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"Every month is like having another Christmas when your newsletter gets here. If I don't have time to read everything from top to bottom, I wait until I do. It is pure joy and my cat helps me enjoy it. Keep up the good work!"

Hello and Welcome-
So here we are, fresh from our 10th International Quilt Market, which ofcourse means that we have all sorts of new things to show and share with you! But we're also pleased to announce that our 3rd annual SKD Handbag Sample Spree is officially open for business! And as if that isn't enough, we're announcing a brand new contest for June 2013...
So whatcha say? Shall we proceed?
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Thanks to everyone who participated in last month's contest! The winner was Shannon Maciejewski of Warren, MI. She wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her winning entry, a stunning SideKick.
The November Handbag of the Month contest promises to be just as exciting, so without further ado...Check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite.

(Click each individual picture for a larger view)

Let's begin with a "coffee-themed" duet sent in by Patti Jones of Waxahachie, TX. Patti made this gorgeous Harmony Handbag/Porta-Pockets set as a birthday present for her sister who evidently loves coffee! And here's a quick peek at the back along with the matching "napkin"! 
And Sylvia Gerber is back with a fantastic winter Boho Baguette. She wanted a holiday bag and thought this little number would be fun to carry while Christmas shopping.  :)
It's plenty roomy on the inside for everything she'll need while shopping and the back is just as cute as the front. I imagine she's the talk of New Holland, PA, don't you? I especially love the cute tassels she added!
This exquisitely embroidered Boho Baguette was created by Shirley Allen of Mayslanding, NJ. She used a drapery remnant for the exterior and the embroidery design is from Susa Glenn Designs who has digitized this particular design especially for the Boho Baguette
Shirley siad she had so much fun that she fashioned a matching Porta-Pockets Purse insert, which you can see in this view of the inside!
Karen Mead of Gilbert, AZ created this Carolina CarryAll for her daughter, whom she says has a "gothic sense of fashion". And get this, to give this bag exterior an extra layer of protection, Karen pre-applied iron-on vinyl, which additionally lending crispness to the pleated details at the top of the bag! I really love the result, don't you?
This beautiful Uptown Saddlebag has a tribal feeling, don't you think? Sylvia Gerber of New Holland, PA actually used upholstery fabric to construct this beauty. She added that the extra heft of the upholstery weight fabric did make the construction just a bit tricky!  I love it though and here's a look at the back.
Patti Jones of Waxahachie, TX had such a good time creating her Harmony Handbag (above), that she almost immediately took on our brand new Uptown Saddlebag. I love the zipper she chose and the bright color palette. Patti says she plans on making several more as Christmas gifts.
Mandy Mitchell of Great Britain created this vision in purple from some Australian fabric she had in her stash. She'll be giving this Uptown Saddlebag for a friend who loves purple and mauve hues! And here's a peek at the back and the inside of the zippered Flap pocket!
Shirley Allen said she LOVES butterflies, so when she came across this fabric she knew it was PERFECT for her Quattro! She lined her bag with bright orange to complete the look!
I received this picture and email from Shirley a few days before Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey coast, which is where Sandy lives, so I hope she and her family are OK!
OK, ready to vote now?
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 Only one vote per MONTH, per email address is allowed.
Think you've got what it takes to win?
To enter our"Handbag of the Month" contest,
just attach your jpg or gif image to an email and send it to:
A Purse Insert Contest!-  Coming SOON!
You've asked for it, and it's COMING SOON! 
We've had SO many folks ask us to set aside one of our monthly Handbag of the Month contests as a "Purse Insert ONLY" contest because so far, only one purse insert has EVER come in 1st OR 2nd. Hard to believe isn't, but because we LOVE purse inserts, that's exactly what we're going to do in June of 2013.
So... what are you waiting for? Send us a picture of a purse insert you've made from one of our three patterns and who knows... the winner of the "Purse Insert of the Year" could be.... YOU!
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
Enjoy an insider's scoop on what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". And if you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, theyre all listed below. 
Bobbin Around the Web- Jennifer Jangles
I met Jennifer at the Quilt Market a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with her work. It's light and whimsical and the color palette is right up my alley!
Quilt Market was the debut of Pickles the Elephant, Okey Dokey the Owl, and Otis & Rhubarb and wouldn't they be adorable gifts for a little one on your list this Christmas? And lest you think there's nothing for older girls, Jennifer also has her own line of jewelry and it's SO cute. I like the earrings & this fun necklace!
And if you like what you see on her website, you might enjoy Jennifer's Blog. She has lots of fun FREE stuff out there!  :)
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It's time for the Annual StudioKat Designs Handbag Sale
The gift-giving season is upon us, which makes it the PERFECT time for
The Annual StudioKat Designs Sample Sale
We're cleaning out our sample closet and putting some of our favorite handbags on sale, and just in time for the holidays! (Truth is, if I don't let a few of these bags go, I'm going to have to add on to the house again, and the hubster might just have the big one over that.)
So if there's someone on  your list who might like a designer bag for Christmas (maybe even YOU), then just click on the link below to start shopping!
Feline Quote for November-
"There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten."     Jules Champfleury
Website Spotlite- Art Kloth.Com
I spotted Jennifer Lokey at Quilt Market introducing her new product for Fall, Art Kloth. She said that it's fantastic for sewists, crafters and fine artists and recommends it for projects such as totes, wall hangings, floor cloths, pillow covers, banners and roller shades.
Here's a gallery of projects featuring Art Kloth and Jennifer sells two different kits on her website. Art Kit 1201 includes 5 sheets of ArtKloth and FIVE BONUS Patterns! What a deal!
Want to know more? Click HERE to watch Jennifer demonstrate her product!
Video of the Month- Funny, Cute, Scary, & Sweet!
It's hard to find a compilation video that's all of those things, right? PLUS, I've never seen ANY of these!  Just click HERE to start!
NEW at SKD!-  Iron-On Vinyl Pictorials!
We've been playing around with Iron-On vinyls all month and having a blast. Who knew you could have such fun with plastic!
Anyway, in addition to it being fun, I happen to think that Iron-On vinyls are the best thing to ever happen to a Purse Insert! It protects the fabric from dirt and grime and it strengthens the fibers against normal wear and tear. We've had so much fun that we've written up pictorial helps for each one of our Purse Inserts.
Just use the links below to download the tips you need!
  • Click HERE for the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert Pictorial
  • Click HERE for the Encore Purse Insert Pictorial
  • Click HERE for the Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert Pictorial
Cat Video of the Month- The World's Highest Jumping Cat
This cat just might be the highest jumping cat in the WORLD, plus, he rivals Michael Jordan for most hang-time! Check it out HERE!
Blog of the Month- Cotton&Curls.Blogspot.Com
This girl (sorry, I can't find her name) might just be the QUEEN of reusing & recycling clothing. And here's the fun part, she also does a really great job of explaining and capturing her techniques in pictures. Ever wondered how to go about getting an ombre look on a tee-shirt? Click HERE for a pictorial. Or have you ever wondered how you could give a favorite old pair of shoes a new finish/life? Then click here! Taking in a pants waistline?  Hem your jeans but keep the original hem stitching? It's all here and much, MUCH MORE! Enjoy!
Quote of the Month- 
'Blessed is he who has found his work, let him ask no other blessedness."
Thomas Carlyle
  Attention all bookworms! You'll want to bookmark this site and visit it often for suggestions on what to read next. Just enter the titles or genres you've enjoyed in the past and get instant book recommendations. You can also check out book discussions and have fun with book trivia and quizzes.
Pictorial of the Month- Zip Itself Tetrahedron Coin Purse
The Zip-Itself Coin Purse is truly an amazing and creative handmade design… It zips-up into a tetrahedron shaped coin purse, then unzips to a long ribbon. It's made from 2 simple materials that you can easily get from any sewing shop – ribbon and a zipper. Get the pictorial on how to sew the zip-itself coin purse with lining by clicking here.
New Word of the Month- Passhole
    (n.) The person who has been driving slowly for miles but speeds up the minute one tries to get ahead of him. (Am I the only one who is a magnet for passholes?)
    True love is sometimes best expressed through elaborate cardboard creations. It appears Rufus, a cute tabby, had earlier developed a bad ear infection, which required the administering of very painful ear drops. Upon completion of the aggravating regimen, Browne decided he needed to do something to win back the affection of the disgruntled feline, who had taken to hiding whenever his owner returned home.  Click HERE to read more and dont forget to watch the video!
    Cat Picture of the Month-
    I LOVE this nutty picture. Everytime I look at it reminds me of fun times acting totally silly with girlfriends. Click the image for a larger view & see if you don't agree?  :)
    Dan Ariely, a professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University, is publishing a book in which he reveals research he and his colleagues conducted that provides useful insights into the psychological forces which drive lying. 
    One of the more fascinating revelations is that women who carry fake Louis Vuitton or Tory Burch handbags or wear fake Cartier jewelry, are more likely to lie, cheat or steal than other women. 
    Could this really be the case?
    Could handing over $50 for a replica handbag that should really cost $500-$1,000 really signal deeper moral failings? Doesn’t everyone lie sometimes? (Click HERE to read more)
    As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
    Sad but true.......
    Click image for a larger view
    Monthly Trivia-
    Today is Thursday, the 8th day of November and the 313th day of 2012. (There are only 53 days remaining in this year and that means even fewer until Christmas! YIKES!)
    Today is also the birthday of Margaret Mitchell, the great American novelist who penned
    "Gone with the Wind". (I read this book, but I must admit that I enjoyed the movie WAY more!) And did you know that GWTW was the first and ONLY novel that Ms. Mitchell ever wrote?
    Her birthday is shared with two artists contemporary to our time, one of which is singer/song-writer Bonnie Raitt (1949), and chef/TV personality Gordon Ramsey(1966).
    And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs, and if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate anyway by listening to this haunting melody from Ms Raitt (one of my favorites), or maybe by watching a few reruns of Hell's Kitchen, in which case You might want to cover your ears. Gordon Ramsey may be easy on the eyes, but he's #%$@ on the ears!
    Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
    Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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