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Will Hornyak as the Bawdy Raconteur at Hipbone in April

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Every night of the festival: doors open at 7:30 p.m. with curtain at 8 p.m.

Schedule: 2009 Solo Performance Festival
Friday April 24th: Antonio Sacre | Lawrence Howard
Saturday April 25th: Penny Walter | Sharon Knorr
Friday May 1st: Lawrence Howard | Penny Walter
Saturday May 2nd: Rick Huddle | Brad Fortier
Friday May 8th: Will Hornyak | Rick Huddle
Saturday May 9th: Sharon Knorr | Will Hornyak
Join us for Singlehandedly; we've got quite a lineup:
  • Sharon Knorr reprises her popular one-woman show, Why Can’t I Marry The Cute Beatle?
  • PST Co-Founder Lawrence Howard stiches three coming-of-age tales into The Adventures of Huckleberry Howard.
  • Monologist Rick Huddle performs Spent, a quirky solo piece about the current economic crisis.
  • Veteran Portland storyteller Will Hornyak splices classic Hungarian myth with personal tales in The Myth of the White Stag: The Hunt for Identity and Place. 
  • Improv artist Brad Fortier shares Glory Hole-llelujah, one gay man's travail through the lands of easy anonymous sex to the deeper sea of new-found love.
  • Puppeteer and storyteller Penny Walter brings us Out of My Hands, a montage of characters that weave together life's good, bad, and funny moments.
  • And solo performance artist Antonio Sacre joins us from LA to share a story of love gone bad in Burning Feathers.
  • PST Co-Founder Lynne Duddy hosts this amazing event!
Don't miss a moment of the 2009 Solo Performance Festival. There are twelve solo performances over six nights. Each night will be a double feature: a single admission price gets you two full-length shows! Or get a 3-Night Festival Pass

Recommended Events

Storyteller Will Hornyak
The Bawdy Raconteur: Deliciously Ribald Tales
[Hipbone Studio - April 10, 11, 2009]
From Little Red Riding Hood-The REAL Story-to The Legend of the Tantric Cowboy.The Bawdy Raconteur is an edgy, earthy, sweet, lusty romp through classic and original fairytales with a few songs and somewhat tasteful jokes thrown in.


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