seidentraum organic silk bioseide   02-07-2017


Dear ,

today there are so many nice things to report:
  • After a long, long time, there is finally again in stock ERI JERSEY with 200 g/m² in a width of 184 cm - best suited for women's clothes - of course PEACE SILK!
  • For the first time in stock, the striped organic jersey RIPP is available with 130 g/m² in a width of 92 cm from GOTS production in white soft mulberry silk
  • The light chiffon from Peace Silk CHANDI is available again
  • The heavy shiny hemp silk SHINE has also arrived in the stock
  • After BANANA was sold out shortly, there is also supply here again
  • A clearly discounted price for TUSHITA 80 XL - the extra-wide satin - is now fixed: only 49.00 € per meter.
  • The new KAREENA herringbone from Peace Silk is available at a price of 39.00 €. It is particularly suitable for light-weight outerwear.
And last but not least:

On all your purchases (up from 25 Euro) you get our
Summer Smile discount of 10%
Simply enter the code "summersmile" in the shopping cart and save 10% on your purchase. For this you can treat yourself to a wonderful creamy ice cream - would that be? The action ends on September, 20th 2017.
In addition, we have developed a new fabric sample set: You can now present your fabrics as 20 x 30 cm pieces in a beautiful cardboard folder. However, the fabric hangers are still to be obtained individually.
In the shop Baby-Seide we now also offer the children sizes 104 to 164. There are long sleeve and short sleeve shirts and leggings of fine white jersey in GOTS quality.
I wish you a great day!

Matias Langer


Special item Jacquard-Satin INDICA

Fashionable delights without bad conscience
INDICA is a wonderful Ahimsa-Satin of 140 g/m². Absolutely opaque it is suitable for fine festive clothing. Besides that with its width of 300 cm it is preferable used for precious bed clothing.
The elaborated Jacquard weaving shows a flowe bouquet with tropical blossoms. In the middle of theornament there is a tree of life symbolized.
PREMIUM Peace Silk yarn

Shiny and very soft natural white eri yarn for knitting, weaving and sewing from non-violent and organic silk rearing
Ideal for knitting and weaving, 2-ply. We deliver it on 500 g cones.
Peace Silk Jersey from eri silk

Knitwear from smooth eri silk, machine knitted, natural white
Particularly suitable for shirts, leggings, underwear and sleepwear.
The silk comes from an organic agriculture and non-violent production. In manual work the silkworm cocoons are cut to let the silk moth escape. The short pieces of the fibers are traditionally  spun and mechanically knitted whereby the fabric gets its unique character. 

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