Happy New Year!

As we limber up, groove, pivot, and transition into the new year, we stand at the brink of transformation. Following Saturday's visit to the Guggenheim for a captivating Ladies of Hip Hop and Dancing Matters discussion, we propel ourselves into the next phase of our DANCE FREE NYC advocacy campaign pushing for zoning law changes to enhance dance opportunities. YOUR support is crucial as we prepare to testify before the City Planning Commission in two weeks—join us in advocating for more dance freedom!
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Dance Parade New York
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Dance Free NYC is our colation of organizations who want to end poicies and laws that supress dance and culture. Having successfully repealed the cabaret law in 2017, we now focus on addressing zoning issues. Currently, live rock bands are permitted in all bars and restaurants citywide, but dancing is restricted to only 20% of the city. We endorse the Mayor's Department of City Planning's City of Yes proposals, advocating for a more inclusive dance environment. Check out our campaign press release press release and informative videos for more details. 

The City Planning Comission is holading a public hearing January 24, 2024.

Join us to:
Let's co-create a more inclusive and vibrant city!
DANCING MATTERS: Ladies of Hip Hop SpeakMyMind (premiere) at the Guggenheim Museum Theater
After the 70min show we'll head to a restaurant at Gina La Formarina  (z) to discuss at Dance Parade's "Book Club for Dance"

Register to dance in NYC's biggest dance event:

Join 10,000 dancers showcasing over 100 unique styles of dance in the 18th Annual Dance Parade & Festival: May 18, 2024

Save these dates:
  • January 29, February 27, March 7 Parade Group Coordinators Meetings, 9pm
  • March 10, Taste of the Dance Parade Showcase at Dixon Place, LES, 6:30pm
  •  April 9th "Dance Parade: Stepping through History" at the Natinoal Arts Club
  • May 15, Press Conference on Steps of City Hall, 12noon
  • May 18, 18th Annual Dance Parade and Festival, 1pm
Dance Parade believes that live dance has the potential to awaken a communal human spirit which can help build a more equitable and vibrant society.

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