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Waste Management & Recycling  
Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe
7 - 9 March 2017, Sofia, Organizer: Via Expo
Dear friends,
The new year has begun and the 8th edition of the international exhibition for waste management and recycling Save the Planet (7-9 March, 2017) draws close.
In the first edition of this year's newsletter, we would like to introduce two of our exhibitors from Austria and Belgium, as well as some of the event's partners. Komptech and Valvan offer solutions for compost, shredding and baling of waste and will showcase some of their products at the exhibition.
Via Expo wishes you a successful year!
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Interview with Markus Maierhofer, Area Sales Manager, Komptech GmbH
Komptech GmbH is a traditional participant in the Austrian Pavillion. What makes the market in the region interesting to your company?
The development in the Bulgarian market for the next years. Waste treatment will be a main topic in the next years! Landfills are quite full and according to the waste treatment targets of the EU Bulgaria will be of interest in the next future.
Your moto is THINK GREEN! What is the idea behind it?
It´s about innovation for our environment. We need to protect our environment to save our future.
Komptech is a leading technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.  What of your product range will be presented during the three days of the exhibition?

We will present compost turners and waste shredders.
Your focus is on innovative technology and solutions that ensure the maximum customer benefit.  Please tell us about your latest product development.
It´s the smaller compost turner Topturn X45000 which is a machine for smaller compost plants in Bulgaria.
Interview with Conrad Verplancke - Sales and Project engineer, Valvan Baling
Valvan Baling Systems will participate for the first time at Save the Planet. Please tell us more about your company.
Valvan Baling Systems is a Belgian machine building company active in three important main markets. For  the man-made fiber market  we are producing high quality baling presses with high capacity and high level of automation. We install these machines worldwide and among our customer base for this type of machinery we are proud to include the biggest names in the man–made fiber business.
A second important product range is complete sorting lines and specialized baling presses for the used clothing sector. In this sector we are the reference for handling high capacity streams of materials, from original goods reception to sorted and baled products for worldwide export and sales in second hand stores.
The general recycling business is our third large sector of activity. With our state of the art fully automatic horizontal baling presses forming the hart of our recycling machinery business, we are extending our knowledge and know-how towards helping the recycling of all kinds of materials. Our baling presses together with our complementary machinery such as guillotine shears, material transport conveyors, pneumatic transport systems and separation techniques, etc. allow us to serve the growing recycling market with top quality machinery and innovative ideas.
Next to the three mentioned markets, Valvan and our sister companies within the Valtech group  can deliver a wide range of turnkey solutions bringing easy of mind and financial gain to our customers in many other sectors such as agriculture , non-woven and hygiene  production, treatment of  end of life vehicles and water treatment solutions.
Partners of Save the Planet 2017
The Bulgarian Association of Recycling (BAR) is a partner of the SEE ‘Save the Planet’ since its very beginning.
BAR participates actively in the development and improvement of the legal framework, prepares analysis, studies and expertise in the field of waste management. It promotes the interests of companies that work in the recycling sector in Bulgaria and conducts dialogue with the government to protect the legal rights of its members.
The Association membership consists of small, medium-sized and large companies, and is the largest network of independent waste and recycling operators with a membership that covers the whole territory of Bulgaria. Members are involved with the recycling of many different wastes and materials such as plastics, metals, wood, packaging, textiles, tyres, glass, oils, papers, etc.
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