martin and Senator Brian Crain and much of the rest of the House and Senate found themselves in a withering spot light after Governor Mary Fallin vetoed Senate Bill 854, a bill that would have prevented police officers that were fired for excessive force from using the negotiated arbitration process to regain their job.   That sounds good at first glance, who would want a bully and an abuser as a police officer?  The devil lies in the details though and the law enforcement community in Oklahoma generated enough clout to get Fallin to veto the bill.
The bill was authored by Senator Brian Crain and pushed by the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce.  Rep. Steve Martin carried the bill in the House where it was hotly contested by conservative Republicans and by Democrat House members.
At issue was the right of state troopers and other peace officers to appeal unjust terminations to the Oklahoma State Merit Protection Board.   One retired state trooper, one of the most vocal constitutional supporters and anti-abusive cop activists that I know, sent a blistering email to Senator Brian Crain after the bill was vetoed:
“ Senator Crain,
Remember me? The former Oklahoma lawman that politely requested you return my call to discuss SB 854?  You know, the man you didn't have the balls to call back, yet you went around Tulsa SLANDERING? 
Well, I just wanted to make sure that when you finally do scrounge up enough manhood to make contact, I'll be glad to let you know who it was that I and my comrades approached in OKC and how we worked with them to kill your un-American, anti-law-enforcement bill that was nothing more than another chance for you to carry the Chamber of Corruption's water. 
Yes, I look forward to seeing your eyes as big as silver dollars when you figure out just how we got your disgusting piece of trash legislation shot down in flames. 
Today is a great day. Yes, a great day for Oklahoma police officers.
You are a complete and utter disgrace to the State of Oklahoma. 
PS: On top of your Senate paycheck, are you still on Tulsa County's payroll, too??  Tulsa County Treasurer was it ??  Hmm ?? “
The bill was alleged to have been initiated by the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce after a fight between several police officers and a repeat offender.  The story alleges that the offender was of enormous size, had been demoted and dishonorably discharged from the Army for shooting unarmed civilians in Iraq, was an alleged wife beater and drunk with multiple arrests.  The officers were trying to get him inside a police booking area so the struggle was captured on video, and near the end of the fight he was alleged to have begun the process of spitting on one of the cops until the officer popped him in the mouth with his elbow.
But the cop in question wasn’t your ordinary cop.  He believed in standing up to the politicians and the police brass so a minor blow that was part of a drunken brawl to get an arrestee through the police booking process lead to the officer being fired.  The officer wound up being fired instead of the normal verbal reprimand but the officer appeals through the binding arbitration process that his department had negotiated with city officials and he wins his case after the arbitrator called it a trumped up charge against a good cop.
The city manager is livid and appeals the case to Tulsa County District court where Judge Dana Keuhn owed her position to the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce along with the city manager and Senator Brian Crain.  Despite a long history between the cop and the judge when she worked as a prosecutor and the cop served alongside her working on rape cases, the judge rules that she can find no errors with the arbitrator’s decisions so she can’t rule against the cop based on the city’s legal arguments.  But she claims that she does worry that the officer is a danger to the public and rules against the officer based upon her feelings.
The officer appeals the clearly unconstitutional ruling to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and is expected to win because the state supreme court was over ruled last year on the exact same type of case where a judge ruled on a “feeling” that he had an obligation to protect the public.  The U.S. Supreme court ruled, correctly, that a judge can’t rule based on opinion but must rely only on the facts of the case.
Not only did the U.S. Supreme Court rule against the Oklahoma Supreme Court, they reminded them that they had ruled the same way years before.
At this point Syphilitic Bastard Brian Crain steps up to the plate and writes SB 854 solely for the purpose of pleasing a fellow Tulsa Chamber member.
For the record the Sooner Tea Party believes that bad cops deserve what they get and more.  But we have learned through working with them and legislators that are ex cops that power hungry city officials can and do trump up charges against cops that refuse to follow the plan.  A cop that calls out corruption when he sees it isn’t going to be popular and that is why we understand the need for public service unions to protect good cops and firefighters.
SB 854 would have simply erased negotiated rights to arbitration and the city officials don’t like crow feathers hanging out of their mouths when they screw up.  Forcing accused cops to go straight to District Court takes much longer to get a hearing and the cops have to spend a lot of money waiting for due process.   And unlike the tenured arbitration judges, the District Court judges are always political animals depending on political favor for appointment and support at any re election.
But in this case the entire state roster of law enforcement officers stood up against Syphilitic Bastard Senator Brian Crain and managed to get the bill vetoed.   One of the state FOP lodges lobbied against the bill after the Senate Republican Caucus was shown a sensationalized video against cops.
Here is how the Senate voted:
YEAS:   32
    Aldridge          Brown             Holt              Schulz           
    Allen             Coates            Johnson, R.       Sharp            
    Barrington        Crain             Jolley            Shaw             
    Bingman           Dahm              Justice           Shortey          
    Boggs             Fields            Loveless          Simpson          
    Branan            Ford              Mazzei            Standridge       
    Brecheen          Griffin           Newberry          Stanislawski     
    Brinkley          Halligan          Paddack           Sykes            
    NAYS:   13
    Ballenger         David             Johnson, C.       Treat            
    Bass              Ellis             McAffrey          
    Brooks            Garrison          Shumate          
    Burrage           Ivester           Sparks           
    EXCUSED:    3
    Anderson          Marlatt           Wyrick 
In the House the crooks had a tougher time as they lost the first round of voting:
YEAS: 42         RCS# 644
NAYS: 58         4/22/2013
EXC : 1 2:05 PM
C/P : 0
YEAS: 42
Armes Hickman McNiel Sears Banz Jackson Murphey Shelton Billy Johnson Newell Vaughan Coody Jordan Nollan Virgin
Cooksey Joyner Ortega Watson Denney Martin, Sc. Peterson Wesselhoft Derby Martin, St. Proctor Williams DeWitt
Matthews Pruett Wright  Dorman McCall Renegar Mr. Speaker Grau McDaniel, J. Russ  Hall McDaniel, R. Schwartz
NAYS: 58    Bennett Fisher McCullough Roberts, S.  Biggs Floyd McDaniel, C. Rousselot Blackwell Fourkiller McPeak
 Sanders  Brown Glenn Moore Scott  Brumbaugh Hamilton Morrissette Sherrer Cannaday Hardin Mulready Shoemake
Casey Henke Nelson Smalley  Christian Hoskin O'Donnell Stiles  Cleveland Hulbert Ownbey Thomsen Cockroft Inman
 Perryman Trebilcock  Condit Kern Pittman Turner  Cox Kirby Quinn Walker  Dank Kouplen Reynolds Wood  Echols
Lockhart Ritze  Enns McBride Roberts, D.
EXCUSED: 1  Osborn
But then the House Whips and Floor Leaders went to work threatening, cajoling, even blackmailing to get the House members to change their votes and it worked.   Of course the blackmailing is legal because it is political speech.  Here is the final round of voting:
YEAS: 52
Armes Hamilton McNiel Schwartz  Banz Henke Murphey Sears  Biggs Hickman Newell Shelton Billy Jackson O'Donnell Smalley
Brumbaugh Johnson Ortega Thomsen Casey Jordan Ownbey Vaughan Coody Kern Peterson Virgin Cooksey Martin, Sc. Pruett Watson
Denney Martin, St. Quinn Wesselhoft Derby Matthews Renegar Williams  Dorman McCall Roberts, S. Wood  Grau McDaniel, J. Russ Wright
Hall McDaniel, R. Sanders Mr. Speaker
NAYS: 41
Bennett Fisher McCullough Rousselot Brown Floyd McDaniel, C. Scott Cannaday Fourkiller McPeak Sherrer Christian Glenn Morrissette Shoemake Cleveland Hardin Nelson Stiles  Cockroft Hoskin Nollan Trebilcock  Condit Hulbert Perryman Turner Cox Inman Pittman Walker
Dank Joyner Reynolds DeWitt Kouplen Ritze Enns Lockhart Roberts, D.
Blackwell Kirby Moore Osborn  Echols McBride Mulready Proctor
But all ended well when Governor Fallin vetoed the unscrupulous legislation and the enemies of all law enforcement officers and the public now stand naked before all.   We aren’t saying that this wasn’t a tough case to decide but the problem is that the House members second guessed their votes and didn’t stand by their principles.
Elitist Senators and Their Abortive Attempt to Limit Challengers
Syphilitic Bastard #10 Eddie Fields Authored Bill  Designed to Crush Opponents
By the Watchman
Another Oklahoma state senator was afflicted with Political syphilis recently, the “disease” being almost always contained within state senate ranks.   State Senator Eddie Fields came down with a stunning set of “symptoms” recently that lead to a public spanking by the House of Representatives.
The Oklahoma State Senate is the last bastion of power for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The reason for this is because most of the brunt of the criticism coming from the writers of this newsletter has been directed towards the House of Representatives. Since the Oklahoma State Senate has declared war on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, we feel it is time to air some of the dirty laundry that flows daily from the Chambers of the Senate.
We are going to begin with Senate Bill 76. This is really a simple three page bill that doubles the cost of filing for every office in the state. You can read the entire bill here.
Now there is only one reason they would want to do this and that is to limit the field of potential challengers. Most of these people have campaign war chest so big that it doesn’t matter anyway. Why should they care? This bill was written by Senator Fields and Representative Russ of the House.
Now this bill had to go through two committees before it could be voted on. One in the Senate and one in the House. Here is how the Senate committee voted.
Here is how the House committee voted.
Now since the Senate doesn’t believe in open governance, they only posted the final vote. Here is how they voted. Senate Votes
There was only one vote in the House at the committee level. House Votes.  Then the Sooner Tea Party leader sent a single, terse email to the House members telling them to kill the bill or earn a load of newspapers into their districts.  The bill was then laid over the next day, meaning that it is dead for this season but it can be brought up next year.
There had been opposition to this bill since January of this year. Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform was the first to bring the bill out into the open on January 31, 2013 in this article,  January | 2013 | Oklahomans For Ballot Access Reform. They were the first to announce that the Senate ignored the people of the State of Oklahoma and passed the bill in this article dated March 5, 2013,  Election Reform | Oklahomans For Ballot Access Reform.
In an article dated March 18, 2013, Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform announced the defeat of one of their measures in the House, and pinned their hopes on the defeat of SB 76 in the House in this article,  SB76 | Oklahomans For Ballot Access Reform
We are fixing to go into the belly of the beast and we intend on eviscerating the monster once we have it castrated. The Senators are reluctant to give up the money from the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce that feeds their coffers. The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce in turn is reluctant to give up that thirty seven percent (37%) of your hard earned tax dollars that the senate and the House give them every year to line their pockets in tax breaks. Folks that over two billion dollars a year. How much easier would it be to finance our State government with that two billion dollars?
Rarely Does A Group Fail When A Path Of Freedom Is Followed
By Ms PM
This story begins several years back when we were totally ignorant as to how power and personal agenda could infiltrate a new group. We weren’t young, dumb or stupid, but we were naïve as to how the workings of politics were about to smack us over the head as our goal of this new Tea Party movement began.
It was astonishing how those wanting the most power would attempt to sabotage a small group wanting nothing more than to educate the public as to how corrupt our government is. We were hit from all sides, but more important, the lessons this time were ours to learn. One situation that will more than likely continue until the end of time is the fact that help from many will sometimes have a hefty price tag. Always wondering if you are selling your soul to the devil, a careful approach seems to still be the best course.
Charlie was one of our chosen speakers at our first rally. His agenda at our rally sent a chill then and has proven to surface its ugly head from time to time. He was asked not to turn his speech into a rah-rah session for OCPAC but he chose to do it anyway.
What was the harm as we honestly thought the end results would outweigh any animosity brought upon us. We were told and then believed his experience would help guide citizens to a moment of clarity allowing them to become aware of what our government was really doing to all of us. Conclusion, we were very wrong. The pure and simple truth is there are those that always put what they do above others and that self-importance shines like a beacon of light warning ships in the night not to get too close to shore.
After receiving OCPAC’s regular newsletter this week, it became clear that Charlie is at it again by using the group’s email contact list inappropriately for personal gain to solicit for an Estate/Garage Sale. What is in the make-up of a person’s personality to think their personal life grants them the justification of using a political email list? These lists are to be guarded, and used only for the intent of what each person signing up wanted. What is troubling is the first sentence. “Please forgive me for taking advantage of using this email list to announce my late father’s estate sale.” It would be difficult to interpret his actions other than he knew he crossed the line and did it anyway.
When a person asks for forgiveness before they do the deed, it offers a glimpse into their misguided agenda and trustworthiness.
Doesn’t this type of action divert us all from the common goal of exposing corrupt government? Are we the only ones that think we all need to think about what we do and how it impacts the freedom fight? We all may want to ask a simple question before we act. Is what I am about to do going to help or hurt this great and wonderful movement in the fight for freedom?
Charlie is facing a lot of opposition over his fight with Amanda Teagarden last month.  The issue isn’t that he was right or wrong with his attack; the issue is that he turned on a close ally and that has riled a lot of the grassroots activists.    Charlie was already feeling under the gun which is why he claimed he was not running for another term as OCPAC president, until the Sooner Tea Party publicized his statement.  Now Charlie has decided that he will run again, no doubt because we pulled his puppet stings the right way.  That is sad because rather than fade away gracefully Charlie is determined to self destruct.
How to Pass a Bill:
Charge a Prominent Tea Party Leader with a
Trumped Up Charges to Distract the Grassroots and Pass a
Medicare and Medicaid Expansion that Gov. Fallin Pledged Not to do
 or is it Opening the Door To Obama Care?
By the Watchman
We first got wind of this alleged proposed legislation from a report to the AP that was reported here . We finally got our hands on a copy of the legislation late on Thursday, May 2, 2013 from a reliable source at the Capital. This allowed us to have an avenue to investigate and we were in for a surprise. Unlike the claim made in the AP report, this proposal is nothing more than either Obama Care with a different name on it or an expansion of Medicaid and Medicare that Governor Fallin pledged to reject in her state of the state address at the opening of the legislative session. We were surprised to see how far they had progressed with the bill in such a short time.
The bill we are talking about is Senate Bill 640.  You can read the entire bill here.
 It seeks to expand coverage of the un-insured in Oklahoma by expanding our Medicaid and Medicare programs, charging a minimal fee to those that use it. It also seeks a waiver from the Obama administration to run this program in state, instead of the Obama administration taking responsibility for running the fed’s own mess of a program, Obama Care.
Now we know damn good and well that most of the elitist wanna be’s were in office in the first fight over Obama Care were you soundly lost to the voters of this state to the tune of seventy percent (70%).  Is that the reason you had to resort to Obama tactics to pass your bill?
Don’t pretend like you don’t know what we’re talking about. You deliberately held the attention of the activist community in one hand by leveling wild, incendiary charges against Al Gerhart,  the leader of the Sooner Tea Party, and while they were distracted and too terrified to speak out lest they also be charged with a felony, with your other hand you passed this bill. That makes you about the lowest bunch of scum on the face of the earth.
For those of you that would like to know how your senators voted, we made it easy for you. You can see how they voted here. Senate Votes. For those of you forty four (44) Senators that voted for this bill, we can promise you that your constituents are going to know that you voted against the will of 70% of Oklahomans and passed Obama Care anyway. The first ones to find out are going to be those that are up for re-election next year. There will be a price for paying back your Chamber buddies.
The same can be said for the member of the House. Here is how they voted. House Votes Ninety ,(90) of you decided to vote against the wishes of the people of Oklahoma. Only two (2) of you stood with your constituents. Our thanks go out to Representatives Morrissette and Reynolds for voting with their constituents.
House members voting for the Medicaid/Medicare expansion:
YEAS: 90
Armes Floyd McDaniel, C. Roberts, D.  Banz Fourkiller McDaniel, J. Roberts, S.  Biggs Glenn McDaniel, R. Rousselot
Billy Grau McNiel Russ Blackwell Hall McPeak Sanders  Brown Hamilton Moore Scott  Brumbaugh Hardin Mulready Sears
Cannaday Henke Murphey Shelton  Casey Hoskin Nelson Sherrer Christian Hulbert Newell Shoemake Cleveland Johnson
Nollan Smalley  Cockroft Jordan O'Donnell Stiles  Condit Joyner Ortega Thomsen Cooksey Kern Osborn Turner Cox Kirby
Ownbey Vaughan  Dank Kouplen Perryman Walker  Denney Lockhart Peterson Watson Derby Martin, Sc. Pittman Wesselhoft
DeWitt Martin, St. Proctor Williams  Dorman Matthews Pruett Wood Echols McBride Quinn Mr. Speaker  Enns McCall Renegar
Fisher McCullough Ritze \
Morrissette Reynolds
Bennett Inman Trebilcock Coody Jackson Virgin Hickman Schwartz Wright
As of this writing the bill appears to be headed for a Conference Committee and if it passes then it will go to the Governor’s office.    Governor Fallin has not signed this bill. And she had better not. Although it would appear that there is a veto proof majority in both houses, should she sign this legislation, she will set this state on a course to financial ruin that would parallel the state of California, or even the dangers that Barack Obama has put us in. All for the love of campaign money from the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce that these Senators and Representatives prefer over doing the people’s business.
Contact Governor Mary Fallin and demand that she veto SB 640:
(405) 521-2342    Fax: (405) 521-3353  
Tulsa office    (918) 581-2801   Fax (918) 581-2835
Email contact form on the Governor’s website 
Syphilitic Bastard Senator Crain and Representative Cox, you’ve just moved up to the top of our to do list. Look for some rather unflattering profiles and biographies on you next week.   Yes you are term limited but these traitorous votes will follow your name around till the end of time.
And how is the attack on the Freedom of Speech going these days?  Well, the Attorney General’s office lost the first round in District Court on Tuesday and they were forced to withdraw their case after it turned out that there was no actual court order in place to prevent witnesses from speaking about their grand jury testimony.  The Red Dirt Report wrote a great article that covered the story.
One of the comments at the bottom of the Red Dirt Report was simply hilarious as we saw even Al’s enemies were coming out to defend him against the trumped up blackmail charges:
“Though I find Gerhart little better than Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church ("God Hates Fags" is its trademarked (?) slogan)I did think the content of his email to Sen. Branon (my state Senator,by the way) was not threatening in the ordinary definition of blackmail. Sen. Branon seems to have wanted to try publicly embarrassing Gerhart as Branon's own way of blackmailing his antagonist. Looks like it backfired and gave Gerhart another notch in his political gun to justify his combative stance in Oklahoma politics.”
The Oklahoman wrote a surprisingly neutral article and the picture said it all.
The Oklahoma Constitution, a quarterly conservative newspaper, even published an article in support
And while we are grateful for the support one does have to wonder about the comments of the Sooner Tea Party being small or Al not having any friends.   The Sooner Tea Party has the largest and most widely read newsletter in the state , it published ten newspaper editions last year and delivered them all around the state, it was given credit by Fallin’s Chief of Staff for “beating the crap” out of Fallin till she dropped her support for Obama Care, and it is clearly the one group that gets the vast majority of the media attention be it good or bad.  How does an organization bankroll, prepare, and deliver hundreds of thousands of newspapers all over the state if it has no supporters?   How does it get the attention of the media and the politicians if it is ineffective?
The answer is simple.  Political groups are businesses first and foremost so they abhor competition.  They compete for volunteers, supporters, donations, credit for legislative wins, and for media attention.  The quickest way to become unpopular is to become very effective and become the leading organization.  But are organizations here to make friends with other groups or are they here to fight battles to protect our freedom and expose corruption?
Regardless of the stray comments, Steve Byas of the Oklahoma Constitution understands just what is at stake and he makes some great arguments about this “blackmail” case being a watershed moment for freedom in Oklahoma.   The case might well cause a shakeout in the leadership of the various groups if they focus on political payback or jealousy instead of riding to the cause of liberty and justice.  Steve Byas set an example for all liberty leaders with his spirited and passionate defense of liberty and it is obvious why he has been able to keep his fight going for three decades.
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
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