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Upcoming meetings and events.
What's Coming:
Town Planning Commission meeting...
January 27, 2011
Next Town Council Meeting... January 6, 2011.
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Huntsville Newsletter:
Gazette Snafu
The monthly "Gazette" newsletter was not included in the January Water Bill...
No excuses, but apparently I am not a very good multi-tasker and the email containing many of the items for the newsletter did not "send" but was instead saved in my "Drafts" folder.
Please print copies of this email and give to your resident neighbors and friends so they will be up to date with the town activities.
My apologies for the mixup.
Town Council Meeting Thursday
The town council will hold its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday...
Click here to view the agenda  (it will be posted in the next day or so).
The meeting will be:
Thursday, January 6, 2010 at 7 PM (pre meeting work session @ 5:30 PM)
Huntsville Town Hall
All are invited and encouraged to attend.
Huntsville Year End Review (2010) To Be Presented Thursday
During the January 6, 2011 town council meeting, a presentation of the accomplishments during the last year will be presented.  The meeting will be held at the town hall at 7:00 PM and all are invited to and encouraged to attend.  The complete agenda is available at
Ice Rink Open
The Huntsville Ice Rink is officially open and has become quite popular so enjoy it while it is available.  Conditions are improving on a daily basis.
An interesting fact:  Each year more working hours are volunteered on the ice rink than any other department or venue in the town.  Last season, more than 240 volunteer hours were put into the rink over a period of just over two months.  That is the equivalent of one worker putting in 40 hours per week for six weeks.
Donations to help with fuel, water and other supplies related to the ice rink are always welcome and may be sent to:
Huntsville Town
Attn: Ice Rink
PO Box 267
Huntsville, UT 84317
Volunteers are always appreciated and we are always looking for new recruits.
The Town of Huntsville Utah is now on Facebook
Be sure to visit our new Facebook page for “The Town of Huntsville Utah.”  While there, click “Like” to receive up to the minute news from Huntsville.  If you are not on Facebook, have your kids “Like” us to stay informed.
Town Winter Party
Plans are under way for the Huntsville Town Winter Party at the ice rink.  It will be held on one of the first Saturday evenings in February.  Hot Chocolate, treats and ice skates will be provided to residents at no charge, but Ramona Clapperton and Willie Richardson will not be allowed to wear ice skates.  Spiked boots and helmets will be provided to these fine, accident prone ladies. 
More details will be provided on our web site, via the town email list and via our new Facebook page, so stay tuned.
Huntsville Has A New Full Color Copy Machine That is Available For Use
The town of Huntsville recently replaced their aging copy machine with a full color copy machine.  To assist with the expense, the machine will be available for residents who need color or black and white copies. 
The prices will be competitive with copy centers in Ogden and will be available when Gail or Ramona are at the Town Hall - typically weekday mornings, but call before you make a special trip.  801-745-3420.
Ron Gault Honored as Citizen of the Year
During the town employee Christmas party, Ron Gault was honored as the “Citizen of the Year.”   Ron has continually and unselfishly served the town since 1994 as a member of the planning commission, Town Council and he currently serves as the Chair of the Planning commission.  Ron also wrote the town ordinances a few years ago and has written several grant requests that have resulted in funds well in excess of  $100,000. 
We are fortunate to have Ron on our team as he is extremely busy, working two jobs in addition to his town gig.  When not briefing Generals at the Pentagon, he is busy working for the residents of Huntsville.
One of Ron’s greatest attributes is that of humility.  When being presented the award, Ron was visibly embarrassed of the limelight, but we can assure you that no one in the last 20 years has been more deserving.  Thank you Ron!

Ogden Valley Justice Court
Ogden Valley Justice Court coming to Huntsville Town in early 2011.
As you know, Huntsville Town used to have a Justice Court for violations written in Huntsville Town.   Due to fewer citations being issued, the Huntsville Justice Court was disbanded in 2009 since the court was losing money.
Early in 2010, Weber County allowed Roy City to take over the Weber County Justice Court system for the greater Weber County areas.  Since then, Huntsville has been working with Roy officials to create an extension of the Roy City Justice Court which would be located in the Huntsville Town Hall. 
When complete, any violations written in Huntsville Town, unincorporated Huntsville, Eden, Liberty and Ogden Canyon will no longer have to travel to Roy to pay or dispute a violation.  Instead, these violations will be handled in Huntsville at the newly created extension of the Roy Justice court.
This will accommodate all who reside in the Ogden Valley.
There are many details to still work out, and we look forward to continuing to work with Roy’s Mayor Richie and his staff early in 2011. We also are looking forward to a great partnership with Roy City, Weber County, and Weber County Sheriff’s Department to make this transition a very smooth one.
This is truly a win for the residents of Ogden Valley and Huntsville Town.
More to come.  We will keep you posted.

That's All For Now - Have a nice week,
Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317