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There is always new information to share about what is happening at It is a joy to be able to share with all of you the exciting things happening and the new resources available to all users. I pray that you will find this information useful and will be blessed by the features and resources at that are intended to help you in your ministry to youth. Please allow me to share with you some news and announcements about the highlights, help, and resources at your disposal.

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Have you noticed anything different? I sure hope so! It is an exciting time in the life of as the entire website has received a facelift, a re-design, and some incredible improvements to help make finding resources easier and to provide a better web-browsing experience for you. Secondly, the newsletter format has also received a makeover (as you can see here). And Third (and this is where you will be very excited), with all of these new changes, we are announcing our NEW CONTEST for first quarter of 2010.

Here is your chance to WIN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS of Youth Ministry Resources. In total, we are giving away more than $1,800 in Youth Ministry Resources thanks to the generous donations from Simply Youth Ministry. So get ready to win. Here are all of the rules, and the prizes!!! is taking submissions in the
Youth Ministry Exchange for New Resources

1) The prizes will be given out to the TOP 3 people who submit the MOST number of resources
2) Every file submitted must be significantly unique.
     a. You cannot take a background graphic and submit it 25 different times ONLYchanging the background color or the color of the font.
     b. NO photographs will be considered for "PPT Background" submissions.You must submit artistic creations for that section.
     c. A lesson and a Powerpoint for the lesson DO count as two significantly uniquefiles
3) If you are submitting a series of lessons, or files that belong together (suchas a lesson and a powerpoint for the lesson), please submit them in a ZIP format.You WILL be given credit for each individual file inside the ZIP file. This willmake the YM Exchange better organized, and you will still receive the same creditas if you were to submit each file individually.
4) Contest runs from Monday, April 19th, 2010 until Monday, May 17th, 2010.

REMEMBER: All files submitted must abide by all copyright laws!!!

Our Winners will receive the prizes listed below in DOWNLOADABLE format, providedby our Partner, Simply Youth Ministry

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- SmallGroups, Mission Trips, and Worship Band from Start to Finish Bundle -Retail Value $147.00
- GirlsMinistry From Start to Finish – Retail Value $49.00
- MentorMe: Year 1 - Retail Value $129.00
- LeadersAre Learners – Retail Value $129.00
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Girls Ministry from Start to Finish

Girls Ministry from Start to FinishEach week, you look at the girls in your church, and you dream about the opportunity to make a bigger impact in their lives. You envision a team of women coming alongside you, investing their time and talents to help teenage girls discover how beautiful and valuable they truly are. You imagine groups of girls gathering to talk about their life experiences and offering support and encouragement to one another. You picture moms and daughters experiencing healed relationships and new beginnings.

It’s just a dream—for now. But you can turn that dream into reality with the tools, tips, and training you’ll find in Girls Ministry from Start To Finish.

This resource is divided into two parts.

Part 1: The Strategy
Who will lead your girls ministry? How will you structure it? How will it benefit your church? What impact can you have on the girls in your congregation and community? This section takes you from “big picture” thinking all the way to hitting the ground running.

Part 2: The Tools and Resources
This includes stuff that will save you tons of times: event ideas, sample Bible studies, and suggestions for curriculum. Use them as-is or customize them for your ministry. They’re all yours. We’ve also tossed in some extra training resources on the challenges facing girls in today’s culture that you can distribute to your leaders. You’re welcome.

Unlock the passion and potential of your young women by launching a girls ministry committed to spiritual health, personal growth, and biblical definitions of beauty and character. It’s a great way to serve the girls in your church—and an incredible opportunity to have an impact on the girls in your community. And nothing will help you get one started quicker than Girls Ministry from Start To Finish

Click the following image to received a discounted price!

Girls Ministry Start to Finish

by Darren Sutton

Surrender"Surrender. What a “losing” kind of word. White flags. Giving up. Captive in enemy territory.

Someone told me this week that I wasn’t very good at surrendering. I scoffed. “You’ve obviously never seen me play Monopoly…or try to win an argument with my wife…or endeavor to lose 20 pounds. I am nothing if not a surrender-er.” And so I’ve been stewing over this all week. You know, the deep kind of meditating that makes you so mad sometimes you have to push it back for a little while. You know, the kind of contemplation that keeps you up when normal people are sleeping. You know, the kind of inner-evaluation that makes you write something down for the entire world to read. Is surrendering quitting? Is it losing? Is it giving up? Quitting? Who wants to be a quitter? I mean, don’t we tell our kids something like winners never quit and quitters never win? Did your parents ever make you stay in piano lessons or on the soccer team because “you’re not going to be a quitter”? I’m not quite sure if quitting is the right word. Quitting is just walking away. I’m done. That’s all she wrote. The fat lady has sung. I don’t think surrender means quitting. Losing, then? Wait a minute, no! I’ve walked away from plenty of Monopoly games where I wasn’t losing. (I was just bored because that game takes so dang long!) And I’ve lost plenty of battles where surrender would definitely NOT happen. I will never forget the day my grandmother made me eat sauerkraut (she was German—she wanted me to be culturally relevant!). I lost that battle, even though I didn’t surrender. I didn’t give up. But somehow my grandmother got that nasty stuff into my mouth despite my vehement opposition. (She regretted that about 5 seconds later when I threw up all over her kitchen table!) I didn’t surrender, but I did lose. So I don’t think surrender is losing. Giving up? Ahhh, there it is. Surrender is giving over control—giving up—giving in—submitting. And we view this as a bad thing. We surrender to the enemy. We surrender in battle. We surrender our driver’s licenses when we’re pulled over by the police. We learn early on that surrendering is bad—and though losing and quitting don’t quite get it right, they are definitely part of our cultural definition of surrendering.

No wonder we can be so resistant to surrendering to Jesus. I know he’s not my enemy—that he is always for me, not against me. But culturally, surrendering feels like I’m totally giving up my control…mainly it feels that way because…I am—I have to. Any control I have over my own life, my own future is really just an illusion. The reality is I have no control. I have no control over things yet unseen. I have no control to change my past. I have no control over Him. My only recourse is to surrender—to willingly give in and trust that, unlike waving a white flag in the face of the enemy, this surrender can only bring my success, my peace, my salvation. Do you remember Operation Desert Storm? Early on in the fight, the Iraqi army just surrendered. They recognized that they were outmanned, outpowered, and outnumbered. They just gave up. Surrendered. I’m realizing that in some of the most important areas of my life I’ve been unwilling to admit that. I’ve been a weak, lacking militia fighting against a super power…with no hope of victory. I don’t have to be in control to win the game. I don’t have to be right to win the argument. I don’t have to be powerful to win the war. I just have to submit to his authority—surrendering my illusion of control and giving in to the overpowering, all-encompassing heart of Jesus. And that’s certainly not giving up anything or losing anything. It’s gaining everything…through simple surrender."

Article Source: Simply Youth Ministry

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